30 Days Movie Challenge – Day 13

30 Days Movie Challenge – Day 13

Day 13 – A Favourite Love Story

10 Things I Hate About You

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This is also probably one of my favourite teen movies of all time. It’s just so fun. I’m not really into all the star crossed lovers thing, or the ones where one of them dies at the end, and it’s all bittersweet. My favourite love story is between Kat (Julia Stiles) and Patrick (Heath Ledger).

In the movie, the younger sister Bianca can’t go out with boys until her older sister goes out with someone (which she won’t as she hates everyone). So she concocts a plan with others to get Patrick to try ‘woo’ Kat. It’s based off Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. It’s just such a fun movie, and I love the chemistry between the two characters. I love the whole trope where bickering leads to love.

Plus, this:

Have you guys seen 10 Things I Hate About You?

What’s your favourite love story?

Don’t forget that Hannah is doing the challenge too! 🙂



Wedding Venue and Catering

Wedding Venue and Catering

Ready for another wedding related TBT? Today’s post is about how we picked the venue (and catering)

This is one of the earliest aspects of the wedding we landed on after the date, pretty much. But it is something that both Rory and I spent ages talking about and deciding what would be best for us, which was really fun in the whole planning process.

A few weeks after being engaged, I started looking at venues around Wellington. There were a lot of incredibly gorgeous places, some along the waterfront, some were a lot more private atop hills, but they’re all also crazy expensive. We knew we wanted a small wedding, so we wanted somewhere that could accommodate that, as most places wanted at least 50 people, and we were looking at a guest list of 30 (crept up to 40 in the end).

So, after looking at quite a few places online and weighing pros and cons, there were three places we wanted to look at.

Image result for dransfield house
Dransfield House
Image result for gear homestead
Gear Homestead
Image result for alfred coles house
Alfred Coles House

You guys get the idea of what I was looking for? I like villas. So I emailed all three places and over a few weekends, we visited all three.

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The theme for this week’s Daily Post is Collage.

I could only think of one photo I had that might work for this.

It’s of a street art based around awareness of shark finning. Basically when we go for walks outside the centre, the kids love to stop by this. Which is how I was first made aware of it.

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I am also very fond of the photo collage feature we can use on WordPress, I use it so many times. In fact, I’m gonna use it now to show some more spots around Wellington!

Look at that collage! 😀