Two weeks left! This show is another reality one, or to be more technical, it’s a comedy improv show.

W is for Whose Line is it Anyway.

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I watched this show a lot growing up. It was always on at some point or other, and often we’d watch it together. After it was off tv, and I discovered YouTube, I found it again. I’ve binged a lot of clips of it on over time.

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The premise is improv, as I said above. In the original US series, the host is Drew Carey. The show is made up of a bunch of improv games. There are three main comedians who are the main players and show up in most episodes, Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie. They’re just so funny!

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Wayne, Ryan and Colin. The best of the best at improv.

Here are a few of the games they play.

Two-Word Vocabulary

The game needs three players. One player can say anything they want. The other two each are limited to only two phrases they can say which are always random. All three then need to work together to play out a scene.


Questions Only

This game uses all four players. Two are in the middle and have to complete a scene speaking only in questions. If one player takes too long, gets stuck or says something that’s not a questions, they’re out and another player takes over and they continue the scene.

Party Quirks

This is a game for all 4 players. One of them is the party host, the other three are all guests who have certain ‘quirks’ which they act out. The aim of the game is for the host to guess the ‘quirks’ of each of their guest.

Let’s Make a Date

This is a similar premise to Party Quirks. One of the players is on a date show, the other Β three are competing on it to be his/her date, but again, each player has a ‘quirk’ or characteristic that the first player has to guess.

I love watching this show, it’s good when I just feel like a laugh. They recently did a reboot of this show on the CW which I haven’t actually watched yet.

Any of you guys remember this show?

That’s all for W. X will be coming up on Friday.



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