If We Were Having Coffee #4

Another round of catch ups over coffee!

Except that I’m having a milkshake, cause I don’t feel like a coffee as I write this!

If we were having coffee,ย I’d talk about how fast and slow this month has passed. Fast in that I can barely remember what happened this past month. It hasn’t been a memorable one. For that reason, it’s also felt slow, cause the days itself dragged. My work is getting busy as we have lots of new settling babies, so my days have been filled with more crying and screaming than usual, so I’m always tired.

If we were having coffee,ย I’d mention how we’re finally moving soon! In just over a week actually! I’d also mention that both Rory and I have talked about how we don’t have any excitement about it. We’re more preoccupied with final details to sort. Everyone we talk to has said we must be so excited, but it’s just not there. I think the whole house hunting business has taken so long, on top of this long settlement period, that we’re just bored of waiting. Once we’re there, I’m sure the excitement will kick in full force.

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about the fact that it’s almost officially the end of winter and I’m so happy! The sun no longer sets at 5.30pm, daylight savings will be kicking off soon so it’ll be light out longer. Also, there should now be less freezing icy winds!! I’m well over winter by now, and I’m happy to see it go. Bring on the warm weather!!

If we were having coffee, I’d ask how things are with you. What’s been on your mind lately? Has August just been a hazy blur to you as well?


22 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #4

    1. I had to look up what that was in Celsius, and that is way too hot!! Our summer in NZ can reach up to mid 20s only (70F) and I find that too hot ? I would melt if I ever went to California in summer


  1. August has been kind of a blur, especially transitioning from my old job to my new one – it was only a few days in between and so quick haha! So exciting you get to move soon, I’m sure you’ll love your new place!


  2. Congratulations to you both! August definitely flew by but I’m looking forward to September :), celebrating my birthday, other birthdays, adjusting to school and church. I’m excited for what September holds.


  3. August has been a blur for me too. I had a few work trainings out of town and got to see some family I hadn’t spent time with in awhile. I don’t seem to remember many details from this month! This last week has been horrible, as a crazy hurricane has left most of my city under water. Hoping for a better September! xx


    1. I’m glad it’s not just me! August doesn’t seem to be memorable for a lot of people ?
      Im sorry to heat about that hurricane!! I hope you guys are all staying safe, and hopefully the weather gets better. As you say, here’s to a better September!


  4. I’m so excited for you to move in! Hahaha, summer is ending here, the sun is setting earlier and earlier. I’m actually happy about it. Summer is too hot for me and it’s finally getting cooler.


  5. Yep Aug and Sep total blur! God house hunting loses it’s excitement by end when long process. My last move literally drove me mad … 2 and half years from first house on market to moving into 2nd house.


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