Peru Adventures – Amazon Rainforest

Peru Adventures – Amazon Rainforest

So, we’ve nearly come to the end of me reliving the best parts of my Peru trip I took with Sarah a few summers back! I hope you’ve been enjoying these, as reading them all over again has been quite special for me 🙂

Iquitos was our last stop in this month long Peru Trip. We arrived at the airport and were immediately picked up to go to our lodge in the Rainforest. We spent five days in the Amazon Rainforest, getting amazing catered meals, going out on tour everyday, seeing an amazing range of animals and sights, and constantly battling mosquitos.


We took a boat ride down the river for around 3 hours before arriving at Muyuna Lodge. We went with the Majestic River package, which was for five days. Once we arrived, we quickly got settled in. The lodge was beautiful. Just sitting in our room, it was nice to sit and listen to all the new noises around us. Then we went out on our first of many boat rides. We saw sloths, vultures, birds, monkeys. At one point our guide, Edson, was explaining about catfish, then just pulled one out of the water for us to have a closer look.


We went back to the lodge for dinner ,then we were off again to have a look at some nocturnal animals. We went by and had a look at some young caiman. Again, Edson gently scooped one up so we could have a closer look. It was very relaxed as we had a good look at it. The food at the lodge is amazing, it’s all catered, and there’s a wide selection.


On our second day, we went for a walk into the rainforest. We saw monkeys, snakes, insects.

We also heard this crazy noise, we thought it was some ferocious animal, turned out to be a howler monkey. I didn’t get a video of the sound they made, but here’s a video I found on youtube. They’re small, but so loud.

So afterwards we had lunch then went piranha fishing. I managed to catch only one teeny one, I have no fishing skills. It was still exciting when I felt the reel wriggle though.

After dinner, we went for a stroll nearby. This time we saw frogs, another snake, and a tarantula. The last one was a bit of a shock. Edson pointed in a direction and said there was a tarantula. I couldn’t see it and kept looking around then realized it was sitting on a tree branch near my face. My freaked out reaction amused the rest of the group.

The third day was meant to be a longer hike, a few hours worth, but me, Sarah and the Canadian couple with us on the tour pulled out after 45 minutes. The mosquitos are very intense in the forest. We were covered from head to toe and douses in strong insect repellant and we still got stung. Also whenever you moved you were just covered in a cloud of mosquitos, they know when someone warm-blooded is around. So instead, we visited a nearby village, which was nice.

We had our boat ride after dinner again. This time we found some glass frogs. They’re very small, and the unique thing about them is you can see some of their insides. Their abdominal skin is translucent, so by shining our lights on them, you could see their internal organs. It was so weird and fascinating. I held it on a leaf and looked at it for ages, luckily it didn’t seem too mind and was happy for me to stare.  Sorry for the blurry picture, but in our excitement we didn’t check the quality of them until once we were back in the lodge.


The fourth day woke us up with pouring rain. When it cleared, we rode to another part of the river. We saw pink dolphins! I didn’t get a good picture of them as they were too fast, but they’re a light pinkish colour. We were offered a chance to go swimming in the river, but I declined as I’m not a confident enough swimmer, but Sarah dove in.

After lunch we took a canoe ride. Sarah, Edson and I didn’t really have a destination in mind, we just let the river take us  downstream and chatted a little. At one point the rain came back, but as it was warm rain we didn’t mind. We just kept rowing and chatting. Then five minutes later, the rain just stopped and it became sunny again. We also got to get clsoe to a baby sloth who was hanging out on a lower branch. We opted to relax in our lodge after dinner and to start packing as our time in the rainforest was coming to an end.

We took one last boat ride around the next morning. Then we said good bye to everyone and took the three hour long ride back to Iquitos.

Muyuna Lodge was a fantastic stay. Edson was an amazing guide, the food at the lodge was amazing and the staff were so friendly. They made our Amazon Rainforest experience amazing. If you’re planning a trip to the Amazon, go with Muyuna Lodge, they’ll take great care of you.

Next up and final stop on our Peru Travels, Iquitos.