Peru Adventures – Machu Picchu

Peru Adventures – Machu Picchu

I feel like words aren’t necessary as much for this post. I really enjoyed my trek up to Machu Picchu. The ruins themselves are surreal. I’m going to just let my pictures take you along on a journey.


Let’s explore Machu Picchu


After spending literally hours exploring Machu Picchu, we went back to Aguas Calientes, then got a train and bus back to Cusco.


Weekend Review #11

Another long weekend review. It’s not actually a long weekend for anyone else, we just needed to take off a weekday to get some stuff sorted. Let’s get into it.


As mentioned before, I was in the process of making my site self-hosted. Because of that I woke up at 6.30 am waiting to see what was happening with it. I checked Instagram and What’s App in the meantime. So there was lots of fiddling with my new site, waiting for it to go ‘live’, and then realizing I couldn’t access it on my wi-fi, only on data. During all this, I had my usual Saturday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast. At some point, Rory also got up. I was preoccupied with self hosting that I didn’t notice that he wasn’t in the best mood (He later told me he woke up in this funk and it took all day to shake off). My constant freaking and complaining about it didn’t really help either. Eventually, we kicked off the laundry.

At around 11, I was dressed and ready for  the day. We had a few things we wanted to get done. Top of the list was getting our ID and address certified, as well as making a statutory declaration in front of a JP. This means Justice of the Peace, kind of like a notary. Basically, these documents are needed to apply for finances needed to help us buy our house. There is one available from 11-12.30 at the library, so I headed there. Rory was still getting his copies ready and said he’d meet me there soon. I got there at around 11.30, there was already so many people there. I got a ticket that said I was the 9th, and they were only up to 5. I was sitting and waiting for 30 minutes and during this time, only one other person got in, by now it was 12 and I was annoyed of waiting. Rory texted and mentioned that we could look up JPs online and see about making an appointment today instead. You just bring the documents to their place. We found one close to us and made an appointment for 2.30pm. So then, I headed home.

Our lovely weather

At around 12.30, we were home and having lunch. We had fries and leftover burger. I immediately jumped back on trying to figure out self hosting. It was at this point when I realized I needed to erase the cache and history in my browser. I did that, and like magic I could now access my site. But now we needed to go get groceries. So we did.

Small shop this week

After groceries it was pretty much 2, so we headed off to find the JP. We got lost as we confused the number of his apartment. This didn’t help either of our moods, as I was still preoccupied with self-hosting, Rory was still in a weird headspace, and there was freaking gale winds blowing around us. Here are some selfies.




Eventually we found him. We got our documents sighted, filled out the statutory declaration, and made our way home. Now all we need to do is see our home loan advisor at the bank, and meet up with our lawyer.  For which we have arranged both meetings on Monday (hence the long weekend). Once home, we were happy to finally just chill. My site was up and running, and I made a test post, which reached you guys so I was finally happy. Rory played games for a while and his mood improved too. Basically it was a weird day for lots of things to happen, but they did, and we made it through. So we did nothing for the rest of the afternoon.

new site

I felt like pizza for dinner. So that’s what we had. We decided to try something new with Hell’s. We got Pandemonium (Chicken, Cranberry Sauce and Camembert), and Wrath (Pepperoni, Onion, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Chilli, with Kalamata olives on the left side for Rory, and Anchovies on the right side for me). Both of which we don’t normally get, they were both really nice! I don’t think I’ve had anchovies before, and they’re so good and salty!!



After all this we just kept on doing our thing, it was nice to just relax. We headed to bed around 10. That wrapped up a weird Saturday.


We woke up at around 7 today. But we lazed around till 8. For Sunday, we wanted pancakes again. We seem to be getting in a routine with our breakfast choices for the weekend. Anyway, this time, I remembered to take photos of the process, so I’ll be able to do a Let’s Bake post! I feel like I haven’t done it in a while, my brain has just been preoccupied with things. Mainly going self hosted, and the house.


So after that, I caught up on blog, messages, and just usual Sunday  stuff. For once, we didn’t have any Sunday plans. After yesterday, we wanted a day where we do nothing. So I watched Youtube, blogged, played a few games. This carried through till lunch. We had leftover pizza, then we kept on doing our own things.

By 5, I remembered that I wanted to vacuum and do some hemming on various clothes that are way too long on me. So I did both of those.

At 7.30, we had leftover chicken for dinner. Then we kept relaxing and hanging out till 10pm when we called it a day.


A lot happened today guys.

We got up around 7 as we had emailed our lawyer on Friday asking for a meeting. We wanted to meet to discuss conditions on that house we’re buying and to confirm that everything is going as planned. Our meeting ended up being scheduled for 12.30pm. Before that we had a meeting with our home loan advisor at the bank at 11am. I then had a dentist appointment at 3pm. We had a busy day.

