30 Day Movie Challenge – Days 1 and 2

30 Day Movie Challenge – Days 1 and 2

Well hello all, guess who’s doing another 30 Day Challenge. Also, guess who forgot until today she wanted to do another one. But hey, I started the last one 4 days left, so apparently I’m always late to everything. Anyway, I want to do another 30 Day challenge, because I loved the last one. This does mean that you’ll be hearing from me 2-3 times a day again. So sorry in advance for spamming you guys 😂

The challenge for this month is from Pinterest. Like previously, I’m going to keep the prompts to myself so it can be a surprise for you guys. Also, since the last challenge was about me and my blog, I wanted to do something different. I talk about movies a little, and this challenge will encourage me to talk about them more and a little more in-depth.

Okay, enough rambling Angela. Get ready for days 1 and 2.

Day 1 – The Last Movie You Watched

Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

I am slowly watching all the Star Wars movies as part of my bucket list. I tried to watch the first prequel and got so bored I couldn’t finish it (Why The Phantom Menace, why do you suck?). So instead we went with the original trilogy.  I enjoyed A New Hope, but I really really loved Empire Strikes Back!

All the best things happen in this one, all the iconic scenes and lines. I thought the “I Am Your Father” was in the last one, but apparently not. I paid attention throughout the whole film, and even got tense during some of it, even though I know what happens in the end. Also, Yoda is high af. Was he always like that??

Image result for yoda gifs

I vaguely remember him in the newer prequels (Star Wars is so damn confusing), and he seemed more serious and ‘wise’. In this one, he’s just plain crazy.

Anyway, this was what a sequel should be. It raised the stakes from the first movie, the acting, cinematography and music were all gorgeous, and like I said before, it’s iconic! I’m excited to see the last Star Wars movie soon. (I’ve already seen all the newer ones), and then I’m crossing it off the bucket list (I don’t care to see the prequels ever again).

Day 2 – A Favourite Fantasy Movie

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

This took ages to think on. I knew that HP would be my favourite fantasy film ever in all time. But which one?? Finally, I landed on the last one.

You guys have no idea (or maybe some do), the hype that I had leading up to this film. I watched each trailer at least 1000 times. Even rewatching it, I feel butterflies again. Watching it at midnight, I was so happy that I was crying the whole time pretty much. It went back and forth from happy to sad crying. Afterwards, I left the movie feeling drained and knowing I would never feel this way about another film ever again. And I haven’t.

Here is one of the best scenes, featuring the best spell by the best boss witch.

Looking back, the film isn’t perfect. (Why did Harry break the Elder wand before fixing his own, now he’s wandless the idiot.) But overall, the film was amazing. The music was perfect. The acting of the main cast shows how far they came from when they started. The battle of Hogwarts was insane. For us who grew up with Harry Potter (both the books and the movies), it was a fitting end.

So I just went off and watched more of this movie and I cried again. It keeps getting me, after all this time 😢

Anyway! Hope you guys enjoyed Days 1 and 2 of this movie challenge! If anyone else wants to join feel free too! Flick me an email if you want a copy of the full list. Let’s get into some movies together!



Have You Met Pamela?

Yesterday, I talked about the amazing Ella over at EllaMayGarrett.

Today, I have another lovely blogger I want to tell you all about.

Haaaaaaaaave you met Pamela?

Pamela blogs over at Starring Pamela. She is 26 based over in the USA (Somewhere between Chicago and Milwaukee), and works in event planning. She blogs about a little bit of everything (which I love!), and she has covered topics from beauty, life, style/fashion, baking, awards, travel, lifestyle, books, musicals, and anything else. She recently blogged everyday in May as part of her BirthMay series (she’s born in May, get it??).

Pamela started blogging back in late November of 2015 as she had always wanted to blog. She has currently just reached 500 followers! Here’s her words about what her blog is about:

With this blog I aim to share my knowledge of all things beauty (make up, skin care), style, and give little updates on my life. Please feel free to follow me here and at any of my social media (StarringPamela for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’ and Snapchat). I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays although sometimes there may be a bonus post sometime that week as well (see below for current schedule). I hope you enjoy my blog!

That’s right, Pamela has a schedule!! How many of us can say that we have that. I vaguely have one, but all I know is that I post everyday and that’s the extent of my plan 😂. Pamela and I have been following each other since sometime in May, but it already feels like I’ve known her forever. We share many fandoms, Hamilton, Harry Potter, Parks and Recreation to name a few. I love when her name pops up in the blogosphere and we can chat some more!

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers!


As I mentioned, Pamela posted everyday during her birth month. Her birthdate is on May 12, so she posted about 26 things she has learned over her 26 years on Earth. This was one of the earlier posts I remember finding of Pamela 😀


The perfect place to start to get to know more about Miss Pamela! How else would you know about how cute she is, and how she is in love with Ben Wyatt??


Pamela is a self confessed kind of Starbucks addict. She tries to limit herself to once a week, and shares all her favourite go-to drinks with us in this post.


Quite a few of us in the blogging world have done this post, but it’s still fun to read nevertheless. Who doesn’t like a coffee catch up? Also, I found out in this post that Pamela is taking adult ballet classes which is so amazing!! I’ve been seeing updates in her Instagram feed and later posts and they sound like fun!

In celebration of reaching 400 followers, Pamela hosted a Q’n’A session which I always love reading as you get to know heaps more about the blogger! A neat little bonus is that she included little tidbits about each blogger who asked her a question which is so nice!


I’m very fond of posts where people just sit and chat if you haven’t noticed. Pamela talks about a few thoughts going around, about the 20th anniversary for HP, gaming, ballet, her old riding horse Sapphire, and also on maybe giving vlogging a go (Do it!!).

Ravenclaw Mug

Pamela is a Ravenclaw (obviously). In this post she celebrates more on the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, and talks about why she considers herself a Ravenclaw and how she’d get along with the other houses. As a Hufflepuff myself, we reckon we’d be besties in Hogwarts, possibly in the same year and have lots of study groups together where Pamela would help up study and I’d bring lots of food.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram too!  We often talk about Instagram and the battle of trying to have a theme while also just wanting to post whatever you want!

Pamela! You are an amazing, clever, hilarious and incredible blogging friend! I love how much interests we have in common, and how much we get along! One of us has to get to the other somehow to meet in person, maybe one day we’ll meet in the middle in Europe or Asia 😀

So, have you guys checked out Pamela yet??


Things I Know About My Mum

Things I Know About My Mum

So hey, I’m trying to keep all these titles different for some reason whenever I do a birthday post for my family.  Just go with it 😀

So the birthdays in my family go one after the other. In May, it’s my Dad. In June, it’s my Brother. In July, it’s my mum’s turn. So today’s post is all about her 🙂

My mum’s name is Julie. But also, it’s Estrella. She has two names. It’s officially Estrella, but she goes by Julie. Long story. Her and dad have been married for 28 years and together longer than that 😀 She is also a chatterbox, Mum loves to ramble as much as Dad, and sometime they tag team, where they both comment and jump in on each other’s stories so there’s lots more detail. I credit my love of photos to Mum, as well as my love of travel. It’s thanks to Mum that I got to spend my younger years living in another country.

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