What’s Up Wednesday #4

What’s up guys? You know the drill. It’s the first Wednesday of a new month, so I’ll be doing another little update post. The original idea from this post comes from Shay over at Mix and Match Mama.

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What We’re Eating This Week

Variations of food. That is a weird thing to say. But yeah, we’re moving on Saturday and trying to keep our fridge minimal, so leftovers mostly and the occasional takeout.

What I’m Reminiscing About

Quieter days at work. Things have been pretty crazy lately, and we’re waiting for it to settle down.

What  I’m Loving

All the new beauty things I recently bought. There’s nothing like buying things and then using said things. Especially when they’re so pretty! I’m still not great at using them to their full potential yet. But I like to think I’m slowly getting better at the whole makeup and hair business.

What We’ve Been Up To

Slowly packing. At the speed of sloths, snails and other slow creatures. I mentioned in my last weekend review that we haven’t yet packed most things. We’re like halfway done by this point ish. We are on a half day today though. That’s cause we have to go visit the house again for another walk through, make sure it still looks the same and all that. Also we have to visit our lawyer to finalise the loan documents. Joys.


What I’m Dreading

Nothing major, but kind of driving again. I was driving pretty much daily back before the wedding, but  then I stopped. For no real reason, other than laziness. After a long batch of not driving, I’m always a little nervous getting back behind the wheel again. Also, our car is a manual, so I’m gonna stall a lot and that annoys me. But I’ll be okay after a while, it’s just nerves.

What I’m Working On

Scheduling blog posts! I think we’re going to have no internet next weekend, possibly till late Monday, so I’m getting these posts ready to go as soon as I can. I know I could just take a break but…nah.

life of angela transparent

What I’m Excited About

Moving obviously. But also, it’s SPRING. I’ve recently made a post about it, but I am so glad to have made it through another winter. Bring on the warmth and sunshine!


What I’m Watching/Reading

We currently finished rewatching all of How I Met Your Mother. I’d never seen the last season before, and I’m still mad about it. But since then, I’ve been going around Netflix looking for random things to watch. I really liked Bo Burnham’s “Make Happy”. He’s a comedian, but he also does songs. So comedy music. I don’t really like stand up comedians, but Bo was really cool! I also remembered that he guest starred in Parks and Rec once too. Here’s a few of the songs:

Also, I’m still reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Veeeery slowly.


What I’m Listening To

A lot of pop. I always end up playing on repeat whatever Selena Gomez releases for like a whole week. I will say though, that  I have always hated random rap verses in pop songs. I always look for a version without it to listen to instead.

I also sometimes fall into a Youtube hole of songs from the early 2000s. There’s a lot of playlists there, so many songs I forgot that I love singing along to. You guys, My Brightside came out in 2004!! That was 13 years ago and that scares me.

What I’m Wearing

Still many layers as it’s still cold. But hopefully in the next What’s Up Wednesday, I’ll be wearing less layers.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

I’ve been saying this forever now it feels, but we’re FINALLY moving this weekend. So that’s all that we will be doing this weekend.

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

This month will mostly be preoccupied with getting settled into our new place. October has lots of promise though. We will be well into spring so it should be way warmer. We’re going up to Auckland for my sister’s wedding. We’ll be spending quite a few days in Waiheke Island. It’s also Rory’s birthday in that month!

What Else is New

Not too much.

What’s up with you guys lately?


11 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #4

  1. Typical work busy when moving! Good luck with packing and move. Best wishes for life in new house!

    Are you not enjoying dragon tattoo much? I have not read them.

    How met mother SPOILER alert

    In what way was you dissapointed by ending?

    I feel you did finally find out who Mother of children were. But also found out what happened after the children …sometimes marrying someone does not mean happily ever after.

    Quite like how explained why had been so much focus on Robin.

    How about a post, about how you would have rather it ended? I’m not sure how would rather it ended.


    1. Thanks so much Sara! We’re really excited to be moving soon 😀
      I am enjoying Girl with the Dragon tattoo, I just haven’t been able to spend much time reading it, but I am definitely keen to read it!
      About HIMYM, I just feel like the ending would have worked better a few seasons back. They spent a lot of time focusing on the Barney/Robin relationship, from Season 5, to the end of Season 9 (the whole last season was their wedding weekend). This was way longer than the Ted/Robin relationship, and to me they were better suited. Robin and Barney seem to be a better couple to me. We did meet the mother, and I liked her, but we barely get to know her before she ‘dies’ from an unseen disease. And then the kids just ‘encourage’ him to go back to Robin, even when they are barely seeing each other at this point. I was just disappointed with it in general. But I’ll end the rant now 🙂


      1. It was random sometimes …whole series on one weekend! Sometimes found annoying when see scene then goes back and shows alternative version of same scene. I don’t like characters enough to watch episodes again but did when first watch it want to find who Mother was.


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