Have You Met Courtney?

Haaaaaaaaave you met Courtney?

Courtney blogs over at Courtney Livingston. She’s a twenty something from Florida, USA. She is currently doing a lot of travelling over summer before moving overseas (to China I think??) She also writes forΒ Elite DailyΒ andΒ Thought Catalog, and has recently written a book! She started her blog late last year in October. She blogs about fashion, lifestyle, and travel.

Night Out In Kona Hawaii With J. Crew

Courtney is one of the bloggers I’ve been following the longest. She was one of the earliest blogs I remember following. She has so much fun adventures, her writing is fun to read, and she showcases lots of photos. What’s not to love??

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers:

Picnic Style by Courtney Livingston

As a fan of picnics, this little post was such a fun read! Courtney shares with us 5 little tidbits to make your picnic extra special and cute.

3 Simple Ways to Find Fashionable Clothes On A Budget – Courtney Livingston

The outfit Courtney is wearing in this post only cost her $7. I personally love the shorts, Β they’re so colourful! Courtney shares with us three handy ways of finding clothes on a budget. Also, read on in the comments, as her readers share some handy hints too!

In celebration of Trenton and Courtney being married for three years, Courtney shares three of the most important things she’s learnt during that time. Also, she shares even more wedding photos, and I’m always a sucker for those!

Chankanaab Park in Cozumel Mexico

Courtney has been lucky enough to do some travelling to some incredible places, and one of these includes exploring some Mayan ruins!

Akaka Falls in Hilo Hawaii

Another travel post! This time to Hawaii, where Courtney ran into some family also vacationing there. They spend time together chasing waterfalls!

The Smart Girl's Guide to Surviving Her Twenties by Courtney Livingston

Courtney is a published author!! In this post, Courtney shares tips and tricks on how to get on the path of getting published yourself. There are many places that take submissions and are a great way to get your name out there.

Be sure to check out Courtney on Instagram as well!

Courtney, you are amazing! You’re such an inspiration as a blogger, and a talented writer! I have no idea what’s next in store for you, but I can’t wait to follow along and see πŸ™‚

So, have you guys checked out Courtney??

10 thoughts on “Have You Met Courtney?

  1. Omg so I was scrolling through your blog and I saw the title and a flower as the header image and I thought Courtney was a flower ? But she seems really cool; will check out her blog!


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