As Told By A DayCare Teacher

Hey guys, as you may know, I work as a daycare teacher. I’ve been working at the same centre for two and a half years now.

Lately, I was inspired by Bea’s As Told by a Substitute series, that I thought I would share my own little anecdotes about what the little kids get up to. I don’t know how often I’ll do this, but I do have a loot of stories, so hopefully I can do them often.

On a random note, I also plan to split up the stories with random photos of things at my work.

Our new mat in the Infants and Toddlers room

Mum or Dad

As all the kiddies are, they get very excited when they get picked up to go home at the end of the day. One little boy gets extra excited and starts jumping up and down shouting “Mum!” when his dad comes to get him. Dad always laughs and corrects him saying “Mum? I’m Dad”. But that little boy will shake his head and say “No! Mum!”, then give him a huge cuddle. He calls his actual Mum “Mummy”, so I guess he just has a a Mum and a Mummy, but no Dad.

Glitter balls that fascinate me as much as the babies

Self Styling

This was in the over 2 area, where I was hanging out at the end of the day, helping with closing. One of the last boys to go saw his Mum arrive, who he greeted. Mum looked happy to see him till she noticed his pants. There was a cut in them. Mum gave him a look and asked if he cut his pants with scissors (again. He was a bit of a troublemaker). He looked her in the eye, then down at his pants. Then he slipped his whole hand into the hole and said “No. Is pocket”. I had to hide my face as I was about to crack up after he said that.

The kids’ sign in area


Glasses Issue

So since working at my current centre I have never worn contacts. I always wear glasses. The few times I take them off to clean them, all the babies and toddlers stare at me. They look part horrified, part confused. The older kids are more confused and curious, rather than horrified. One four year old girl brought it up when she saw my wedding photo at work (The one photo with all my work mates is hanging on our wall). She ran up to me and asked if it was me in the photo. I said yes. Her response was “Why did you forget your glasses?” This comes up a lot when they see my wedding photo.

Said wedding photo

That’s all I’ll share for now. Do you guys have any funny kids stories to share?


20 thoughts on “As Told By A DayCare Teacher

      1. One of my all time favourites was a 6 year old coming in one day saying “I’m stressed”
        Me: Why are you stressed
        Kid: My wifi is broken
        Me: Oh, you know when I was your age there was no such thing as Wifi, there were only 4 TV channels too. Yeah, I played with my teddies and barbies and did colouring and played with polly pockets and my dolls house
        Kid: You’re joking right
        Me: No, I’m serious. There weren’t DVDs either, and the internet didn’t really exist.

        The kid just stood there gawping at me!


      2. Haha, they wouldn’t be able to comprehend a world without internet or touch screens 😀 Even the littlest ones try to ‘swipe’ the screen on a computer 🙂


  1. Kids are so funny! I’ve nominated you for the mystery blogger award! Can’t wait to read your post, mine is on my blog❤️


  2. This just brightened my day on a very damp and rainy one! I love kids. They always put a smile on my face! I just spent a month with my family and got to spend time with my nieces and nephews and the things coming out of their mouths had me in stitches. They are so innocent and carefree. I love it! ❤


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