Have You Met Elsie?

Haaaaaaaaave you met Elsie?

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Elsie (or Lucy) blogs over at Elsie LMC. She’s 18 and based in Ireland. She started her blog back in December 2016, and she posts every second day. She posts a mixture of her writings (Stories and Poetry), lifestyle (recipes and hauls), and her thoughts in general.

Here’s a snippet from her About page:

I started my blog back in December 2016 originally wanting to get my writing out there, but I came to realize blogging is also a way to take my mind away from my Undiagnosed Chronic Illness which I would love to spread awareness about and help people in similar situations! ?

I hope I can make you smile through my writing and my blog can be a place for you to escape into!

Follow me for randomness, positivity, poetry/stories, hauls and a good laugh!

I have been following Elsie for a while, and I love reading her blog! It’s definitely a place for positivity and randomness, and of course, emojis!!

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers:

I love general day in the life posts, and Elsie gets bonus points for creative word play in her title! As the title explains, she lets us know what she got up to the previous day. It’s a relaxing read filled with fun and food 🙂

Elsie occasionally shares hauls with us, her favourite clothing one seems to be TK Maxx ? This one in particular is huge, and I love going through it and seeing everything Elsie came up with it!

You know how sometimes when you’re trying to sleep, your brain decides it’s the perfect time to start non-stop rambling? Yeah. Elsie had been going through that lately, so she shares with us all what these thoughts are.

As all my US and European blogger friends were heading into summer, I noticed a lot of summer bucket lists going around! I loved what Elsie put on her list which included “Get out and do stuff” (cause, same) and “Take more selfies” (that I’m doing good with).

I love reading about how everyone started their blog, as everyone has a different story. In this one Elsie, recounts her story, and how she came up with the name of her blog. Which is when I first discovered that her name isn’t actually Elsie! ?

Elsie is often quite open about topics around mental health, illness, and anxiety. She has been brave enough to share her stories about these topics, and both reading the post, and the comments, it’s clear that she’s helping others through her posts. And that is just plain awesome 🙂

Elsie and her family recently went on a trip to the UK and this is her recap of it! (Also as an aside, while away on her trip, she still had scheduled posts go up which I love. We are both too addicted to blogging!) I love travel posts, as they always include shots of places I’ve never seen, and food photos, which is always great!

Elsie, I love your blog!! I still can’t believe I didn’t realize your name was Lucy till recently. I love reading your posts, you have so much positivity and inspiration behind the words, and you are the Queen of Emojis! I love that while going through all your posts, I got to see these two ?? so much! The tears of joy emoji is one of my all time faves! ?

So, have you guys checked out Elsie yet??


Today’s the Day!

Hey guys! This is a short little update post to say the day has finally arrived. We’re moving!!

In a few hours anyway. I still have prescheduled posts for the weekend, but I may have a delay in responding to comments, and reading your posts. We have also been told that our internet won’t be connected till Monday, so that’s a bummer. I’ll probably still most likely be around online somehow (cause I have a blogging addiction).

That’s all I wanted to say!

I’ll see you guys around on the internet.