We left the house at around 9.30am. We had a few other errands we wanted to get out the way. We first went to the Post Shop to get the registration on the car renewed, and for me to get ID photos taken so I can reapply for passport (under my new married name). After that, I wanted to check out some opshops. I’m still pretty determined to get through as much of Kali’s Thrift List as I can for this month 😀 As we walked around town, I took lots of photos cause it was actually sunny today. A lovely wintry day.

Cuba St Bucket Fountain
The Cuba St Bucket Fountain
Bike stands
Festive bike stands

I went to Recycled Boutique. They’re normally more expensive thrift shop wise, they have designer items as well, so most things cost at least $18-$20. I always limit what I get in this shop, but I figured it was worth a look. The items I had been struggling the most on the list was overalls and jumpsuits. They’re just not really around. I found two overalls which looked cute but were completely the wrong size. The first was size 6 which is way too small. The second was size 12, which was fairly loose on me. I’m most comfortable in size 10.

But, I did find this jumpsuit. It’s so comfortable and light. I don’t own any jumpsuits, but I could totally see myself wearing this to work! It cost $25.30. Like I said, average price. Still cheaper than full retail though. Most jumpsuits seem to fall around the $40-$50 mark.

By now it was 10.30, so we started walking to the bank. We got peckish along the way, so we dropped by the supermarket for a quick snack. I got a little yogurt pouch and then promptly embarrassed myself at the self-checkout. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but as I was about to swipe my card through the reader, I ended up smacking it against the side. Since I was loosely holding it, it bounced off and fell behind the machine. Yeah. Clumsy Angela. I just froze and looked around. Rory was busy buying his stuff, so I turned to the nearby girl who worked there and told her what I did. She gave me an odd look and asked me to move back so she could move the machine forward. Then she hopped over the side, grabbed my card and handed it back, before moving the machine back. I was very impressed. She was a graceful gazelle compared to me. Then I paid for my yogurt and practically ran out the store. I’m sure I became a funny story for her to tell. Anyway, let’s move past that and look at more pictures I took around town.

Back to it, the bank meeting. It went well. We’ve been approved for a loan. We finally opened a joint account. (I have so many bank cards now). We decided on interest terms for the loan. Basically we’re all go on the finance side!

Then it was lunchtime! We decided on a food court as it was the fastest option. First though, I stopped by Lush to smell everything.

Then, we grabbed some sushi.

After sushi we walked to our lawyer’s firm. This was around a 20 minute walk. Wellington CBD is fairly small, walking from one side to the other takes max 30 minute walking, so we were happy to stretch our legs. We ran into more sights we hadn’t noticed before.

We made it to our lawyer by 12.20 pm. The meeting was again fairly short. She talked us through the details of the LIM (Land Information Memorandum) and Title Deed, which were part of our conditions.  We told her that finance was approved. We got the documents we sorted with the JP on Saturday together and handed them over. That was that. She’ll handle everything on her side, but it’s pretty much a done deal. We are official homeowners!!

We were bouncing as we left the firm. I then proceeded to celebrate my getting a Jelly Tip frappucino from Starbucks. I haven’t had one in so long! They put in caffeine, so now I was practically vibrating and in the mood for shopping. Rory said bye as he was going to head home, as all that was left for the day was my dentist appointment.

I went to The Paper Bag Princess but left empty-handed. Then I remember The Salvation Army. I hadn’t checked them out recently. I got lost along the way before remembering where I was going. Along the way, I took more pictures.

I love Sallies opshops. You find so much cool stuff! Case in point, I found funky glasses  (I classify them as funk because of the shape) and a summer skirt. That’s almost everything off the list!

I will try Recycled Boutique again next Saturday and see if they have more overalls as that’s the only store I’ve seen with them. I’ll also check out Sallies and Paper Bag Princes again. I need to keep an eye out for a lacy top. If I don’t find them, then I’m happy with how I’ve done on the list. In early August, I’ll compile what I have into one post. I’m excited to see what Kali has pulled together too 🙂

By now it was 2.30pm. Something you should know. Our lawyer is 5 minutes from the dentist. But Sallies was 30 minutes away. So I’ve done a decent amount of walking around town. Also, remember Wellington is a hilly city. I count all this walking as exercise. Anyway, I got to the dentist and had a 10 minutes appointment. Why so short? Cause my teeth are fine. I’ve been going regularly for the past three years, since I had my wisdom teeth removed. No cavities since 2014! I’m pretty proud since my teeth are crowded, they’re more difficult to look after. But I’ve been doing a good job. Good, healthy, but crowded teeth.

Afterwards, I stopped into Farmers to look at some make up (I’m in a spending mood can you tell?). I barely buy makeup. But there was a sale, and I decided to try something new. I got Primer (which I have never used, but I’ve heard you guys talking about it, it’s apparently important), and some concealer as my one has pretty much run out.


