30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 9

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 – A Movie You Practically Know the Whole Script To

The Last Five Years

So for this one, I was going to talk about a musical or animation, and since I did an animation yesterday, I chose a musical for today. I talked about this movie in Angela’s Favourite Musicals.  It’s originally done on stage (Which I’ve never seen), but I love the movie version. I know the whole album (and therefore the movie) pretty much off-by heart.

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Basically, the film follows Cathy and Jamie and their love story over the span of five years. From meeting, to falling in love, to getting married, to their break up. What I love about this film is that it’s kind of in reverse order. The film opens with Cathy at the end of the relationship, heartbroken. Then it jumps to Jamie’s point of view when they first meet and they’re head over heels. The film continues in this way. It goes backwards with Cathy, but goes forward for Jamie, where they meet in the middle for a duet when they get married. It sounds confusing, but it works so well.

My favourite is definitely the last song (the only other duet), where Cathy has just met Jamie and is completely happy in love “Goodbye Until Tomorrow”, but Jamie is singing goodbye at the end of a 5 year relationship with her “I Could Never Rescue You”.

Have you guys heard of or seen this film?

What’s a movie that you know practically the whole script of?