Day 20 – A Favourite Actress

Again, I have a few!

Emma Watson

Image result for emma watson

Do I need to explain why she’s a favourite at this point? Emma is clever, outspoken, passionate, stylish, and an amazing role model. She has also been in numerous movies since Harry Potter, as well as getting involved in other projects like being a UN Goodwill Ambassador, setting up “Our Shared Shelf”, and so much more!

Amy Poehler

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Another actress and general role models that I often talk about. Amy both acted and wrote a huge part of Parks and Recreation which is one of the best shows ever! She’s also so hilarious, witty, and such an inspiration! You guys know my favourite quote of hers, from her biographyΒ Yes Please: “Good for her, not for me”.

Anna Kendrick

Image result for anna kendrick

There’s just something about Anna. I’ve always liked her since Pitch Perfect. Then she showed up in a lot of other musicals (Into the Woods, The Last Five Years), and I liked her in those two. Also, she’s kinda weird in that ‘relatable’ way, but she doesn’t get on my nerves like Jennifer Lawrence does (I like her too, but lately not so much and I can’t pinpoint why).

There you have it! Three of my favourite actresses.

What do you guys think of these actresses?

Who are some of your favourite actresses?

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15 thoughts on “30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 20

  1. Emma Watson, I am a Harry Potter fan and loved her in those movies so I was looking forward to seeing her in the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast and enjoyed her in those.

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