Looking Back at my Fashion Choices

Looking Back at my Fashion Choices

Judging from the title, you can guess what this post will be about. They’re all about me! And the strange fashion choices I made. This will be a fun little post for you guys to laugh with me (or at past me, I suppose). A lot of these were deliberately being weird, as I was around my friends/siblings and they brought that out. Some were just cause I liked it, and didn’t care that it made no sense to wear.

As a baby and young child, I don’t think I had too much say over what I wore. But at that age, even if what you’re wearing is crazy, it’s acceptable and cute. As you are a child.

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Look at that fashion icon

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Kali’s July Thrift List

So if you guys have been following my weekend reviews for the past month, you’ll know that I’ve been taking part in Kali‘s thrift list for July!

I’m proud to say I almost completed it. The lace-up top eluded me in my thrift store hunts unfortunately. But it is now permanently in the back of my head, and I will still look for it for completionist reasons. I’m happy with everything I found though, so I thought it would be fun to do a wrap up post sharing everything I found!

Thrift List.JPG

For each item, I wanted  to mention when I got it, what store I got it from, the price I got it for, plus details and other things I like about it. Plus picture of course. Let’s get into it!


I bought these recently on July 29 from Recycled Boutique. It cost me $25.30. This thrift store is a bit more costly, but you’ll often find designer items, and more high end stuff here. So it’s cheaper than full retail, but more like  sale prices. Anyway, these overalls are from Glassons, a well known store and brand here in NZ.


The overalls are black. They’re part of Glassons denim collection. They’re zip front overalls, and they also have some decorative buttons along the side which I first thought were real. There’s pockets galore like on regular jeans. One on each side, and two on the back.


It’s super comfy, and I’m so happy to finally have a pair of overalls!

Maxi Dress

This was the  first item I bought off the thrift list back in July 8. I got these from The Salvation Army Store. It cost $7. I always love going to Sallies, they have a lot of unique finds for little cost. This dress is from Seed Heritage. I haven’t actually heard of this brand before.

The dress is blue and white, with stripes all the way down. I like that the stripes aren’t even. Anyway, the dress sticks to me, but not in a tight or uncomfortable way. It falls really nicely, and I fell in love with it straight away.

I did need to hem a fair amount of it though. As I do with all long dresses really.

Summer Skirt

I got this on July 24 from Sallies. I got it for $5. The skirt is from Kimchi Blue. Another brand I haven’t heard of before. Looking them up, I found that they’re part of Urban Outfitters.

The skirt is a navy blue with lots of polka dots. This alone made me grab the skirt already. It also has buttons along the front which is a fun touch! I thought they were decorative, but nope, you can button up the skirt. It’s way faster to just pull it on though. The cherry on top is that this dress has pockets!!

I saw lots of skirts during my thrift store hunts, but I couldn’t decide if it was ‘summery’ or not. Finally, I found this one. It’s my favourite colour, it has polka dots, it’s flirty and cute, it’s definitely one of my favourites!

Funky Glasses

I got these on the same day as the skirt, from the same store! Good old Sallies. I got these for $3. I had actually seen some really cool sunnies in the other thrift stores, but they were all at least $20, so I held off. I was so happy to find these ones! On the side it says Cotton On, so it must be from them. They’re another big store in NZ and Australia.

I really do love the shape of these sunnies. They’re so cute and funky 🙂


I got this on July 16. I found it in Rebound for $8.45. They’re from ChicaBooti, another Australian brand I believe.

This romper is orange and blue with a whole lot of patterns. I normally don’t go for such colourful items, but I really liked it! It also has lace detailing on the bottom of the shorts which is sweet. It has a zipper on the back which makes transforms me into a contortionist when I try pull it up (I’m not very co-ordinated…or graceful). I had to at least try it on, and I loved it!

Fun fact, we call rompers ‘playsuits’ here. Do you guys call it that too where you are? Or is it just a romper?

Summer Bracelet

On July 9, yet again at Rebound, I found a whole basket full of bracelets. They were all for 10 cents, so I spent ages sifting through and trying to find me a summer bracelet! I couldn’t pick just one in the end, and since they were cheap, I got three.

The first is this clip-on bracelet, which is made up of little pink beads. I love pastel colours in general so I had to get this one. The second one looks like the kind of bracelet I made when I was younger. A whole collection of bright beads, and tied together. It’s adorable. The third one is this blue bangle. It reminded me of the beach, so I grabbed it too. There we have my three summer bracelets!

High-Waisted Shorts

Another find on the same day at the same store as the bracelets! These cost me $6.90. Rebound doesn’t like using whole numbers for some reason. Anyway, the tag tells me it’s from H&M. A brand that I’m sure most people know.

These shorts are grey and wooly. They have belt loops, and lots of stitching detail which is hard to see in the photos. Fun fact! The front pockets have decorative buttons on the side. The back pockets have actual buttons to close and open the pocket which is just bizarre. I’m willing to overlook it though.


Anyway, these shorts are probably not technically summer shorts. They’re wool, so they may be more winter shorts. But I wanted them, so I got them and I will include them on this list!

Flowy Top

Another Rebound shop from the same day! I struck gold when I visited that day. Anyway, this was $6.25. It’s from JayJays which is another big shop/brand here.

It had elephants on it, that’s how I first noticed it. The top is white with lots of patterns, elephants and details on it in black. It’s very light, flowy and see through. I could see it being a light layer when I want to put something more on in the warmer weather days.

I now have an elephant dress, and an elephant top..I need more!


The lucky last item is a jumpsuit I got on July 24. I got this from Recycled Boutique for $25.30. I struggled finding overalls and jumpsuits in all the other stores, so I’m happy Recycled Boutique came through. The brand on the tag says Cherish, which I don’t know. I’m thinking it might be a US brand, as Recycled Boutique also get a lot of imported items.


The jumpsuit is black/dark grey with lots of floral patterns all over. I love floral patterns, it’s another weakness alongside polka dots…or stripes. Anyway, it’s stretchy and super comfy. I’ve already worn it to work a few times, it’s so convenient not having to wear a top and pants. Just throw this on and I’m good to go.

I do wish it had pockets though. Everything should have pockets.

So that’s it for the Thrift List!! I really wish I could have found a lace up top, but sadly, I didn’t. I did do everything else which I’m really happy with. I also wanted to say to Kali, thanks for making this! I had fun this past month going through thrift stores, list in hand, seeing what I could find. I also now feel I don’t need to buy clothes for summer, since I have a ton of new outifts and items already from this! A few of which, I wouldn’t have ever bought or worn previously. So thanks for getting me to expand out of my comfort zone a little clothing wise! I’ve now discovered that I love one piece items like overalls, jumpsuits and rompers. It’s less work having to decide what to wear in the morning! Altogether I spent $87.50. Considering how much stuff I got though, I’m pretty happy with that!

I hope you guys had fun looking through all the photos. Looking through them all again made me realize that my face either looks bored, amused or confused. Good to know.

Stay tuned for more beauty/fashion related posts! I’m having so much fun giving these a go again!