By now I was fading, so I just headed home. I jumped back onto blogging and wrote up this very long post. I carried on blogging till dinner (Chilli Con Carne), then after dinner we put away laundry, did dishes, and went to bed at 9.30pm ready for a short work week.

To-Do List

  • Groceries
  • Laundry
  • Clean a little
  • Go self-hosted
  • Write posts for upcoming week
  • Get documents signed by JP
  • Meeting with Bank – Mon 11am
  • Meeting with Lawyer – Mon 12.30pm
  • Dentist Appointment – Mon 3pm
  • Finish reading book – Didn’t even touch it
  • Do some baking – Do Pancakes count?

So yeah, this was a way busier weekend than we normally have. But…We have a house! I went self-hosted! I vacuumed! I went to meetings and appointments! I feel like I am killing this being an adult business 😀

How was your weekend? 🙂


Peru Adventures – Salkantay Trek

Peru Adventures – Salkantay Trek

For  today’s Peru Adventures post, I wanted to share one of the highlights. Our five day trek leading up to Machu Picchu!

The Inca trail is the best known track to hike up to Machu Picchu. It’s extremely popular, and books out very fast. For our trek up, we decided to choose the road less travelled. We went with the Salkantay Route. We booked a five day tour with Salkantay Trekking, as they came highly recommended. It was certainly one of hardest and most rewarding treks I’ve ever done.

Sarah, me, Julie, Ally, Ash, Brent, Rebecca, Andrew, and Charlie

Day 1 started with us getting picked up in the van at 5.30am. We met the rest of our group. Ash, Ally, Rebecca, Andrew and Charlie were from Australia. Brent, Holly and Julie were from USA. Then Sarah and me from New Zealand. Our guide was Hector, it was a good group. We drove for a few hours, stopping off in Mollepata (2900m above sea level) for a rest stop and optional breakfast. Then we kept driving up to Challabamba (3550m) where we started our trek. By now it was 9.30, and we were all ready to start. We only needed our day packs from here, as the staff had mules to assist us in carrying the larger packs and tents. It was a slow slope up, and we all enjoyed the view of the valleys and streams. This part of the hike took around three hours, and it was nice. We walked and talked and got to know each other. We also made sure that everyone had altitude sickness pills with them, as after going through that in Arequipa, I didn’t want to go through it again. Not fun. A few hours later, we arrived at Soraypampa (3850m), had lunch and rested.

We were given the option to walk up to Lake Humantay (4270m) after lunch. A round trip takes just under 3 hours. It was a very steep uphill climb. We all had to stop a couple of times to catch our breath. My legs were starting to ache after already walking a few hours this morning. But we all made it, and the lake was beautiful. The clouds were starting to come in, but that made everything look more mystical. The photo below I credit to Sarah. She has a good eye 😀


It rained quite hard that night, but lying down inside the tent, it was quite comforting and I slept very well. We walked for just under 6 hours, and covered a distance of 12km.

Day 2 is said to be the hardest day. It’s also the day where you hit the highest peak. Salkantay Pass, at an impressive 4630m above sea level. We had an early start and started heading up. It took around three hours to climb from the rocky valley to get to the peak. It wasn’t too bad at first, like the first day, it was just a gentle slope. Then it kept getting steeper, and it looked like it would never end. This part was excruciating for me. Sarah and I stopped many many times, as did many in our group. My legs were not happy with me, and I was leaning all my weight into the walking poles, willing myself to just keep going and dragging my body up the terrain. I focused on my breathing and focused every part of my mind and soul on just continuing up. Eventually, we reached the top, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt that much relief in my life.


So much relief on my face.

The walk down the mountain wasn’t bad, but it started raining for real. So now we were wet and tired. 2 hours of walking later, we reached our lunch spot, rested, then continued on our walk. This time we were walking through the top part of the Amazon Forest, where the weather became so hot that we had to lose all the layers we’d put on during the ascent. This part of the hike took around 3 hours, and we were just surrounded by lush greenery. The rain had also made parts of the walk incredibly muddy though, I sank all the way to my knee in one part when I wasn’t paying attention where I was going. Sarah and Hector had to grab my arms and help yank me out. Good times.

We reached our campsite in the evening at Chaullay (2850m), there was a shower there which I was grateful for. We had a nice dinner, chatted lots about the day’s hike, and relaxed. We walked for around 8 hours, and covered a distance of 22km.

Day 3 was a shorter walk. I was feeling the effects of the previous day’s walk so I’m glad the walk was basically on flat ground. We hiked through the jungle for around five hours. Since this was an easier walk than yesterday, we were all able to walk and talk and take our time. I did start to develop a bit of a cough however, I figured it was after effects of putting my body through that workout the day before.

