Weekend Review #11

Another long weekend review. It’s not actually a long weekend for anyone else, we just needed to take off a weekday to get some stuff sorted. Let’s get into it.


As mentioned before, I was in the process of making my site self-hosted. Because of that I woke up at 6.30 am waiting to see what was happening with it. I checked Instagram and What’s App in the meantime. So there was lots of fiddling with my new site, waiting for it to go ‘live’, and then realizing I couldn’t access it on my wi-fi, only on data. During all this, I had my usual Saturday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast. At some point, Rory also got up. I was preoccupied with self hosting that I didn’t notice that he wasn’t in the best mood (He later told me he woke up in this funk and it took all day to shake off). My constant freaking and complaining about it didn’t really help either. Eventually, we kicked off the laundry.

At around 11, I was dressed and ready for  the day. We had a few things we wanted to get done. Top of the list was getting our ID and address certified, as well as making a statutory declaration in front of a JP. This means Justice of the Peace, kind of like a notary. Basically, these documents are needed to apply for finances needed to help us buy our house. There is one available from 11-12.30 at the library, so I headed there. Rory was still getting his copies ready and said he’d meet me there soon. I got there at around 11.30, there was already so many people there. I got a ticket that said I was the 9th, and they were only up to 5. I was sitting and waiting for 30 minutes and during this time, only one other person got in, by now it was 12 and I was annoyed of waiting. Rory texted and mentioned that we could look up JPs online and see about making an appointment today instead. You just bring the documents to their place. We found one close to us and made an appointment for 2.30pm. So then, I headed home.

Our lovely weather

At around 12.30, we were home and having lunch. We had fries and leftover burger. I immediately jumped back on trying to figure out self hosting. It was at this point when I realized I needed to erase the cache and history in my browser. I did that, and like magic I could now access my site. But now we needed to go get groceries. So we did.

Small shop this week

After groceries it was pretty much 2, so we headed off to find the JP. We got lost as we confused the number of his apartment. This didn’t help either of our moods, as I was still preoccupied with self-hosting, Rory was still in a weird headspace, and there was freaking gale winds blowing around us. Here are some selfies.




Eventually we found him. We got our documents sighted, filled out the statutory declaration, and made our way home. Now all we need to do is see our home loan advisor at the bank, and meet up with our lawyer.  For which we have arranged both meetings on Monday (hence the long weekend). Once home, we were happy to finally just chill. My site was up and running, and I made a test post, which reached you guys so I was finally happy. Rory played games for a while and his mood improved too. Basically it was a weird day for lots of things to happen, but they did, and we made it through. So we did nothing for the rest of the afternoon.

new site

I felt like pizza for dinner. So that’s what we had. We decided to try something new with Hell’s. We got Pandemonium (Chicken, Cranberry Sauce and Camembert), and Wrath (Pepperoni, Onion, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Chilli, with Kalamata olives on the left side for Rory, and Anchovies on the right side for me). Both of which we don’t normally get, they were both really nice! I don’t think I’ve had anchovies before, and they’re so good and salty!!



After all this we just kept on doing our thing, it was nice to just relax. We headed to bed around 10. That wrapped up a weird Saturday.


We woke up at around 7 today. But we lazed around till 8. For Sunday, we wanted pancakes again. We seem to be getting in a routine with our breakfast choices for the weekend. Anyway, this time, I remembered to take photos of the process, so I’ll be able to do a Let’s Bake post! I feel like I haven’t done it in a while, my brain has just been preoccupied with things. Mainly going self hosted, and the house.


So after that, I caught up on blog, messages, and just usual Sunday  stuff. For once, we didn’t have any Sunday plans. After yesterday, we wanted a day where we do nothing. So I watched Youtube, blogged, played a few games. This carried through till lunch. We had leftover pizza, then we kept on doing our own things.

By 5, I remembered that I wanted to vacuum and do some hemming on various clothes that are way too long on me. So I did both of those.

At 7.30, we had leftover chicken for dinner. Then we kept relaxing and hanging out till 10pm when we called it a day.


A lot happened today guys.

We got up around 7 as we had emailed our lawyer on Friday asking for a meeting. We wanted to meet to discuss conditions on that house we’re buying and to confirm that everything is going as planned. Our meeting ended up being scheduled for 12.30pm. Before that we had a meeting with our home loan advisor at the bank at 11am. I then had a dentist appointment at 3pm. We had a busy day.

We left the house at around 9.30am. We had a few other errands we wanted to get out the way. We first went to the Post Shop to get the registration on the car renewed, and for me to get ID photos taken so I can reapply for passport (under my new married name). After that, I wanted to check out some opshops. I’m still pretty determined to get through as much of Kali’s Thrift List as I can for this month 😀 As we walked around town, I took lots of photos cause it was actually sunny today. A lovely wintry day.

