Have you Met Alli?

And we’re back! Welcome back to the Have You Met Series where I talk about my favourite online people, and introduce them to everyone, in case you haven’t heard of them.

So far, I’ve talked aboutΒ Arundhati,Β Cheila,Β Maggie,Β Jenny,Β LindaΒ andΒ Hazel! This weekend, I will be introducing two more bloggers, starting with this ‘bish’.

Haaaaaaaaave you met Alli?


Alli blogs over at Wormal blog. Β She has been blogging since last October, so she’s clearly a professional, but I’m sure she will vehemently deny that. I came across her blog around 2 months ago, and I was instantly sucked in with her rants and writing. Alli blogs a little about anything and everything, reviews, hauls, her cat, things she’s learnt, general life and blog updates, and all sorts. Her personality shines through in all of that. Also, we both recently learnt that she was born on the exact same day as my brother which is hysterical.

So, some of you may be wondering why her blog is called Wormal. Well I was at first too. She starts most posts with a “Hey Worms”. Why worms? Well:

“Of course I realize that worms won’t be reading this blog, but did you know that 2 in 3 people have a worm inside of them? Odds are many people reading this have a worm (hence the worm greeting).”

Makes sense now yes? Good. I don’t remember exactly how I came across Alli’s blog, but I was jumping from blog to blog reading and checking people out. I did that a lot in my early days of blogging, but now I can barely keep up with you all. I’m glad I found Alli though, she always cracks me up with her rants, thoughts (She will stop after a phrase or word and include her thoughts, like I’m doing just now), and all the never ending gifs she uses for us to better understand her. I love seeing what she will post next, and what she’s been up to.

Since we’ve mutually followed each other, Alli has become another amazing blogging friend. She has so much energy and life, that even just talking with her through the comments makes me incredibly happy. I can only imagine the energy and joy she must bring to those who are physically around her πŸ™‚ Also, she uses words like ‘bb’ and ‘bish’ which make me love her even more.

So, here are some of my favourite posts of Alli’s.

Letter to 8th Grade Me
No automatic alt text available.

I remember this as one of the first posts I read on Alli’s blog. It was a mixture of yelling at her past self for all the adolescent things she did, as well as letting her know that things would be okay.

Oman 101,Β Zambia 101,Β Lebanon 101,Β Croatia 101

Muscat City, MuscatΒ Image result for victoria falls


Image result for Lebanon capitalΒ th5C3UFBY5

Alli does a 101 post every month. She started this series back in March when she reached 300 followers, she was viewing the stats where it shows you the views you get from different countries. From here, she found 3 views from a place she’d never heard of Oman. So she did a little investigating, and shared her research with us in her typical Alli style. Since then, every month, she has picked a new place to enlighten us all on πŸ˜€

So I Tried Kendall Jenner’s Ab Workout


“I think you can tell how professional I am by how I roll up my yoga mat like a fucking crayon.” It does look like a crayon. So Alli tried out the 11 minute Kendall Jenner Ab Workout for four days, and she documented her journey. At one point, sneezing hurts, but she goes through with it, and it’s a workout she recommends to those who are not the workout type (like me, but I hate ab workouts).

Cool Things That Happened In MayΒ Β Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor, nature and water

This is her latest monthly wrap up post. She looks back and shares the positives that she had that month, which is always a great thing to reflect on!

Birthday Cat Thoughts

Her cat Keke

This was the post where I learnt that she has the exact same birthday as my brother, June 11 1998. They both turned 19 that day on other sides of the world. Like Alli says, I was “shook”. She also ends the post trying to decide when her dear cat’s birthday is as it is a mystery.

Answering Deep Questions and Eating Taco Bell at Midnight

This is by far my favourite post from Alli. She answers 20 philosophical questions at midnight and they’re deep, serious and weird all at the same time. She also ends it on this:

So that was great. Why did I decide to do this again? It’s late. I’m dead. Are you dead? If so, leave your funeral date in the comments.

-Alli (dead @1:14 am 6.18.17)

And I couldn’t stop laughing for 4 straight minutes. When I finally regained my composure, I left her a eulogy in the comments which I believe she appreciated.

Alli, you are hilarious, lovely and the sweetest person. I love going through your blog and waiting to see what you’ll write next. You never fail to be entertaining, and your support and kind words mean a lot. I wish you luck in all your studies and life in general. I love you bb πŸ™‚ ❀

So, have you guys checked out Alli yet? You’re missing out!!


18 thoughts on “Have you Met Alli?

  1. AHHH HAHA I LITERALLY CAN’T STOP LAUGHING- just seeing my ridiculous posts on your beautiful blog makes me die HAHA the freaking pictures, dead! Thank you so much bb you’re so kind and sweet and generous with those compliments aha like am I worthy? Ohmygod I just can’t wrap my brain around this post, it’s so special to me, thank you so much Angela! I really can’t express how grateful I am to have met such amazing people like you on the blogosphere. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing while reading this, you’re a total babe ❀ love ya girl!

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