We ended up in Santa Teresa (1650m), and went to the Hot Springs. My legs felt much better after that. My whole body was more relaxed than it had been in days. I felt refreshed and ready to take on the last day of hiking before reaching our destination!


Photo credit to Guide Trip. I forgot to take my own photos there, cause I was too busy relaxing!

We walked for five hours, convering a distance of 15 km.

Day Four had the least amount of hiking. It was all pretty much flat terrain again. I was very thankful for this, as my cough wasn’t getting any better. My legs were no longer sore thanks to the hot springs though. We walked along tracks for the whole way to Aguas Calientes pretty much.

Then once we were we reached Aguas Calientes that afternoon, we were off to our respective hostels. We met up for dinner that night, and confirmed the plans to meet up the next morning to catch the bus up to Machu Picchu. We walked 15km this day again.

Day 5 started off with a bit of a hitch. A giant boulder blocked the path, so buses weren’t able to take us to the entrance. So instead, we had to take the stairs. It took us an extra hour than originally planned, but we finally got to Machu Picchu! We took one final group photo and had a short tour with Hector. Then we said bye and split off in groups to explore it on our own. I’m going to devote tomorrow’s post to just our time in Machu Picchu. It deserves a post all on it’s own.


Brent, Holly, Hector, Ash, Andrew, Charlie, Rebecca, Julie, Sarah, and me

Tomorrow, I’m going to share (again) all the pictures we took up at Machu Picchu!


Travel Tag #2

Travel Tag #2

My first tag since going self hosted! The ever amazing Jenny over at Sit Back and Just Live did this lovely travel tag which is a huge deal as she hardly does awards even though she is nominated for heaps I’m sure! ? She tagged little old me (specifically!) to take part, so as always I gladly accept!

I’ve done a Travel Tag before actually, it used to be one of my most popular posts. But since moving, all my views and likes have been reset, so ah well 😀

The Travel Tag that Jenny tagged me for has different questions this time around. So let’s get into it!

Where in the world are you from?

I am from good old New Zealand! I was born here and lived most of my life here. Specifically, Wellington, the capital city!


However, I do like to mention that I am half Filipina (on my mum’s side) and lived there for a few years when I was younger.


Have you been overseas? When/Where?

I have been overseas to a couple of places.

I have to been to Sydney, Australia twice in my life. First, when I was 4 on the way to Philippines. We were there for like half a day. Second, for over a week in 2016, with Rory.

As previously stated, I lived in the Philippines from late 1996 to early 1999. We were based in Manila, but if memory serves, we also took a holiday at some point to Palawan.

Then of course, there was the Peru trip. I’ve been reposting some old posts about my trip to Peru lately.

On the way to Peru, we had like a 10 hour layover at LAX. We were too scared to leave the airport though. Too big. So I don’t think I can really say I’ve visited the US. I did have a pumpkin spice latte though, but iced, cause I love iced things. It was nice!


On the way back from Peru, we stopped for a few days in Tahiti. We stayed in Papeete.


The most recent overseas place I visited was Fiji for our honeymoon back at the end of March. We stayed in Nadi and Taveuni.

Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?

I always seem to prefer the opposite of what I’m in. I just can’t be happy either way. For this reason, I prefer Spring and Autumn as they’re the less extreme of both. But if I really had to choose…I will say Summer. Cause it coincides with Christmas, my birthday, and the Pohutukawa (flowers) are everywhere.

Summer or Winter Fashion?

I tend to lean towards winter. I love cardigans, boots, scarves, gloves..just layers. Pile on all the layers.

Where is somewhere you would love to travel to?

So many places. But Japan and Iceland are always in the back of my mind.

Image result for japan


Image result for iceland northern lights


Name your essential make up items for the beach.

Nothing? It’s too much effort and it’ll probably come off via sweat or water anyway.

2016-09-06 11.24.32

Are you currently saving up for a trip?

Sort of. We want to go to Japan, and originally we were going to go next March, but we’ve spent a lot recently (Sydney, Wedding, Honeymoon in Fiji, and possibly a house), so we need to save up in general again. But! For now, we’re thinking about heading to Japan the following year.

Do you like/dislike travelling?

I definitely like travelling.

Name a place in the world you would love to shop

I’m gonna go with any store in the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, or any theme park in general. I love souvenirs and novelty things.

Image result for wizarding world of harry potter shops


What is your favourite accent in the world to hear?

A lot of the European ones. They all sound cool.

How many countries have you visited?

Australia, Philippines, Peru, Tahiti, Fiji make five. I’ve visited a lot of places around New Zealand though, so I’m counting that too. I’m bumping it to six.

Why do you travel?

To see and experience something new.

Favourite city or country?

