Even more wedding related posts! This one is a little more personal, it’s about our ceremony. This took a lot of time to figure out. After talking with our officiant, he suggested looking at ideas online. Turns out there’s a whole bunch of scripts and ideas for every single type of ceremony out there. Again, thank you Pinterest.

So, how I ended up with our ceremony script, was taking bits and pieces that I liked from a whole bunch of different places. I mostly looked at secular ceremonies, even though ours was kind of religious, since our officiant was my pastor from the Baptist church I went to growing up. But he was chill with us doing any kind of ceremony which was nice. He did start off the ceremony with a message (kind of sermon) about love. Which, I’ll be honest, I did let my mind wander, it’s hard for me to stay focused on those things. But when we got into the Filipino ceremony traditions, and the vows, I was completely involved.

Here’s how the rest of this post will go. I’m going to just copy and paste our ceremony script in, so you guys can have a read of it, and also I don’t want to lose it. I’ll also put in pictures along the way, to break up the words. If you don’t feel like reading, I don’t blame you. Just feel free to skim and look at the pictures!

  • Opening

Hello and welcome, everybody!  Please be seated.  Each person here is an important part of Rory and Angela’s circle of family and friends and they are so glad that you are here with them today.

We are gathered together on this day to witness and celebrate the marriage of Rory and Angela. We come together not to mark the start of a relationship, but to acknowledge and strengthen a bond that already  exists. This ceremony is a public affirmation of that bond and as their dearest family and friends, it is our honour and privilege to stand witness to this event. This day is made possible not only because of your love for each other, but through the grace and support of your family and friends. It is our hope that your fulfilment and joy in each other will increase with each passing year. Marriage is a commitment in life, where two people can find and bring out the very best in each other. It offers opportunities for sharing and growth that no other human relationship can equal, a physical and emotional joining that has the promise of a lifetime.

Wedding 15

  • Filipino Traditions

The ceremonies  you are about to witness are uniquely and traditionally a part of the Filipino wedding. These traditional items were used in Angela’s parents wedding 28 years ago.

Wedding 14

Veil Ceremony

I invite Daniel and Kruti to join us and to lay a veil over you to clothe you together. Let this be a symbol of the faithful love you have for each other. Through the passing of the years, let the veil remind you that you belong to each other and to no one else.


Cord Ceremony

I invite Bex and Andrew to place a cord over you. This cord symbolizes an infinite bond of love you share that keeps your relationship strong in the face of adversity, as well as that you both are no longer two, but one in marriage. And, may your love grow stronger and bind you closer together through the years.


Coin Ceremony

Now let us do an exchange of the coins. These Coins are the symbol of the union of your faith with each other when it comes to material things.

The coins are a reminder of good stewardship for all couples; that they will mutually support each other, their children and the world around them. May God bless these coins that symbolize mutual support and responsibility.

Rory – “Angela, I give you these coins as a pledge of my dedication to your welfare.”

Angela – “I accept them and in the same way pledge my dedication to your welfare”.


Removal of Veil and Cord

I would like to call on Michael and Jo to remove the cord and veil.


  • Vows

Rory, do you take Angela to be your wife? (I do).

Repeat after me:

Today, surrounded by people who love us, I choose you, Angela, to be my partner. I am proud to be your husband and to join my life with yours. I vow to support you, push you, inspire you, and above all love you, for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live.

Angela, do you take Rory to be your husband? (I do).

Repeat after me:

Today, surrounded by people who love us, I choose you, Rory, to be your partner. I am proud to be your wife and to join my life with yours. I vow to support you, push you, inspire you, and above all love you, for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live.

Wedding 16

  • Ring Ceremony and Vows

Rory and Angela, these rings are an external and visible sign of the internal bond which unites the two of you. A bond built on a strong foundation of trust, respect and adoration.

Rory, as you place this ring on Angela’s finger, repeat after me:

“Angela, I give you this ring, as a daily reminder of my love for you.”

Angela, as you place this ring on Rory’s finger, repeat after me:

“Rory, I give you this ring, as a daily reminder of my love for you.”

Wedding 17

Pronouncement and Kiss

Rory and Angela, on behalf of all those present I pronounce you husband and wife.  You may now kiss the bride!

Wedding 18

If you made it to the end, congrats! What special or cultural traditions did you guys have in your wedding, or plan to have? Or just know of and want to mention? 😀


17 thoughts on “Wedding Ceremony

  1. Aw wow! I love how you incorporated stuff from your parents wedding!! That’s so special 🙂 We did that to, we got married on the same day as our parents 32 years later!! Are you coming up to your year?? Time sure does fly 🙂 xxx


    1. Thanks so much Hazel! A few weeks after the engagement, Mum showed me all the ceremonial stuff and asked if we could include it. Rory and I thought it was really sweet to include them so we did! Also, funnily enough, our wedding date is a week after theirs!
      Haha, no! It’s only our five month anniversary coming up, but I get very excited about the smallest milestones 😀


    1. Thanks Siyana! I’m always interested in different cultural/personal traditions, especially when it comes to weddings! Everyone has their own and it’s so cool to read about them 😀


    1. I’m with you there Arundhati ?
      It was really cool finding out about the Filipino wedding traditions. The veil part was the funniest to me since they had to pin it. My maid of honour and I talked about the best place to pin it so it wouldn’t damage my dress ?


    1. Thanks Pamela! There’s a few cultures that use that I think, it’s the whole uniting theme 😀
      And yeah! It’s quite nice that mum saved them. She did it specifically so her kids could use it in their wedding 😀


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