Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Not so recently ago, I wrote a post about What I Like About Winter. Well I got over that real quick as all the downfalls of winter started getting me down. I’m talking constant rain, and colds (both weather and sickness related). September is officially the beginning of Spring for us on this side of the world. So while my blogging buddies on the other side are either happy or disappointed with entering the colder season, I will be looking forward to the warmth!

Here’s what I’m excited about for the next season!


You guys know this already. I’m sick of days where the highest the temperature can get to is 12 degrees (53F for my American readers). Give me back the sun please (although knowing me, I’ll regret this in summer, and it doesn’t even get higher than 25C/77F degrees here).


Slightly related to the previous one, but winter means shorter days. Literally. The sun was setting by 5.30 pm most days, so I was leaving home in the dark, and arriving home in the dark. I don’t even live that far from my work. I’m looking forward to longer days.


I expect an explosion of colour. I doubt it will all happen at once, but it’s getting a little sad seeing all these naked trees everywhere. Bring back all the lush green and colourful flowers. I plan to go back to the Botanical Gardens sometime in Spring and seeing all the pretty things everywhere.


Fruit in winter is limited. I don’t mind kiwis, apples and oranges, but I want strawberries!! Also watermelon, and mangos, although I think I still have to wait till summer for those.

Less Layers!

Okay, as a self confessed cardigan addict, I am a huge fan of layers. I will still wear cardigans in spring, but hopefully I won’t need to throw on a massive coat on top of it. It’s also an opportunity to wear shorts, skirts and dresses without tights underneath! Also, we can remove the super thick blanket from our bed, so that’s good too.

On another note, I’m also excited for a few more things coming up that aren’t weather related. We’ll be moving and setting up our new home. We’re going up to Auckland for a mini holiday and to attend my sister’s wedding. It’s Rory’s birthday coming up in October. After spring of course is summer which brings even more festivities! My birthday, our 6th year dating anniversary, Christmas, and New Years to name a few.

That’s the main ones for now. I am very excited that it’s officially spring and I have already yelled at the frost this morning, because it’s wrong. It should have already left, doesn’t it know that it’s SPRING (sorry for yelling).

How are you guys feeling about the season change? Are you heading into warmer or cooler weather? Let me know!




Have You Met Laura?

Haaaaaaaaave you met Laura?

Laura blogs over at Lauzie’s Lifestyle. She’s 25 and based in the UK. She wears many hats in that she’s a published writer, a model, makeup artist, on top of running her amazing blog. She started her blog in January 2017 (that’s as far back as the archives go anyway). She blogs a mixture about beauty, healthy, life and her thoughts.

Here’s a quick snippet from her About page:

Beauty, fashion, health & well-being, poetry, mental health and general living. I hope to inspire like-minded individuals and create a space for them to think, relate and share

I’ve been following Laura for a while and I’m always impressed with what she writes. Whether it’s make up tips, health or fitness advice, personal stories or accounts, you know that she is writing from the heart. Her blog is definitely a space to think, inspire, encourage and enjoy.

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers:


Laura shares some advice about how to deal with those feelings of jealousy and competitiveness that rear their ugly head on occasion.


As those of us in the blogging world have found out, it teaches us a lot of new skills. Laura shares some of the ones she’s learnt.


Laura has been on a fitness and healthy journey for over a year now.  She shares with us her ups and downs of her time over the year.


As someone who still doesn’t quite get how to do make up or beauty things, I love when those who do share tips! This is also related to summer, which isn’t too far for me now! (Although it’s almost done for you all on the other side of the world)


Laura shares 25 life lessons with us in celebration of her birthday. Or as she puts it “Wisdom I Want to Remember”.


We all have those excuses. Even if we have that desire to get fit and healthy, at the same time our mind comes up with many reasons why we should just sit back down. Laura shares with us how she tackled her excuses.


Laura shares thoughts about how a photo nowadays seem to have lost value. We’re talking about all the editing and filters that goes into a photo before it’s uploaded or posted. There’s a pressure for perfection in photos now. Something that wasn’t done in the days of previous generations. Food for thought, and also one of my favourite posts from Lauzie 🙂

Fitness girl by river.

A recent post all about those weird lists that talk about everything you have to do in your 20’s. Laura reminds us that we’re all on our own journey, don’t compare yourself to these lists that often have conflicting things talking about travelling the world, living abroad, having parties, while at the same time getting a stable career, settling down and getting married. You don’t have to have things completely figured out by 30.

Also, check out Laura on Instagram too!


Laura, I love your blog and the thoughts you share with us all! You are such a talented writer, and I think you can rest assured that you’ve created an incredible space on the internet that leaves someone feeling inspired. I can’t wait to see what you share next 🙂

So, have you guys checked out Laura yet??