That I’ve ever visited? I tend to change my mind a lot. I’m always happy at home though, it’s a nice feeling to return, even if I get the travel itch a lot. I would love to see more of the country I live in. We’re heading to Waiheke Island in October for my sister’s wedding which is gonna be fun! I’ve been to Auckland a few times, but never to that spot. It’s meant to be beautiful!

Image result for waiheke island


Most memorable experience?

Experiencing a proper thunderstorm when we were in Fiji. It was our third or fourth night there and it had been raining for a lot of the day. Then at night, lightning lit up the whole sky and the thunder shook our entire bure. It was so exhilarating.

Best item purchased?

Pedro. My trusty alpaca all the way from Arequipa, Peru. He’s still with me now.


Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?

Start small. Day trips or weekend getaways. Travel within your country. Research what hidden treasures are around and plan a trip for that. Look up sites that offer special deals. That’s how we wound up doing the Tongariro hike. We found a deal through a local site called Treat Me that offers deals on travel and lots more.

Doing the Tongariro Hike was a weekend trip for us

Preferred method of travel: Planes, Trains or Automobiles?

I don’t like long rides in general. But I prefer planes as it’s faster. However, I’ve always wanted to go on a long scenic train ride. I feel like that would be fun.


Top Three Travel Items

I’m gonna stick with the obvious. Passport, Phone, and Camera. Cause I can’t think of much else besides those.

Hostel or Hotel?

In Peru we did a lot of hostels, it was fun meeting new people that way. But now, I tend to prefer places like self serviced apartments. So not quite a hotel, but more than a hostel. Does that make sense?

Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

Both. But for overseas, I would say exploring new places. Travel can cost a bit, so I’d like to keep seeing new places.


Can you recite your passport number from memory?

Yes. Same with my cell number, my home number from childhood, my credit card number, my bank account number, my tax number. I don’t know why they’re all in there, but it’s come in handy.

Do you read up on your destinations for culture, history or safety, or do you just wing it?

Always. It’s part of the process of planning a trip for me! I love reading up on the places we’re going to visit!

Where would you recommend a friend to visit and why?

It would depend on the friend and what kind of vacation they want. If they’re based in NZ, then I always recommend Australia. It’s nearby, and there’s lots of amazing cities. I really liked Sydney, but I would love to visit Brisbane, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, and lots of others.

2016-09-04 11.21.17

You’re leaving tomorrow and money is no option, where are you going?

Iceland!! I want to see the Northern Lights, Ice Caves, the Blue Lagoon! It’s just so damn expensive since it’s literally on the other side of the world.

Image result for iceland blue lagoon


Favourite Landmark you’ve visited?

Machu Picchu!


Beach or Explore Adventure?

Both! What’s fun is a place where you can do both. We got that on our Sydney visit. We had beach time, and we got to explore nature and the city.

I’m going to leave this tag open to anyone who wants to do it. I feel like I say that a lot lately, but I want everyone to feel free to do this tag!

Happy travels!


Peru Adventures – Arequipa

Peru Adventures – Arequipa

Let’s revisit some places we (Sarah and I) visited during those Peru Adventures I keep talking about.

Let’s head back to the end of December back in 2013…

Arequipa is 2380m above sea level. Coming from Wellington, where almost the whole city is sea level, this was a big difference. It’s also surrounded by three volcanoes, which were easy to spot from the roof of the hostel. I really liked the style of the buildings in this city. In this city, we visited the Monastery of Saint Catherine and Colca Canyon. Prepare for a lot of pictures.


We stayed at El Albergue Espanol, a hostel very close to the centre of town. The owners were very lovely, we were able to communicate through our limited Spanish, and their limited English, together we figured out that we wanted a local map. The hostel was very cute, and also has a roof that you can go up to and hang out.

The Plaza de Armas (Town Square) was beautiful, it’s like a park, surrounded by local shops and a beautiful Cathedral. Since our hostel was centrally located, we were able to walk a few minutes to get to it.

After exploring the shops (and me buying a stuffed alpaca who is name Pedro), we decided to check out the Monastery. Also, our high school was named after Saint Catherine funnily enough.

Meet Pedro


Entry to the Monastery was 35 soles ($15 NZD). I loved the colours in the Monastery. It was beautiful and huge.

We also had a little fun at the fact that Sarah had to keep ducking to get through the doorways, and I just kept on walking. In fact, with my short stature and skin colour, people kept thinking I was a local and speaking rapid Spanish to me, then backing away at my look of confusion and panic. Sarah, with her blue eyes, and very tall build got lots of stares. We also got accosted a lot by vendors everywhere we go. We knew this would happen, and were pretty good with avoiding them and shaking them off. We did stop by two ladies who were dressed up in traditional attire to pet the baby alpacas they had.