Cuba St Bucket Fountain
The Cuba St Bucket Fountain
Bike stands
Festive bike stands

I went to Recycled Boutique. They’re normally more expensive thrift shop wise, they have designer items as well, so most things cost at least $18-$20. I always limit what I get in this shop, but I figured it was worth a look. The items I had been struggling the most on the list was overalls and jumpsuits. They’re just not really around. I found two overalls which looked cute but were completely the wrong size. The first was size 6 which is way too small. The second was size 12, which was fairly loose on me. I’m most comfortable in size 10.

But, I did find this jumpsuit. It’s so comfortable and light. I don’t own any jumpsuits, but I could totally see myself wearing this to work! It cost $25.30. Like I said, average price. Still cheaper than full retail though. Most jumpsuits seem to fall around the $40-$50 mark.

By now it was 10.30, so we started walking to the bank. We got peckish along the way, so we dropped by the supermarket for a quick snack. I got a little yogurt pouch and then promptly embarrassed myself at the self-checkout. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but as I was about to swipe my card through the reader, I ended up smacking it against the side. Since I was loosely holding it, it bounced off and fell behind the machine. Yeah. Clumsy Angela. I just froze and looked around. Rory was busy buying his stuff, so I turned to the nearby girl who worked there and told her what I did. She gave me an odd look and asked me to move back so she could move the machine forward. Then she hopped over the side, grabbed my card and handed it back, before moving the machine back. I was very impressed. She was a graceful gazelle compared to me. Then I paid for my yogurt and practically ran out the store. I’m sure I became a funny story for her to tell. Anyway, let’s move past that and look at more pictures I took around town.

Back to it, the bank meeting. It went well. We’ve been approved for a loan. We finally opened a joint account. (I have so many bank cards now). We decided on interest terms for the loan. Basically we’re all go on the finance side!

Then it was lunchtime! We decided on a food court as it was the fastest option. First though, I stopped by Lush to smell everything.

Then, we grabbed some sushi.

After sushi we walked to our lawyer’s firm. This was around a 20 minute walk. Wellington CBD is fairly small, walking from one side to the other takes max 30 minute walking, so we were happy to stretch our legs. We ran into more sights we hadn’t noticed before.

We made it to our lawyer by 12.20 pm. The meeting was again fairly short. She talked us through the details of the LIM (Land Information Memorandum) and Title Deed, which were part of our conditions.  We told her that finance was approved. We got the documents we sorted with the JP on Saturday together and handed them over. That was that. She’ll handle everything on her side, but it’s pretty much a done deal. We are official homeowners!!

We were bouncing as we left the firm. I then proceeded to celebrate my getting a Jelly Tip frappucino from Starbucks. I haven’t had one in so long! They put in caffeine, so now I was practically vibrating and in the mood for shopping. Rory said bye as he was going to head home, as all that was left for the day was my dentist appointment.

I went to The Paper Bag Princess but left empty-handed. Then I remember The Salvation Army. I hadn’t checked them out recently. I got lost along the way before remembering where I was going. Along the way, I took more pictures.

I love Sallies opshops. You find so much cool stuff! Case in point, I found funky glasses  (I classify them as funk because of the shape) and a summer skirt. That’s almost everything off the list!

I will try Recycled Boutique again next Saturday and see if they have more overalls as that’s the only store I’ve seen with them. I’ll also check out Sallies and Paper Bag Princes again. I need to keep an eye out for a lacy top. If I don’t find them, then I’m happy with how I’ve done on the list. In early August, I’ll compile what I have into one post. I’m excited to see what Kali has pulled together too 🙂

By now it was 2.30pm. Something you should know. Our lawyer is 5 minutes from the dentist. But Sallies was 30 minutes away. So I’ve done a decent amount of walking around town. Also, remember Wellington is a hilly city. I count all this walking as exercise. Anyway, I got to the dentist and had a 10 minutes appointment. Why so short? Cause my teeth are fine. I’ve been going regularly for the past three years, since I had my wisdom teeth removed. No cavities since 2014! I’m pretty proud since my teeth are crowded, they’re more difficult to look after. But I’ve been doing a good job. Good, healthy, but crowded teeth.

Afterwards, I stopped into Farmers to look at some make up (I’m in a spending mood can you tell?). I barely buy makeup. But there was a sale, and I decided to try something new. I got Primer (which I have never used, but I’ve heard you guys talking about it, it’s apparently important), and some concealer as my one has pretty much run out.


By now I was fading, so I just headed home. I jumped back onto blogging and wrote up this very long post. I carried on blogging till dinner (Chilli Con Carne), then after dinner we put away laundry, did dishes, and went to bed at 9.30pm ready for a short work week.

To-Do List

  • Groceries
  • Laundry
  • Clean a little
  • Go self-hosted
  • Write posts for upcoming week
  • Get documents signed by JP
  • Meeting with Bank – Mon 11am
  • Meeting with Lawyer – Mon 12.30pm
  • Dentist Appointment – Mon 3pm
  • Finish reading book – Didn’t even touch it
  • Do some baking – Do Pancakes count?

So yeah, this was a way busier weekend than we normally have. But…We have a house! I went self-hosted! I vacuumed! I went to meetings and appointments! I feel like I am killing this being an adult business 😀

How was your weekend? 🙂