Angela Tries Summer Favourites Box

Angela Tries Summer Favourites Box

**Another repost! But this connects to yesterday’s one. Also, this makes me want to try another random beauty subscription box**

Well hey guys, Angela Tries Beauty Box is one of my most liked posts ever. As a novice beauty blogger, this tickled me a little 😀

So last weekend, I received my Summer Favourites box from Marzia. For you guys who don’t know Marzia, she’s a Youtuber, Entrepreneur, Fashionista and general amazing lady. Also, she’s gorgeous. Fun fact, she shares the same birthday as Rory. The literal same day and year, October 21 1992.

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Literal cutie pie

Anyway, back to the main point. I got the summer favourites box, and I was so happy! I also got her Holiday Favourites box back in November. I still use a lot of the products. Especially the lipstick. It’s a nice Clinique one in a nude shade. It’s the one I used on my wedding day too! I’ve tried to order other things from her store but apparently its only these special boxes that can ship to New Zealand. Also, both boxes came to me in the wrong season, as the one last year was meant for Winter but I was in Summer, and this Summer Favourites is coming to me in Winter.

Last Year’s Holiday Favourites box

Alright, let’s get into this.

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Weekend Review #13


Woke up at 8, raring to get into the day! I don’t often wake up like this, and the feeling vanished at some point after an hour of browsing the internet, probably should’ve been more productive but never mind. For breakfast, we had the standard scrambled eggs on toast. It was a sunny day today but still freezing cold. The weather is just teasing me at this point.


We did the laundry and hung it outside which is a good change, as we have more space inside. By 10.30 we were ready to head out (we would have been ready earlier but I was having one of those days where I couldn’t decide what to wear). Rory was having a headache (poor thing) so I limited my happy chatter to let him rest his head. Before the groceries, we went to The Warehouse.




I wanted to get liquid fertilizer for my little cactii. I came up with nothing. I also grabbed a new shampoo to try. Let’s see how it goes.


Afterwards, we did the groceries!



Once we were home we had lunch. I demolished the dragonfruit immediately (I love them!)

Rory made his Saturday soup. This week he did Chicken Noodle. A perfect fit since he’s not feeling great. I ran around doing blog things (silently I hope), then Kent (our wedding photographer) came by. I forgot he was coming, but as part of our package, we get prints. So he was delivering them. Now we need frames and albums.


Off we went to drive to Briscoes and find frames. Frames we did find. We got two 11×20 inches since we had two big frames.



We looked through a few stores but couldn’t decide on any albums for our prints. So we’ll try again tomorrow. Randomly, we stopped by another store and got me a tripod! I’ve wanted one for a while since I started trying to take outfit photos, and also for filming. This means less balancing everything on a pile of boxes and books which is good.



After that we just chilled. Rory started feeling worse, so he decided to bow out of dinner. We were having it a work friend’s house, the one who lives across the road (convenient). So I said all good, and ran through the cold across the road to have dinner. I was greeted at the door by the kids, who were happy to see me, but seemed happier to see the chocolates in my hand. Strange.

When it comes to dinners like this, I still remember being on the kids sides of things, running around doing my own thing, then slowly there was the shift where now I’m on the adult side. Chit chatting, and laughing at the kids antics. Scary. Oh I forgot to mention, another work friend came along to dinner, and she brought her partner and kids (I had to field so many Where’s Rory questions). Her youngest is 17 months, and goes to our centre (obviously, since Mum works there), and she looked so confused to see me there. I’m sure in her mind, I live at our centre, and seeing me out of there blew her mind. But after lots of starting she came over and gave me a cuddle which was nice. Anyway, the evening was filled with chatter, laughs and some amazing Indian food. Since they knew I was coming they made the food non-spicy (by that I mean it was barely spicy, but still vaguely hot for me), there was lots of curry, rice and roti bread to go around. Then we had mango lassi for dessert, and holy shit, where has this been in my life? It’s delicious, I drank two whole cups, it was so goooood.

Anyway, at around 8, I walked back home (can’t run, too full), and dragged myself to bed where I left Rory. There we stayed, watching DragonBall Z till we went to bed at 9.30pm.


I slept for a straight 10 hours! Woke up at 7.30 am feeling refreshed again. Had a shower, then we made our Sunday pancakes. We got the good maple syrup this time, so I practically drowned mine.  Then it was off to blogging, and random internet shenanigans.

This carried on till lunchtime. We lost track of time for half the day. If you guys want to know what I was doing all morning, I got sidetracked making a little photo montage thing of me and Rory. I’m actually pretty happy with how it came out, so here’s a random little video.

Anyway, we put away laundry as it was still hanging up. Then I decided to bake cookies! I love ANZAC cookies, so I made that. I also played around with the tripod and tried filming the whole ordeal, so we’ll see how that comes out.


The cookies were good though. We did manage to make a whole pile of dishes thanks to all the cooking/baking.


Also, look at my little cactus! It’s grown a flower!! I feel more attached to it now.


After all this, it was 2.30pm. We had some things we wanted, so we were off to multiple stores. First stop was Mitre 10, a hardware store, as I still wanted to find that liquid fertilizer for my beloved little cactii.


We walked in and asked someone who worked there. She was mega helpful and took us right over to the right section, pulled it out, handed it over and gave me some tips. Like don’t use it till spring, and only use it once every three weeks.


Then it was off to the mall to try multiple stores for a photo album. We ummed and ahhed for ages before landing on this cute cream album with little roses. There’s space for only 80 photos which means we only need an additional 30 to fill it up. I’m quite happy with it. I had bigger plans with it at first, but I’m quite happy with how simple it’s ended up. Don’t overcomplicate things right?



Finally, Rory wanted an ice pack thingy for your eyes. So we went to Acquisitions for that, where I found a mug with my name but didn’t even buy it. I did buy sushi though as I forgot to have lunch.

Then, it was off to my family’s house for dinner.


We talked a lot about things. Moving house was a big topic, Mum showed me around her garden, as well as a few bits and pieces that she said Rory and I are welcome to take if we want for our new place. We had a nice dinner. We caught up via Skype with my sister and Tibor about their wedding plans. It was a nice catch up. Rory and I left at around 7.30pm, earlier than usual, as both of us can feel colds trying to attack us. Good old Winter. Anyway, we headed home and crashed to bed by 9.30pm.

To-Do List

  • Groceries
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning – hahahaha
  • Jo’s Birthday Skype Dinner
  • Dinner with Work Friends
  • More reading – not even a little
  • Some colouring – nope
  • Write and update posts for week
  • Look more into ideas for new home – a little, but not much
  • Film another vlog?/Edit vlog
  • Look into buying tripod
  • Changing name for driver license

That’s a wrap up for this weekend. Five weeks till we move!!