Have You Met Lyz?

So, yesterday I talked about the amazing Kali over at Ink On My Hands.

Let’s meet today’s lovely featured guest!

Haaaaaaaaave you met Lyz?

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Lyz blogs over at I Wanna Be a Lady. She is a mother, traveller, thrifter, carer of the planet, writer, and all-around creative majestic being. She’s based over in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the US. She blogs about her projects, outfits, life, thoughts and musings. She has a wicked sense of humour, is very passionate, and is a welcome voice in this blogging community of ours.

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I looooove this picture of you Lyz 😀

Lyz started blogging on and off from the tail end of 2013 (that’s as far back as I could go in her archives), but started consistently blogging more from around February of this year. She is close to 300 followers! Here’s her words about what her blog is about:

I spent my college years and most of my 20s thinking that my degree will get me something really good and accommodating to my desired lifestyle; I ogled at magazines of beautiful homes and hadn’t a clue what went into keeping one; I was thinking the naturally beautiful women around me were all truly natural in the true sense. I never thought they wore concealer, foundation, liner and especially did I never consider that their lashes might be false. Couple this with my shameful lack of domestic skills and let’s just say that my road to womanhood has been bumpy.  I fell hard into adulthood. Thankfully, I have a sense of humor. I’ll let you shotgun along for the ride. Welcome, Dear Reader.

I took a whole chunk from her about page! Her posts are filled with hilarious anecdotes, solid advice, and her sense of humour is strong throughout. I found her early on in my blogging days, and she has always been supportive and a friendly face/voice 😀

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers!


Elephaaaants! Lyz went to Thailand and shared her favourite part of her adventure, which was this elephant sanctuary. If this photo isn’t enough to send you over, then just take my word that this post is amazing and worth a read!

Camping shells

These two are connected posts. After an incident that caused Lyz to lose it a little, she decided that her son needed to have a fire lit under him and get more life skills. How to do this? With a camping trip of course! I was seriously cracking up so much reading these! The camping trip went off fairly well, and Lyz and both kids had a great time, so mission successful!


Lyz has recently taken up bike riding. She has the most gorgeous blue bike (which she got from a thrift store of course), and has since been riding it around town. In these posts, she shares with us her thoughts, impressions and pictures.

As the post says, get ready to hear some nuggets of wisdom from the next generation 🙂

This is a guest post Lyz wrote for Cheila’s blog. Here’s a sneak peek:

Here’s a cheesy little comparision: Your life is like a sunset. When you’re watching it, it seems to be hardly moving, It seems to take forever, but then it’s suddenly a strip on the horizon, then nothing. How are you using your time?

Now go read the rest of it 😀

Lyz is all about living purposefully and looking after the planet. In this post, she talks about a challenge where you don’t spend money on food. Not ever. But just less. You have enough to survive, so get creative and use it 🙂

“Being a parent means you’ll never get the window seat again”. That statement makes me cling to my window seat even more if I’m being honest 😂 Lyz is of course a lovely mum who puts her children first, negotiating the middle and window seat to her kids and taking the dreaded aisle seat. She of course vents about it to us in the blogosphere. Still, good on you, Lyz!


Lyz shares with us aspects of her home that she has been working on and loves. She even has old library signs which she admits she would have stolen (probably) if the library didn’t just let her have it.

Urban brew 1

Lyz occasionally likes to go out to write and get inspired. One of her go-to spots is a coffee shop nearby which is near C&I Studios which is a hub for local artists, so there’s lots of cool exhibitions and street art around to get you even more inspired!

Lyz has also recently made the jump to Insta!


First of all Lyz, sorry for the spam of notifications. I like a lot of your posts, and this was the narrowed down version. You are a gifted writer, a hilarious being, and such a lovely person. I can’t wait to see where you’ll go next or what you’ll get up to. You’re an amazing friend and I feel so lucky and blessed to have met you here in the blogosphere 🙂

So have you guys checked out Lyz yet??


17 thoughts on “Have You Met Lyz?

  1. Also, I really like the posts that you used and it’s pretty cool getting someone else’s perspective on my work. I got excited and read the whole thing and decided to add to my comment 😀 You’ve been so supportive. I’m always trying to entertain people and kinda teach something, so hearing all of your descriptions makes my heart all fluttery. Sorry for this rant!

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    1. No need to apologise! I’m glad you’re happy with the posts I chose! Choosing favourite posts from my favourite bloggers is my favourite parts of these posts 😄
      You are definitely both entertaining and informative 😄


  2. It is always fun to see which bloggers you plan to do next on this series. I have recently reached 300 followers on my blog

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