My Shoe Collection

My Shoe Collection

This post is pretty self explanatory. After doing the Closet Confidential tag, I ended up taking pictures of all the current shoes I own. I thought it would be fun to show you guys all my shoes! I only own 11 pairs at the moment which isn’t bad. Trust me, it used to be waaay bigger, but I’ve gotten good at downsizing.

Sidenote! Since first posting this over a month back, I have bought one pair of shoes! So stay tuned till the end!

So here we go!

Winter boots

These used to belong to my sister. I have taken many of her things over the years. Anyway, these are super comfy. The inside is lined with wool, so they’re like slippers. But the outside is a hard, kinda waterproof leather. They keep me warm.

Ankle boots

I wear these constantly. They’re my go-to for nearly everyday (in all seasons but summer), as they give me a little height, ¬†they’re comfy, and grey ankle boots just seem to go with anything and everything.

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Jewellery Collection

Hello! I wanted to do another collection type post, and along with some blogging buddies, we landed on jewellery. Now, I’m not the type of girl that’s really into jewellery, but I do like to look at them. As for wearing them, I often forget. I like to wear them when I remember to, but as an everyday thing, I barely do. The main reason being I’m always rushing around in the morning, I only have time to get dressed and do minimal makeup before I’m already late (cause I spend too much time blogging ahaha).


Recently though, I have been trying to wear some more jewellery, as it’s fun. I often wear a necklace to work, but I have to make sure the chain is extra strong, as all the kids love to grab it and shake it, and I don’t want anything coming off. Also, for obvious reasons (marriage) I wear rings. I don’t like to wear earrings though, they often tangle in my earbuds.

Anyway, enough rambling. Let’s have a look.



I have four rings. Let’s have a closer look from left to right.


Koru ring. If you guys don’t know what a koru is, look¬†here. Basically, it’s the Maori word for loop, and is a spiral shape. I bought this in 2013 from a store my friend worked at. It’s a silver ring (not real silver I don’t think). I loved this ring, and I wore it a lot for a while. I haven’t worn it in ages, but during the week that my engagement ring was getting resized, I was wearing this one.

Engagement ring and wedding ring. These two go together for reasons. They are the only jewellery I permanently wear. They never leave my hands (except in the shower as I’m paranoid they’ll fall off and go down the drain). My engagement ring is perfect, I love that Rory picked it. I got it on March 2016. The wedding ring we picked together. We bought it in November 2016, but it wasn’t officially mine until March 2017. We picked two simple gold bands, as we didn’t want anything flashy.


Honeycomb Ring. I love this ring. It’s surprisingly heavy on my finger though. It has a ‘steampunk’ kind of feel, and to be honest I don’t wear it much. But I love looking at it. The gem thing on the front is really unique. I got this in 2013, from the same store that I got the koru ring.



I have four pairs of earrings. I used to have more, but a lot I left behind when I moved out of my family home, and also I’ve lost quite a few.


Purple Beads. These are the oldest ones I have, I don’t even remember when I first got it, or where. I like them though. The purple is quite a nice colour.


Blue Crowns. I got the next three earrings during our Sydney trip last year from Paddy’s Market. I like these ones! It’s the ones I wear the most often (when I do remember to wear them). They’re cute!


Sweet Ribbons. These I don’t wear as often, as I prefer the earrings with hooks, than the pokey stick. Just a personal preference. I love the ribbon design though.


Pearl Earrings. These ones I bought on purpose, not that the others were by accident, but I was specifically looking for pearl earrings. I wanted pearl earrings for the wedding. My dress had lace and pearl accents, particularly on the back. I didn’t want much jewellery, but since my hair would be up, I wanted pearl earrings as an extra touch.



I have eight bracelets at the moment. Again, I used to have more, but I lost some over time.

Three Blues. I remember getting these three at the same time. I think they were a present. These stuck with me over the years however, as they are my favourite colour. I love blues.

Summer Bracelets. These are the most recent jewellery I bought. It was part of the Thrift List series.


Charm Bracelet. This was a gift from my Mum when I graduated university back in 2013. It’s very pretty, and I love all the little charm keys and hearts.


Three-Month Bracelet. A weird name, but it has a story. Rory bought me this when we celebrated our three month anniversary waaay back in the beginning of 2012. I literally wore it everyday until my Peru trip in 2014. I didn’t want to wear any jewellery during the trip, and when I got back, I never got back in the habit of wearing it everyday. I still like to wear it occasionally though.


I have four necklaces. I have four of a lot of my jewellery I just realized.


Harry Potter Necklace. I bought this in 2015. I’ve always wanted a Deathly Hallows piece of jewellery, it’s my favourite symbol from the whole franchise. I got this from an online store which I can’t remember the name of.


Pink Necklace. I bought this the week before my wedding. I was walking around town trying to sort out the marriage license with my best friend and maid of honour Kruti. We ended up shopping and went into a jewellery store I hadn’t noticed before. This one immediately jumped out to me. I love it.


Blue Necklace. I got this from Sydney, in Paddy’s market alongside the earrings I mentioned earlier. I like this style of necklace with the cut of the gem/stone. This one had the extra details of the the circle stones. I wear this one the most out of my necklaces.


Owl Necklace. I bought this back in 2012. I remember buying this quite clearly as well actually. I was wandering around waiting to meet up with Rory during our very early days. I came across this cute store, and saw a bunch of necklaces with animals on them. I fell in love with this owl one. I’ve started wearing it lots more recently.


There you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my jewellery. It’s not something I have a lot of, as I don’t wear them much. I still like looking at them in stores though, there’s so much different styles and designs out there!

Let me know which one is your favourite. Also, do you wear lots of jewellery? Or are you like me, and just tend to forget you have them?