We booked with a local tour agency to go see Colca Canyon the next morning. I don’t remember how much it was, but it wasn’t too bad. We had to get picked up at 3am though, so we had little sleep. I also felt very sick, nauseous and realized I had barely eaten the past two days because I didn’t feel hungry. Turns out, I should be taking my altitude sickness pills. Once those kicked in, I felt good again. I did feel tingles in my arms and legs, but apparently that’s a normal side effect.

Colca Canyon is beautiful. The trip to get there was fun,  our guide was fluent in both Spanish and English and was a wealth of information. It was a long van ride, but worth it. The Canyon is one of the deepest in the world. It looked like it never ended. I couldn’t stop looking around, and trying to squint and see everything. We saw a few condors, but I wasn’t quick enough to take a decent photo of one.


Feeling on top of the world

It was nice to get back and crash at our hostel that night considering the early wake up call. Then we had to get up at 5 to catch our next flight out to Cusco at 7. Booking earlier flights is cheaper, but man does it wear on you after a while. Jet lag is reeeal.

Arequipa was such a diverse city. It was also very high up. Remember your altitude sickness pills guys, cause it sucks if you don’t.



Going Self-Hosted – An Experience and a Guide

Okay, so after reading lots of comments, I feel like I’ve confused a lot of people about the self hosting process through my ramblings. So I felt the need to include a guide at the end of how I went self-hosted to make it clearer. So strap in for the rambles of my experience going through it, or scroll to the end for the guide!


This has been a rollercoaster for me to say the least. I was thinking about talking about it in my weekend review, but you know what? This deserves a whole post! I’m going to be as detailed as I can about how I made the switch, cause it might be helpful to those considering it, and also I just really want to write about it!

2016-09-06 10.44.00

So, you guys may have noticed that my site has shifted. I talked about going self hosted for the longest time before setting a date for it, which was July 22. Yesterday. Or today for some of you guys. I had been talking to many bloggers about their experience about it, asking which host provider they went with, and just reading up on it. That helped a little, but when it came to it, I still had lots of moments of doubt, confusion and a dash of panic. I had decided to go with Siteground, which is also what Linda and Siyana are on! By the way, a big thanks to Linda and Hazel who had been encouraging me to go self hosted for a while! 😀

Image result for siteground

Anyway on Friday after work, I dove into it. I bought the Premium plan for WordPress. Then for  the fun of it, I got to choose my new domain name. I of course wanted Life of Angela, but that was taken. I was stumped, then I figured it out. The Life of Angela. Perfect. Once that was confirmed, I sprinted into Siteground and got the Start Up Plan for $3.95 a month. I didn’t know if there was a specific order to this (turns out there kinda is), so I just kind of jumped in. Once I was in Siteground, I had no clue what to do. Less than no clue. I freaked out for a bit and thought I paid for nothing, before realizing I should probably find some guides. Siteground is super helpful, I went on a chat and talked to a friendly dude in Singapore. He set up the process to get one of their support gurus to transfer my site. It is possible to do it yourself, but as I had written over 270 posts, I didn’t want to try do all that heavy lifting on my own. Plus Siteground offers a service where they transfer your site and install WordPress for free as part of their plan.

Image result for siteground plans

Eventually (literally like 5 minutes) I got through to the support, and he started the process for me. Now the website transfer is interesting. Here’s how Dimitar (shout out!) explained the process to me:

What we can do for you is to install a brand new WordPress application on your account with us and migrate your website posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts to the new application on our end.

We can not transfer the theme of the website and the exact setup of your theme, plugins or widgets. This means that your website will not look the same as it is now and you will need to choose a new theme and tweak it additionally yourself after the transfer is over to achieve the desired website outlook.

So it transfers all my content basically, except it can’t bring over the theme, it also means that all views and likes get reset. But the comments stay. It’s hilarious looking back at my older posts now. Anyway, I knew that since Linda had already given me a heads up about it. I agreed to all this, and he got things rolling.

Remember my 1000 followers party? No likes or views, but over 400 comments. Sounds right.


An hour and a half later, he came back to me saying the transfer had been done. He gave me a temporary link so I could see and tweak the site before it was released into the world.

This is where I ran into a problem. I couldn’t for the life of me get it to work. So I decided to freak out again. I had to use the hosts on my local computer (still with me?), to point my new domain to my IP address only, so I can tweak it, but no one else can see it. He gave me a link to a guide that tells me how to do it, but I was still so lost. I freaked, I complained, I asked Rory to help, and eventually it worked. And then it didn’t. So I sent a message back trying not to sound whiny. He came back 5 minutes later with a link that he’d set up that should take me straight to it. It did. Dimitar strikes again! So now was the fun part, looking for themes. There’s a lot of themes out there, being on is a bit more limiting, but with this switch, there was so much more gorgeous free themes. I ended up taking to Google to look for a new theme. Illdy caught my eye. I love a huge header image.


After an hour of playing, I decided it was good enough and asked for help to just load it up. I was impatient and wanted it to be live already. By now it was 11pm, so I went to sleep.

