The theme for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Bridge.

Seems straightforward enough, so for my interpretation, let’s look at some photos of bridges that I seem to have collected πŸ˜€

Bridges have a habit of showing up in my travel photos, as well as random photos I take day to day.

Some bridges are necessary to explore natural habitats that shouldn’t be disturbed. Like the pancake rocks in the small village of Punakaiki, in the South Island.


Some bridges you find in parks. They’re small, and when I see one I have to cross it, and also get a photo of it. The one below is me and my brother in Pollard park, taking a photo of my mum down below taking a photo of us.

Dec.21.2013 Bridge.jpg

Here’s the photo of my mum taking a photo of us on top of the bridge. Inception.

Dec.21.2013 Cameraception kind of.jpg

Some bridges are meant to be for trains only. But you gotta make your way across it to continue hiking your way to Machu Picchu. Now it’s an adventure.


Some bridges you find closer to home. In Zealandia, they have a long suspension bridge that you shouldn’t run across, but you want to.


They also have a bridge built on top of the skinny dam that blocks the lake from running over the rest of Zealandia.


Some bridges you don’t really think about. Like when you drive under one or over one on the motorway or highway.

Other bridges are landmarks, so you can’t help but notice them. When you visit, you feel obligated to take a photo of it, as it’s recognizable in both day and night. I don’t even need to say which bridge this is.

Some bridges are tiny ones in park that cross a stream, but you can bet that I will get a photo of it.

You can also bet that if I’m travelling with my husband, if I’m going to take a photo of a bridge, a lot of the times he will be in it. Whether he ran onto it to pose, or he just happened to be there. He’s in them a lot πŸ™‚


2016-09-03 10.30.16

Bridges are pretty awesome, and if you see one, take a photo of it. Cause why not?



38 thoughts on “Bridge

    1. Thanks Pamela! I love the photoceptions that happen πŸ˜‚ I have quite a few with my family. Also Rory does tend to show up in a lot. Most times it’s cause he keeps walking while i stop to take a photo. Other times if I’m ahead, he runs forward so he can purposefully be in them πŸ˜„

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  1. I love this! Bridges both inspire as well as frighten me (have a thing about heights lol) but I think that is also why they are so amazing, because they really are a metaphor for life. You have to bridge the gaps, and sometimes it can be scary and sometimes it can be fun and sometimes it can be both. Thank you for sharing, and your pictures are stunning! Feeding my jet setting soul! ❀

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  2. I have such a love hate with bridges, for some reason driving over them especially when they’re over water it scares me but I cannot deny that the views and the actual bridge itself are just so visually stimulating. It’s crazy how many different bridges there are around the world- but I think it’s such a cool idea how you though to document and keep track of the ones you’ve crossed or encountered! Great post idea!!!

    xo, JJ


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