So to continue this batch of beauty/fashion posts I’ve decided to do for the next week I thought I should dedicate a post to the most important item in all of clothing. Cardigans.

Every time I go into a store, it’s the one thing I have to stop and look through. It’s a weakness, and possibly a sickness. When I tell Rory I’ve bought something, he’ll ask “Is it a cardigan”, eight times out of ten, it is. So, anyway, I’ve decided to compile all the cardigans I own and show you the whole collection.

Long cardigan.Β You guys may have seen this before. I’ve showed it every now and then. This is one of two long cardigans I have. I like it as it’s good when it’s windy, it doesn’t blow up, so if I’m wearing a skirt, it weighs it down so it doesn’t fly up. This is also the oldest item in my closet, dating back to 2007 or 2008 (also it was my sister’s originally).

Extra Cardigan. I bought this during my office job days. I didn’t like lugging around my extra thick jacket around, so I got this extra thick cardigan. It’s warmer than a regular cardigan, but easier to lug around than my big jacket. I still occasionally wear it, but not as much as I used to. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it though. I’ve had it since 2013.

Peru Cardigan. One of the souvenirs I brought back from Peru (alongside Pedro) was this cardigan. It’s made from alpaca fur I believe. I bought it in a market stall. It caught my eye immediately, it was so cute, and sooo soft. It’s still soft now, but not as much. It’s so warm to wear. I wear it quite a bit still. I’ve had this since early 2014.

Glassons Cardigans. Glassons is one of the biggest stores for clothing here. They tend to have everything, including the basics, in every single colour and size basically. I lost my favourite black cardigan back in 2014 which I also got from here. So I came back and got one in a dark blue (which I wear all the time), and also got a light grey for the fun of it. I wear the blue one waay more (to the point where it’s starting to fall apart in places), but you guys know I like blue.

Multi-Coloured Cardigan.Β I remember in 2015, it struck me that I was wearing a lot of black sometimes. Or just lots of dark colours in general. During thrift store runs, I found this cardigan. It had pockets, lots of patches of colour, and I figured I could have fun wearing this. I’ve often worn this on top of my standard dark blue, grey or black tops and pants, and suddenly I’m less neutral coloured which is always fun! It’s also fun to wear it to work and name all the colours on my tops with the kids.

Blue Cardigan.Β Yes, another blue cardigan. I got this one in 2016. We were in Sydney, and my previous trusty blue cardigan from Sydney got a huge rip in it. A loose seam caught on my bag and pulled it, creating a very noticeable hole. Understandably I was heartbroken. So, we searched through stores, and I came across this blue cardi. It’s a different shade of blue, but it’s also way softer and warmer. It’s fast become my preferred blue cardigan,look closer at a lot of the weekend review photos, I’m often wearing this cardi.

Polka Dot Cardigan.Β This cardigan actually has shorter sleeves than the others, it means I don’t have to roll them up which is nice. This cardi is quite thin though, so it’s more of a layer for those warmer seasons. It had polka dots and it felt so nice on that I had to buy it when I saw it back in 2016. The first time I wore it to work, one of the little bubs who was painting grabbed my sweater to catch her balance, leaving a purple stain that took two washes to come out. I don’t wear it too work anymore πŸ˜€

Big Black Cardigan.Β This is my current favourite cardigan. I bought it back in June, and I wear it constantly. It’s huge, baggy, and so warm. I can wear it around without a big jacket on top as it’s that warm. I normally button it up which I never do with cardigans, but I like to be extra snug and warm. If it’s not too cold that day, then I’ll leave it open. But you guys would have seen this cardigan a lot lately. I wear it heaps.

On top of these I also have quite a few sweaters, jumpers and other long sleeves. I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to layers for winter. For summer, I wear a few of these (mostly the thinner ones), for added layers on those cooler summer days or evenings. For now though, it’s good to wrap up as I wait this long ass winter.

What are your thoughts on cardigans? Do you guys also have a weakness item when it comes to clothes?


27 thoughts on “Cardigan Collection

  1. I don’t know if I really have cardigans or not. Shopping is hard to do for me and I always need help from my mom or friend and it is always hard to know what I want to get or what I need.


      1. I know what a cardigan is, but haven’t looked for a cardigan lately because it is summer over in the United States. Have not bought a cardigan for a while.


  2. Someone’s getting better at a selfie!! You go Girl!!!
    My weakness is boots! For sure!! I used to be a cardy fan, nowadays I’m more a cape gal!!! Love how you have all bases covered here though!! xx


  3. I love cardigans! In the cooler weather (most of the year for me…) I wear at least two underneath a jumper, plus a jacket, so I have quite a few cardis in my wardrobe. I love that extra thick one, looks so comfy and warm! πŸ™‚
    Caz x


  4. Cardigans are always cute. i’m hopelessly addicted to them and disappointed when i can’t wear one. They make me feel so feminine and i think the most perfect of all time might be The Jackie by j Crew. Love all of yours xx


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