Alright, so this is gonna be interesting to see who watched this show, and who has no idea what I’m talking about. Also, second to last letter, we’ve almost made it through the whole alphabet!!

Y is for Yu-Gi-Oh!

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So this is one of the animes that I was absolutely obsessed with when I was younger. I watched this whole series as a kid, and got very invested in all the goings on of the show. I also love this:

Image result for it's time to duel gif

It’s basically a meme now. Okay, how do I explain this show..

A shy high-school student named Yugi Moto receives the fragmented pieces of an Egyptian artifact, known as the Millennium Puzzle, from his grandfather. When Yugi reassembles the puzzle he is possessed by the 3,000-year-old spirit of an ancient pharaoh. Yugi and his friends Joey, Tea and Hondo protect the puzzle, which contains powerful secrets many people would like to possess.

That’s from it’s Wiki. It doesn’t even talk about the cards. Anyway, the gist is that everyone plays this game called Duel Monsters. You have a deck full of monsters, traps, spells and such and you fight against another player. You have a certain number of lifepoints, and when they reach zero, you’re ‘dead’ and you lose the match. They link this game to lots of ‘Shadow Realm’ things where the monsters and matches become a lot more real. Look, it’s complicated to explain, but its one of the most well-known animes, along with Pokemon and DragonBall Z.

I never actually got that into Pokemon, but since I did this in my last A-Z post, I’m going off on a tangent and talking about another anime shows I have watched and enjoyed.

Dragonball Z

Image result for dragon ball z wallpaper

I watched this pretty frequently too. It has gone on forever though, and they’re still making new episodes. I always got annoyed with how long it took them to fight one villain though. I like watching the Abridged series of it though on YouTube by Team Four Star.

Cardcaptor Sakura

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My favourite ‘magical girl’ series ever. I watched this religiously as a kid after school, and even owned some of the Clow Cards. I also really liked Sailor Moon, but I got into Cardcaptors more.

Lunar Ouran High School Host Club

Image result for lunar ouran high school host club

And finally, this one. A friend of mine introduced me to this in uni, so it’s a show I’ve watched recently. It’s just really funny and over the top.

So this is another post where I’ve gone off topic but I feel like I might have lost some of you guys who don’t watch anime and have no clue what I’m talking about πŸ˜‚

For those that have watched these shows though, what animes do you guys like? Rory tends to watch more than I, these are my personal favourite ones that I’d recommend though.

That’s all for Y. Z will be up on Friday. The last one!!


14 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. I am one of those who has no idea what you are talking about. That kind of situation happens when I talk about something musical related to some of my friends and they honestly just have no clue what in the world I am talking about in the first place

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  2. Not watched it, and never even heard of it. Maybe because I’m not into anime? Like I can’t sit and watch an anime movie, and I have friends that are cray about them…

    Lovely review though. If anime was my thing you said enough to make me go check the movie on YouTube or something…

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  3. Hell yess!! An anime post!! πŸ˜€ haha
    To be honest, I never really got into Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I did get into Pokemon and Digimon when I was younger. I also loved watching Dragon Ball Z and I always thought it was a little over the top and dramatic haha but still an overall good show. You don’t get fights like those in DBZ anymore, lol. Now a days it’s just more dialogue than the fighting, in my opinion.
    Anyway, to this day I still watch anime and read manga any chance I get so this post is right up my alley. I watch waaaay too many of different kinds lol: Bleach, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Black Butler, Initial D, Fruits Basket, Ben-To, My Hero Academia, Seraph of the End, Food Wars…Honestly, there’s MANY more that I watch and have watched more than twice lol.
    I’ve watched Ouran High School Host Club at LEAST 10 times, if not more. One of my favorites and even that is an understatement hahaha.
    Ok I will stop here because my comment is already too long lol. πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha, I love that you’re into anime!! It’s so underrated and ignored a lot of the times. I remember Fruits Basket now! I read the manga in school, and got into the anime as well! Haha, I totally forgot to list it though. Ouran High School Host Club is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, anime or otherwise πŸ˜€

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      1. Oh I’m very super into anime it’s not even funny lmao. Yess! You’ve seen it! That’s awesome! First time ever sometime actually knows what I’m talking about lol!

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