30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 7

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – A Movie that makes you Happy


A lot of movies make me happy, the first ones that came to mind where all animations, funnily enough. But Wall-E will always have a special place in my heart, cause it’s just so gosh darn cute!!

Image result for wall-e
Look at that cute robot

Wall-E is my favourite Pixar movie, it always leaves me with such a happy feeling, that I knew this had to be my pick for this prompt. For those who haven’t seen Wall-E, it’s set in 2805. Earth has been abandoned as there’s just too much trash everywhere. Everyone is now on a big cruise ship in space hanging out waiting for the “Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth” (Wall-E) class robots to clean up. It’s been 700 years since all  the humans went up to space and now Wall-e is the last robot left. He’s developed a curious personality about all things human, and he’s a little lonely. He meets EVE, a fancy new robot sent to find any plant life living on Earth. Wall-E ends up following her, and together  they wind up on an adventure across the galaxy.

Seriously, this movie is so cute!! A lot of the film has minimal dialogue, the characters without voices communicate through body language and robotic sounds.

Here’s a scene with my other favourite robot MO. He must clean all things.

Have you guys seen Wall-E?

What’s a movie that makes you happy?

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Love Your Selfie

A note from the creator:

“Hey Guys, summer is the toughest season for me when it comes to body and self image. I am / never have been someone with a lot of confidence who can go out in their shorts and crop top, and completely rock it! I’m more of a jeans, and maybe a nice top, sit in the corner and listen to people conversations instead of joining in kinda girl. I haven’t been confident enough to put on pictures of me wearing summer clothes – shorts, dresses, because I don’t like the thought of people looking at the parts of my body I don’t like! So, I thought it would be a lovely idea to create a tag in which it promotes body confidence!”
The rules:

• Tag the creator, Jade!

• Thank the person who nominated you, and give them at least one compliment.

• Post 3 pictures of yourself – One in a summery outfit, that you wouldn’t normally post. – One of yourself with little/no makeup on. – One selfie which you love and makes you feel confident.

• Caption each picture with your favourite thing about yourself, that you can see in the picture.

• Tag 5 other bloggers, with one nice thing about them.

• Use the tag ‘Loveyourselfie’

Cassi nominated me for this lovely award! Cassi is a relatively new blogger, but she has been making waves in the community! She is so sweet, supportive and posts impressively about makeup and beauty. She has a darling little girl called Bella, and she is just overall amazing, and you need to check her out if you don’t already!!

Let’s get on with these 3 pictures.

A Summery Outfit



Summer normally means dress yes? You may recognize this from my Favourite Dresses post. But this from back when I was wearing it in summer. Also, I was rocking some henna temporary tattoos.

Little to No Makeup


I normally wear little makeup everyday. Just foundation to even out my skin a little, and maybe some eyeshadow or eyeliner. That’s normally it.

Selfie Which You Love


This photo might be familiar to you guys. I’ve used it a lot recently. It’s my current favourite selfie, in my current favourite cardigan. Also, my eyeliner was even, which always makes me feel more confident.

I have also just realized that I’m making the same face in all three photos. Did you just go up and look at them again? I did, a few times. What can I say, that’s my go-to selfie face.


I’m leaving this one open to anyone and everyone. Just let me know you’re keen, and you’re tagged. Dive into those selfies you guys!


X-Men: Evolution

X-Men: Evolution

Thanks for sticking with me through the A-Z Challenge. We’re so close to the end!!

X is for X-Men: Evolution

Related image

This is another show I remember loving and watching when I was younger. This series ran from 2000-2003, so for 9-12 year old me, this was my show. This caught my interest, because we saw the first X-Men movie in the theatres, not long before this first came on television. I have pretty much always been into superhero things it seems.

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