The A-Z challenge continues. Q is a letter that I really struggled with, finally I remembered this show that my dad used to watch on TV, of which I found quite interesting.

Q is for Q.I. which stands for Quite Interesting (lol).

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I had to refresh my memory on this show a little. All I could remember was that the host was Stephen Fry, and they talked about very random things. The guests would often change, most of which were comedians. So, since this is another reality show (well more of a comedy/game show), we will have a detour from the standard way I organise my A-Z challenge posts.

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I’ve watched some clips to jog my memory, and this is the premise. The host Stephen Fry (who is no longer the host apparently, he left last year), will present a question to his panel. These questions are always obscure, so they lead to more interesting discussion. Everyone takes turns trying to ‘guess’ the answer, and points are awarded to both those who are correct, and to those who are more ‘interesting’. Basically, everyone learns something, including us as the viewer. What I didn’t know, is that each season is based on a letter, which is pretty neat. The first season with the letter A, was way back in 2003.

Anyway, let’s look at some quite interesting facts that I’ve learnt from this show.

The best way to sit is at a relaxed 12 degrees, which is like the angle you use when you balance your laptop on your chest in bed, apparently. So yay?

There’s no such thing as a fish. Seriously.

You can make neat little foam explosions with hydrogen peroxide, detergent, and potassium iodide.

There are crazy types of sand that either repel or attract in water.

You can make an explosion out of custard powder (and lots of little extra bits and pieces, but still pretty cool).

Anyway, this show is fun to watch, and I had fun watching all the clips over on YouTube. I remembered watching quite a few of the older episodes at home.

That’s all for Q. R will be coming on Friday.


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