Have You Met Anni?

So yesterday, I talked about the amazing Alli over at Wormal Blog.

You guys ready for the next awesome blogger I want to introduce you to??

Haaaaaaaaave you met Anni?

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Anni blogs over at Glücksgeist, which I still have no idea how to say. She’s 19, and is based over in Germany! Which makes her fluent in both German and English!! She blogs about all her creative hobbies, such as baking, crafts, beauty, lifestyle as well as other aspects of her life.

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What I Like About Winter

Hello! Now, I know that lots of you guys are currently getting into summer which I am sort of, totally jealous of, as we are just getting started into winter here in New Zealand.

So, I’ve decided to compile a list of things that I actually like about the colder weather seasons. There’s a lot I dislike too, but I’m doing my best to think positive even as I can’t feel my feet. I have come up with 10, which I will now list.

  • Blankets

You get to wrap up in so many blankets. Just roll around and cocoon yourself and never leave their warmth

  • Hot water bottles

Image result for hot water bottles

It’s like hugging fire, but you don’t burn yourself (hopefully)

  • Hot showers

Image result for hot showers

In the summer I always take short showers as I just want to cool down. But there’s nothing like jumping into a scalding hot shower and just standing there for longer than you should cause it’s too warm to leave.

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