Have You Met Ella?

Welcome back to another round of Have You Met? I have already talked about so many amazing blogger friends, and I’m excited to talk about some more this weekend!

Without further ado..

Haaaaaaaaave you met Ella?


Ella is 20, she is currently studying at the University of York, and is based in England. She blogs over at Ella May Garrett, and posts a mixture of posts about student life, travel, fashion and beauty.

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Instagram in June

Instagram in June

Previously I’ve done posts about my top monthly Instagram photos I’ve shared. I always love looking back and seeing what photos I’ve posted as I always have fun  trying to pick one to share each day 🙂

Let’s take a look at my top photos from the month of June!


Machu Picchu. This was posted on June 1. I spend lots of time reminiscing on my breaks, looking at old holiday photos, among other photos. I wanted to share one of Machu Picchu as I hadn’t shared much Peru ones lately. You can see more photos on my old post Machu Picchu.

View More: http://kentyuphotography.pass.us/angelarorywedding

Wedding. This was posted on June 9. You guys know I love looking through my wedding photos, and that I share  them a lot 😂. This past month I posted a couple more of the photos on Instagram, and this one is one of my personal favourites.

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June Goals – Looking Back

Well hey guys, guess what Angela found in her trash folder. I made goals for the month of June but I couldn’t find a good time to post it, so eventually I trashed it.

So let’s pull this out and have a look cause I actually did pretty well.

June Personal Goals

  • Read at least two books

I did do this! I finished After You in the beginning of June. Then went on to read Buffering and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Image result for buffering book Image result for the subtle art of not giving a f book

  • Bake more

I baked three out of the four weeks in June, that’s one more than in May.

  • Finish more colouring pages

I got one more done.


  • Save up more for upcoming tattoo

My tattoo (which I’m getting today) is bigger than the previous one, so obviously would cost more. Since this is not a ‘necessary’ cost, I felt I should work more on saving specifically for the tattoo. I did.

  • See more open homes, maybe make another offer?

Yes we did, and we made multiple offers, but they all fell through.

  • Complete another month’s worth of Beginner Workouts on Spotebi

Not even a little. In May I did this no problem, in June I didn’t even try which I feel really bad about.

  • Drink more water in general, eat more fruits/veggies

To be honest, it was the same as in May. So I have a few fruits and veggies during the week, but I could have more. I also only get up to 3 or 4 glasses of water most days which isn’t great either.

June Blog Goals

  • Reach 750 followers


  • Milestone post for 600 and 700 followers.

I missed the 600, but I did one for 700 and 800 so I think I can count it.

  • Consistently read other’s blogs

Still doing well on that. I feel like I’ve kept on top of all the blogs I follow most days.

  • Reach 20,000 all time views, and 5000 visitors


All time views

  • Beat May monthly views and daily views


may monthly views

May daily views

That was all the June goals I had. Maybe I’ll try do one for July. It’ll probably be similar to these current goals but just upping the ante, so to speak 🙂