What I Eat

Hey guys, for this post I wanted to do something different. I wanted to share what I eat in a typical work week. This was inspired after seeing Anni’s What I AteΒ posts πŸ˜€

My breakfasts are always the same for the most part. I either grab cereal or toast and have my morning coffee. Lunch is provided by my work. Dinner is whatever Rory and I feel like. So last week, I made notes of what I ate for every meal, and took pictures when I could (or remembered!).

Here we go!


Breakfast – Cereal (Light’n’Fruity), Coffee

Lunch – Chicken Fried Couscous


Dinner – Chilli con Carne



Breakfast – Cereal and Coffee

Lunch – Pumpkin Soup with Rolls


Dinner – Sweet and Sour



Breakfast – Cereal and Coffee

Lunch – Lamb Curry and Rice


Dinner – Chilli Con Carne



Breakfast – Toast and Coffee

Lunch – Mac and Cheese


Dinner – Mediterranean Style Mince and Pasta



Breakfast – Toast and coffee

Lunch – Burgers


Dinner – Leftover Mince and Pasta

When it comes to the weekend, I normally put more effort into what I eat, but when it’s a regular work week, I’m not as fussed!

What do you guys eat in a typical Monday-Friday work/school week?


19 thoughts on “What I Eat

  1. Such a fun idea of a post. Do them more regularly, it would be really fun to see different food. I’m so boring with food, I have the same breakfast and dinner for weeks now, I just get addicted to one meal and after a while I start to be sick of it. xx


    1. Thanks Azra! It was really fun to take photos of what I eat for the week! I plan to do it again some time πŸ˜€
      I know what you mean about sticking to a routine with your food. I do it for breakfast a lot.


  2. You have such nice meals! I’m the worst with eating during the week! I tend to skip breakfast and I’ll mostly eat whatever kind of snacks I have for lunch since I eat at school! Hope you’re having a lovely week!


    1. Thanks Natalie! I try to ensure I have three decent meals so i have enough energy for the day ? but back in school and uni I was the same as you. I never had time for breakfast ? I hope you’re having a lovely week too ?


  3. Ooh that all looks so good! I’m definitely hungry now ?? I typically have a bowl of cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, a turkey sandwich or bagel for lunch, a few snacks throughout the day, and whatever my mom cooks for dinner!


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