I woke up at 6 on Saturday and immediately logged into Siteground, they came back to me saying that they would make the switch for me. Once this was done, I had to change my DNS (Domain name server) and point it away from WordPress, to Siteground instead. They had another handy guide for this. Once this is done, you’re meant to wait around 24 hours for it to kick in.

It’s at this point that I realised another problem I had. I had two sites now. My site (lifeofanangela), and my new in-progress one with (thelifeofangela). Guess which one I bought the premium plan on? Yeah, I put it on the free site which I was moving away from. This led to another freak out. Then I saw that I could just cancel the plan and get a refund (within 30 days). Whew! So I did that, and then bought it on my new site. It takes 7 days for the refund to come through though, so now my credit card is annoyed. Woops.

Also, after some discussion with other bloggers, turns out you don’t even need this plan. You could stick to personal (maybe free? But I’d have to double check on that), which is waaay cheaper. See what a mess I made? I do like the Premium plan, you get lots more support with Jetpack, and loooots more media space, which was the main thing I wanted.

My mood at this point

While waiting for my site to come up, I chatted with some blogging friends. I told them about this self-hosting business. They told me that they could access my new site. I got excited so I put in my url and it led to a 404 error site. I complained and sulked to Rory who told me about the hosts file that we’d fiddled with on my computer. So he helped get rid of that, and I tried again. This time I linked back to my original site. By now I was getting annoyed and sulky again (I really need to chill at this point), so I wrote another message to the lovely support chat team. I was advised to wait a few more hours as these things take time, and also to clear my history as my internet remembered my old site more (from all the times I was on it).

I tried this, and all of a sudden, my site was up. Finally. Then, I played around with installing new plugins, Jetpack, messing with my theme more, then I saw that there was an option to migrate followers from another site. So I did that, and set to private. I think that’s it.

So yeah, that was long. It was also made more complicated by myself (so many freakouts), but I got there! This site is still very much a work in progress, but it’s fun. For one, as someone who was used to getting hundreds of views and likes a day, it was funny to see my new stats.

new stats

I’m excited about this new direction for my blog though! I will continue reposting old posts every now and then (especially now that I have lots more of them), as I do want to give newer followers a chance to read previous adventures I’ve shared!

I will still be posting multiple times daily and doing my best to stay up-to-date with all your posts too. No promises however, as I do find myself getting a little worn down every now and then. A little break is good every now and then, but I do love to catch up with you all!


Okay, let’s try break this down with minimal rambling

  • Pick a hosting provider. This is the company that you will host your site on. Do some research cause there’s a lot out there. I personally recommend Siteground since they can do transfers and WordPress install for free with their plans, and I’ve had lots of great experience with their customer service.
  • Pick a plan. This one is up to you, but I went with the beginner option, as I’m still a novice when it comes to the more technical side of blogs.
  • Transfer your site and install WordPress. Some companies offer it for free, others don’t. You can also choose a Guided Transfer through WordPress itself, but it costs around $99. However, I think through this you get to keep all your stats. I lost all my views and likes through the transfer which is a bit of a downer, but I know they’ll build up again. If you really don’t want to let go of your stats, consider this option. Also, if you’re really capable, you can do all this transfer business yourself. There’s lots of sites online (and probably YouTube videos) to help you do this.
  • Wait. Yeah, this part sucks. Obviously if you’re not doing the transfer yourself, you have to wait till they tell you it’s been moved. So distract yourself with something. Maybe look up some themes and see which one catches your eye.
  • Play around. Now your site is up. In my experience, they only give you  a  temporary link so you can build your site before it goes live. This is where you have to install a new theme. Check if your photos in previous posts haven’t gone wonky. Play with it till you’re happy to have it go live.
  • Change the DNS servers. Basically, you want your site to point towards your new host, and not with WordPress. You’re using the platform for your blog, but as your host. Again, there’s guides for how to do this online.
  • Wait again. It can take a while for this to go through. In the meantime, maybe put your old site on hidden or private, so people don’t try go to it since you’re moving sites.
  • Clear your browser cache and history. This bit is random but hear me out. I kept getting redirected to my old site on, rather than my new one on Siteground. Once I cleared my cache and history, it automatically redirected to my new site. Problem solved.
  • Transfer followers. For some reason, my new site had 0 followers, but my old one still had over 1000. So on Jetpack, use the subscription migration tool, and watch them fly over. Still confused? Here’s a guide.
  • Purchase a WordPress plan. This isn’t compulsory. This is what I now feel obligated to say. I thought it was needed to get a Premium plan when going self hosted. But it’s not. Choose a plan that suits you, I don’t think it can be free though since WordPress isn’t your host if you’re self hosted.
  • Write something. Now you just test it out. I wrote Hello Again as a test, and it seemed to be working. So now you’re in business!

