Weekend Review #12

3 months of weekend sharing! Woohoo! Here comes another one.


I had a really good sleep! 9 hours! Which is rare, as normally my brain wakes me up after 7 or 8 telling me to get ready for work. But not today, I woke up at 8.30. Eventually got out of bed and had a super long hot shower cause it’s freezing. Then came out to a living area that was warmed thanks to our ย trusty heater. To keep the good times rolling, we decided on waffles for breakfast. I also made us some hot drinks.

Waffles for him
Waffles for her
Morning Drinks
Drinks for all

We set off laundry, and it was actually not raining for a change so we could put laundry outside. There is however an Antarctic wind blowing around. Chills you to the bone kind of breeze. We call it Southerlies. And what’s south of New Zealand? That’s right, Antarctica. Southerlies are always freezing and make you want to curl up in bed again. But we persevered.

Don’t let the sun fool you. It’s freezing.

Eventually it was 11.30. I really wanted to checkout the thrift stores in town one more time to get the last two items on the Thrift List. Namely overalls and a lace up top. We also had to get groceries done. We decided to tackle both at once. Rory did the groceries (and took a photo at my request!), and I thrift shopped.

Car Selfie.jpg
Blurry Car Selfie

Weekly Shop.jpg

I did manage to find some overalls! Recycled Boutique came through once again with one pair of overalls. This time in size 8. The denim was stretchy and it fit me really well! So now I have overalls ticked off! But try as I might, I could not find a lace up top. I found lots of button up tops, and tops made out of lace, but no lace up top could be seen. I checked a few stores, but after an hour, I called defeat. I still did way better on the list than I thought possible though! I’m planning a full post about all my finds in a few days! I’m excited to see how Kali has done too!

Overall Selfie.jpg

Rory and I met up and were surprised to realise that it was now 1.30. We headed home and Rory made pumpkin soup for lunch. He surprised me by saying that he had been taking photos of the process. Guess me and my blogging/photo habits are starting to rub off on him ๐Ÿ˜€ So, look out for that post in the future!

Then I started taking photos for future blog posts, including the Thrift List. I still find outfit photos a bit more unusual than other photos (like travel or food), it’s just a lot harder to co-ordinate. I know some of you guys would ask someone to take the photos, but I like trying to do it myself (control freak possibly?), and also, last time when I asked dear Rory, the photos come out blurry (I told him this and he just laughed). He takes amazing candid shots of me, but we just always dissolve into giggles when I ask him to take outfit photos.

Thrift List Collection
Sneaky Peek

Anyway, this carried on till 7, when we finally realized that maybe we should organise dinner. We had Pork Curry with veges, then we both went back to blogging or playing games. At around 10 we went to bed where we both read for a bit before calling it a day.


Woke up at 8am. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs on toast. We both hung around as usual in the morning. I took more photos for future posts, wrote a little, then I tracked down my kindle to find my latest book to read. I’ve agreed to read The Handmaid’s Tale alongside a few blogging friends! I dressed in heaps of layers today, cause again, it’s freezing.

Overall Selfie2.jpg

By 11.30 I was ready to head out. I was meeting my friend Sarah for lunch at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. She’s been in China the past four months so we haven’t actually seen each other since early this year.

Sweet Mothers.jpg
Sweet Mother’s Eclectic Style

The food there was yummy as always. I like to go for the sweets, so I grabbed a key lime pie, and we also had curly fries to share. To drink, I grabbed a ‘Salty Dawg’, which is a salted caramel shake. On a random note, I seriously love their key lime pie.

Food Spread.jpg

Salty Dawg Shake.jpg




Fun note, when you’ve finished your food, they bring you your check on a little tea plate with a bonus friend.

Praying Mantis Check.jpg

Afterwards, we walked back to my place where we proceeded to talk, hang out, show pictures of past adventures and just catch up for the next few hours. It was really good to catch up with her again! We had so much to talk about and it was nice to see her in person instead of on the computer through Skype! Rory eventually headed off to catch up with friends too.

By now it was 4pm and I felt like a nap. But then I started writing more blog posts, and you know how I end up going for hours on those. At around 6.30 I had leftover pumpkin soup for dinner. Then I blogged a little, read a little, sang and danced a bit, messaged some people..then from Facebook Messenger, I got a notice saying I had a video call from Mum. I thought it might be a misdial, but I hit answer anyway. I said hi a lot of times while Mum looked confused, then pulled her tablet to her ear and sounded surprised to hear me. We talked for a bit in this fashion which was both strange and nice ๐Ÿ˜€

I blogged some more, wrote in my five-year journal, did the dishes, and went to bed at 10.

To-Do List

  • Groceries – yes, and you can thank Rory for the photo of the weekly shop, as I was at thrift stores!
  • Laundry
  • Driver’s License Name Change Application – haha, nope
  • Complete Passport Application – just gotta send it now
  • Finish Thrift List – as much as I could
  • Write and schedule posts for following week
  • Take photos for future posts
  • Finish current book, and start on The Handmaid’s tale
  • Catch up with Sarah on Sunday
  • Baking – nope
  • A little cleaning – nope again, although we did wash bedsheets so that’s something.

That’s all for my weekend!


22 thoughts on “Weekend Review #12

      1. I’m really thinking about getting one… adding it to all the other appliances I only ever pull out on a blue moon ?
        Oh god i can only imagine!! Sure I struggle to clean the bloody toaster!!!! xxx


  1. My weekend was all spent in Florida except for Friday. Friday was spent driving there: we spent about six and a half hours driving to Florida- so it was mom and dad and my sister and the dog and so because the drive is so long, I listen to music through my iPod and also watch one movie. Saturday morning, I ended up taking a walk on the beach and had lunch at the beach club pavilion and later my great aunt joined us. Sunday it ended up raining all morning so no beach day and I spent all day just at the house chilling and blogging and listening to music and coloring and later for dinner, we headed over to a lovely restaurant named CAPS for dinner and we sat outside in a covered area and got to see sunsets and had creme brรปlรฉe for desert and we went to dinner with my great aunt and her daughter.


  2. I love the book The Handmaidโ€™s Tales. Have you seen the tv show based on the book? I canโ€™t decide which 1 i love better the book or the tv show ?


    1. Thanks Natalie!! We have some really nice thrift stores, it’s always fun looking around to see what you can find ๐Ÿ™‚
      Aww, maybe all the nice clothes are hidden among the weird ones ?


  3. Aw I love how Rory took a photo of the groceries as requested lol I always get so taken back whenever Andrew is like “do you want a picture of this” or “should we take a picture of us with this…” haha These boy’s they’re catching onto our antics (as they should!) Love the overalls, I honestly have been on a prowl for some myself…. except since it’s summer, I’m looking for ones that are shorts….still on the prowl for them. I love that yours a black something I would do too over denim lol The lace top will come about one day I’m sure!!!

    xo, JJ


    1. Haha, I know!! I didn’t show the rest, but he actually took a lot of photos, all at different angles ? He was so proud, it was adorable!! He’s slowly started doing that too, noticing areas that could be good for taking photos ๐Ÿ˜€
      It’s winter so the only overalls we have right now are the full length ones. I would love some short ones for summer! I’ll have to look again in six months ? I hope you’ll find something soon too ๐Ÿ˜€


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