Have You Met Hazel?

Welcome to another Have You Met post! This is where I talk about my favourite online people, share some of my favourite posts of theirs, and introduce them to you guys in the hopes that you’ll check them out, if you don’t already!

Yesterday was about the lovely Linda, and today is about the lovely lady who introduced me to her!

Haaaaaaaaave you met Hazel?

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Hazel blogs over at Mrs S. LDN. She is based over in London. If her blog name didn’t tell you, she is a newlywed and often posts about her wedding, which is how I found her in the first place! She has recently returned from her incredible honeymoon, where Mr S was in charge of planning the whole thing and Hazel had not a clue what was happening! I have been loving her recap posts so far!

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What’s On My Phone

So this is another post I’ve been wanting to do for ages, that has been sitting in my drafts folder. I’ve seen this around a lot lately, and I loved reading about the main apps people use on their phone. So here I am finally writing this up and being able to post it.

Or to be more accurate, I finally took screenshots so I can now talk about what’s on my phone with visuals.

So the image on the front screen is from my wedding. You’re all shocked I’m sure. To unlock my phone I swipe and then put in my code. I love that I can still use my camera from this screen though, as I can get it out in a moment’s notice.

Screenshot One.png

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