If you read all this, congrats, cause this is long. But I wanted to give you guys a really detailed account of my switch. Cause rambling is the only way I know how to share. I’m happy I made the change, but I don’t think it’s necessary if you view blogging as just a hobby. The free site you get on is amazing and so convenient. I was personally excited to get more space for all my photos (I was running out fast), I wanted to see what other possibilities and changes I could make to my blog outside of the free site, and I felt ready to take this next step in my blogging journey.

Any of your guys thinking of going self-hosted?

If you have gone self-hosted, what was your experience like? You have any freakouts along the way too?


Hello Again

Hello Again

Well hey guys.


I think I did it. I think I’ve gone self hosted? (Note the slight anxiety in my voice? ?) I’m not entirely sure if I’ve done the whole process correctly. But my site seems to be up and running. I’ve got access to a lot more things. I’ve picked a new theme I liked. To be honest, I’m still confused about everything. I don’t even know if this post will get to you guys, but I’ve been told by my hosting site that everything has been transferred, and that should include all my blogging friends.

I’m still a little dazed by the whole process and still trying to work things out. For now, this is just an update post to see if everything has gone according to plan.

I guess  I’ll find out right? 🙂

If this does work, feel free to check out my new theme and blog, I had fun with it. In the meantime, I’ll still be here, with a look of slight bewilderment on my face, trying my best to get the hang of things. Don’t worry though, I’ll get there.


30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 21

30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 21

Day 21 – The Most Overrated Movie

2001: A Space Odyssey

I don’t really know where to start with this one. I have only watched it once for a university class, and I still can’t make heads or tails of it. This movie gets raved about a lot, and there were parts I did like about it, but I don’t think it really deserves the universal praise. I’m sure we all have a film that we don’t understand why everyone else likes it. This was just weird…and really long. Even when there’s dialogue, and the bit with HAL kicks in, I was still bored, and couldn’t pay attention. The film is meant to be a visual thing sure, but I don’t know, something about this movie just rubs me the wrong way.

Maybe it’s space baby.

Image result for space baby 2001
Nightmare fuel?

Anyway, this is my pick for this prompt. It’s a highly rated movie, but I just don’t get it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What do you guys think of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

What’s a film that you think is overrated?

Also! Just a quick update, tomorrow (I’ll be starting the process tonight though) I’m moving to a self hosted site, so things will be changing! Hopefully I do it right, but who knows? Maybe I’ll mess it up, maybe it’ll go smoothly, maybe I’ll really mess up and be gone for a few days. Who knows?? We’ll all just have to wait and see!


Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

We visited Sydney Opera House twice, the first day they were booked out of tours. So we came back a few days later and tried again. Then we returned that night to see a show, because it looked like fun.

2016-09-04 11.21.17

Sydney Harbour

If you’re visiting Sydney, it seems to be an unwritten rule that you should stop by Sydney Harbour to see the bridge and the Opera House. So of course, we went. We walked from our hotel in Haymarket, and that became around a 40 minute walk. We went through the Royal Botanic Gardens along the way, and got a little distracted as we headed to the Harbour.

2016-09-04 10.46.48

Lots of walkways to walk down, and fountains to stop by. We took our time going through, stopping to smell the flowers, so to speak.

2016-09-08 11.23.39

Look at that tree! I really wanted to climb it, but we agreed that probably wasn’t wise.

2016-09-04 11.48.49

We also came back through the gardens on our second trip to the Opera House.

Anyway, back to Sydney Harbour!

2016-09-04 11.23.05

But first, let’s look at some selfies I failed at.

What skills. Anyway, I was constantly amazed at how busy Sydney was, but with a city population that matches New Zealand, it’s no wonder. It was a lot of fun to wander around the Opera House the first day we visited. We got to see it in person, but as there was an event on, we couldn’t really see inside. We had a good view of the Harbour Bridge. We’d considered doing the skywalk, but it’s not cheap, and this trip already took out a chunk, so we decided to skip it.

2016-09-04 11.43.46

I really enjoyed the Opera House Tour, we learnt a lot from our guide, and we even got to go into the main hall, as there was no one rehearsing or performing inside. The architecture is really different to anything I’ve seen before. Both inside and out.

2016-09-08 10.49.44

We decided to get tickets for a show on that same night, as part of the Comedy Gala. We went and saw Beardyman. He’s a comedian/entertainer/beatboxer/musician, who makes songs on the spot based on the audience suggestions. We ended up having a lot of fun, and seeing a live show brings around a certain energy that can’t be felt during the tour. Also, seeing the Harbour at night was an added bonus.

2016-09-08 20.35.30

I’d love to come back and see a show in the main hall, but as it would cost a lot, I need to wait for a show that would be worth it (fingers crossed for Hamilton to come this side of the world someday).