700 Followers?! Time for a Video.

So I’ve now reached 700 followers! I paid very close attention this time, since the last one kinda past me by as 600 came so fast! I still can’t thank you guys enough about all the support and encouragement! Life of Angela has been a great experience for me, and has even led me to trying so many new things!

Speaking of which, I wanted to do something different for this milestone. I really enjoyed making the video of us driving around Wellington, it was a fun experience. So I wanted to try out a vlog. I’m not good at just talking about anything though, so I found something through pinterest about 32 Random Questions and just decided to do that.

So I realized watching this back that there is a massive glare happening from my glasses, as well as a weird constant creaking noise (no idea what that is) but I can’t be bothered recording all this again. Lesson learned for next time though I guess 😀

I had fun doing edits and adding random music. I cut out a loooot of rambling, but it still ended up being almost 10 minutes long. So watch bits and pieces, or all if you want. It’s up to you! But if you’re curious to see how I speak or any mannerisms I may have, well have a peek.

This was a fun little experiment, I don’t think I have enough energy to do more videos any time soon, but maybe once a month? That sounds like fun 😀

See you all on the internet 🙂


The Lottery Tag

Natalie created this! Here is her explanation of it that I took from her original post:

A quick synopsis of The Lottery Tag: Imagine you won the lottery. There is no set sum of money – it could be $100 or $100m dollars – let your imagination run with it. All up for interpretation. Tell us what you would do with that money, and then tag a couple of your blogging friends to do the same. Or don’t. No need to mention me for creating it; you can if you want, but I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t.

Of course I will credit the lovely creator. Natalie is an amazing blogger and writer, aspiring vlogger, and has also recently gone self-hosted which is always an incredible achievement!! Go say hi 😀

So Natalie split her answer into three sections, Small Stuff, Big Stuff and Really Big Stuff. So guys, get ready for a huge wishlist 😀

Small Stuff

Flying Whales Pattern Notepad:

Every single notebook in existence. I love stationary. I found these ones through Pinterest.

I got kind of bored and arranged (some of) my inhumanely large collection of pens..  Note: I’ve had all of the unboxed Staedtler fineliners since 2010 and they’re still going strong ^.^  Shown here are: Staedtler triplus fineliners Staedtler triplus felt tips Staedtler ball-point pens Stabilo pen 68 Stabilo point 88 Stabilo boss highlighters  Stabilo neon highlighters  Stabilo greenpoint pens  Smiggle mini-highlighters  Smiggle ball-point pens Paperchase ball-point pens:

All the pens and stationary things in general

As a close watcher of trends in the design world, I will say that there's a lot out there that is very beautiful, but few things that feel really new. There are always exceptions, though, like these iridescent homewares (and accessories). They feel different and futuristic and maybe even a little bit magical, the perfect thing for taking your home, and your style, to the next level.:

Household items that I don’t need or want, other than they look really cool.

Big Stuff

Image result for washing machine and dryer best

This really trendy looking washer and dryer

Image result for coffee machine best

A pretty coffee machine that I would have no idea how to use

Image result for best camera

I would finally get a really nice camera. A really fancy top-of-the-line camera that again I wouldn’t know how to use.

Basically all the expensive household or hobby items.

Really Big Stuff

Image result for travel

I would travel everywhere I’ve ever wanted to go, with Rory of course. And we would go first class and stay in fancy hotels and castles maybe!!

A gorgeous slide built into this massive pool! This looks like a great back yard to have a part!:

Buy that dream house!! Of course if by now I may not have enough money for the dream house because of everything else I’ve spent the lottery money on…

The idea of a couch like area in the kitchen has appealed to me for so many years. A kitchen is such a wonderful collective point in a house so why not make it comfy while your friends are around or whilst your cookies are burning?:  Reading in this nook. I will have one of these in my future house. | 31 Places Bookworms Would Rather Be Right Now: \

If that was the case, then we would buy a house we liked, then redecorate it to dream status!! 😀

So this was so much fun! It led me down another pinterest hole which I love to do!


To continue the fun, I want to nominate some friends to join in Natalie’s tag! As always, feel free to do it or not 🙂


My Shoe Collection

This post is pretty self explanatory. After doing the Closet Confidential tag, I ended up taking pictures of all the current shoes I own. I thought it would be fun to show you guys all my shoes! I only own 10 pairs at the moment which isn’t bad. Trust me, it used to be waaay bigger, but I’ve gotten good at downsizing.

So here we go!

Winter boots

These used to belong to my sister. I have taken many of her things over the years. Anyway, these are super comfy. The inside is lined with wool, so they’re like slippers. But the outside is a hard, kinda waterproof leather. They keep me warm.

Ankle boots

I wear these constantly. They’re my go-to for nearly everyday (in all seasons but summer), as they give me a little height,  they’re comfy, and grey ankle boots just seem to go with anything and everything.

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