So I finished the A-Z Challenge last week. I started it all the way back in early April and posted on this twice a week till mid-July. I had so much fun trying to think of what shows to recommend for each letter of the alphabet. As a wrap up post, I’m going to list all the shows I talked about!

A is for Avatar: The Last Airbender

Image result for avatar the last airbender

B is for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image result for brooklyn nine nine

C is for Community

Image result for community show

D is for Doctor Who

Image result for doctor who

E is for Eight Simple Rules (for Dating my Teenage Daughter)

Image result for eight simple rules

F is for Firefly

Image result for firefly

G is for Gilmore Girls

Image result for gilmore girls

is for Bojack Horseman

Image result for bojack horseman

I is for How I Met Your Mother

Image result for how i met your mother

J is for Jessica Jones

Image result for jessica jones

K is for Kitchen Nightmares

Image result for kitchen nightmares

L is for Legend of Korra

Image result for legend of korra

M is for Misfits

Image result for misfits

N is for The Nanny

Image result for the nanny

is for Orphan Black

Image result for orphan black

P is for Parks and Recreation

Image result for parks and recreation

Q is for Q.I.

Image result for q.i.

R is for Project Runway

Image result for project runway

S is for Stranger Things

Image result for stranger things

is for Adventure Time

Image result for adventure time

U is for Ugly Betty

Image result for ugly betty

V is for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Related image

X is for X-Men: Evolution

Image result for x-men evolution

Y is for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Image result for yu-gi-oh

Z is for iZombie

Image result for izombie

So let’s do a little wrap up. Out of these shows, 6 are animations, and 20 are live action. Out of  the live actions, 6 are sitcoms, 10 are dramas (or comedy/drama), and 4 are reality shows. I mean a lot of these can cross over multiple genres. But otherwise, I feel like my picks crossed over many genres which I’m pretty happy with!

The top five most viewed and liked are:

  1. Doctor Who
  2. 8 Simple Rules (For Dating My Teenage Daughter)
  3. Orphan Black
  4. Stranger Things
  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender

So all in all.  This was fun. I liked thinking of shows for each letter, and writing these posts. I’d love to do another long term challenge/series like this, but not for a while!


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