Beautiful Is Tag

Cassi nominated me for this tag! Thanks again lady!

Before we get into this, I need to share the opening from the original post of this tag, created by Kiya over at Flawed Silence.

We often feel ugly.

Because we’re too diverse, too unique, too incredible to be conformed to societies constructions of beautiful.

And it shouldn’t be that way.

Everyone has beauty within them.

It just takes people with an open heart to see it within you. People who don’t allow superficial ideas to cloud judgement.

I see art as a metaphor for beauty. To me art is about perception. People either fall in love with it or not. They appreciate it or not. Try to understand it or see a blank. However, we should all try and be part of a society where our perception isn’t skewed by appearance. But by morals, and character.

That’s why you are beautiful.

I see beauty within you for who you are as an individual.

Beauty shouldn’t be restrained and tied down to physical appearance. Ever.

You’re all beautiful to me.


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What is your definition of beautiful?

I never know how to answer this question. Part of me draws a blank, another part either wants to make a joke or say something weird. I’m gonna go with beauty is as a feeling. That feeling is ‘wow’. It can be a person, makeup, an outfit, a view, a thing, an animal. You get what I mean?

What do you find beauty in (abstract or concrete ideas)?

Everything? Little things. Big things. People. Clothes. Environment. Nature. The sky. Comes with being a reckless optimist. I find most things beautiful.

When you think of beautiful, what are the first four things or words that come to mind? 

I mentioned them all before 😀

A song, quote or lyric that you think sums up beauty perfectly

Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own. Picture from here.

Image result for admire someone else's beauty without

Tell us seven reasons why you are beautiful

This is surprisingly hard to answer. I’m pretty happy and confident in myself. There are aspects that I would like to improve, or am insecure about. But I’ve been doing well in being confident in myself, how I look, how I present myself, and my life in general is pretty good. That’s all I can think of.

Tell us about a time someone made you feel beautiful. How did it make you feel?

Other than my wedding? I don’t know, to be honest, I just get a thrill when someone (friend or random) gives you a random little compliment. Like if it’s complimenting what you said, did or even what you’re wearing. It makes my day and gives me a boost. I try to do this more now, even though as someone shy it goes against my instinct. But sometimes I’ll randomly say “I like your shoes” or “I like your eyeliner”, and I get a happy “Thanks!” in response. Also if it’s clothes or accessories related, then I normally also find out where they get it from. That whole random support system of compliments is just beautiful in itself.

If you had to draw beautiful, how would it look?

Again, these questions kind of throw me. Beautiful is a concept, so trying to make it more concrete baffles me most of the time. Drawing beautiful to me can mean like really good artists, or I guess you could just look at Pinterest and find some nice typography for  the word Beautiful. Pinterest is awesome for that stuff.

When was the last time you highlighted someone’s beauty to them?

I mentioned this before actually. But the other day at work, I mentioned that I liked their hair. They recently dyed it back to brown as they’d had it blonde for a while but wanted to go back to their roots.


Feel no pressure to take part, I just had you on my mind!

This tag had some not so easy, and sometimes a little confusing questions to answer. But I gave it my best 🙂

I am beautiful.



August Favourites

August Favourites

Four months left in the year guys! What??


My Neighbour Totoro

I watched this just a few days ago, but I’ve been meaning to watch it for sooo long. Totoro wasn’t in it as much as I thought it would be, but he is so cute and weird. Also, catbus.

Image result for catbus

The Defenders

Okay, so this isn’t a movie, it’s a show, but I did enjoy it! I was a huge fan of Jessica Jones, so I was looking forward to this. The show wasn’t perfect, but it was a lot of fun. If you’re into the superhero genre, then this is worth a watch!


Bad at Love – Halsey

I’ve been listening to a lot of Halsey lately. This has been another favourite! I just love the hook, and I can almost sing along to the whole thing.

Pumpin Blood – NoNoNo

Another older song, which I recently found while going down a YouTube hole. It’s so peppy and the whistle part never gets out of my head now.


The Handmaid’s Tale


I have been recommended to read this book by a number of friends, both real and blogging. I got sucked into the story, and it was definitely harrowing at times. I recommend the series as well, but I did enjoy the book just a little more.


Moon Hunters

Image result for moon hunters

Image result for moon hunters

This is a co-op game that Rory and I have played a few times. It’s a myth based action game. Basically, following along the story, you guys work together to clear your chosen area before the third night when you have to fight the leader of the Sun Cult. The graphics are gorgeous, and at the end you get a constellation named after you depending on how you played. I once got to be a “Spider” where I had a whole army of spies, and the other time I was a “Throne”, where I got to confident and arrogant so I got turned into a chair.

Something New

Thanks to Anni (and Zoella), I found out about an app called 1 Second Everyday. Basically, you film for a second everyday. Then you can compile them all together. Anni shared a video where Zoella used the app for a whole year. It’s really cool to see it all together. My life isn’t as exciting as a YouTuber, but I have been having so much fun filming everyday. I’ve compiled it recently as I started it early this month, and for each second, I remember where I was and what was happening when I filmed it. Makes me realize again how fast time goes by!

What are some of your favourites from this past month?