Five Years – Then and Now

Alright, get ready for some rambling.

Five years doesn’t sound like much in the grand scheme of things. But at the same time, it’s also long. It’s longer than the time you’re in high school. It’s longer than the time you’re in university. It’s half a decade. Where am I even going with this? I don’t know, but my brain just suddenly thought of that activity you do in school where you’re asked to write about where you see yourself in five years.  So I thought it would be fun to look at me in 2012, and me in 2017.

2012 Me

2017 Me


I look the same. No real shock there. Also, I take way more selfies now. I found like two from 2012.


I was 20, and in my final year of university. But to be honest, I was preoccupied with other thoughts. This was the first year I was with Rory. So, a lot of times in class, I was just daydreaming about him. I spent every ounce of free time I had with him that year. After work, and after uni, most weekends, we would wind up together. I actually remember that we had certain days we would meet up, squeezed in around our classes. If we weren’t together, we would spam each other’s phones. Good times.



I’m 25 and working full time in a career, so that’s pretty good. I also ended up marrying Rory, which I’m sure 2012 me wasn’t expecting. The thoughts I’m preoccupied with are now blogging mostly. Sometimes Rory. I’m also barely on Facebook, but I do still announce the big ticket life news. Like marriage. We still spend lots of time together. But normally both doing our own things. We do try to do a weekly date night where we watch something together, but hey we live together now, so finding time to see each other is not an issue. Also, we don’t really text each other too much during the day, since again, we’ll see each other at the end of the day.



I definitely enjoyed my last year of uni. The music classes I took were some of my favourites for my whole degree. This included a film class, where we studied the soundtracks. That was literally my favourite class I’ve ever taken. I didn’t have that worry of what to do after uni, as I had that panic attack during my second year. I had no idea what to do with my music degree, but I heard about this one year teaching programme that you could enter with an undergraduate degree. So I wanted to do that.


Fun fact, I backed out of it the following year. I worked full time for the year in a range of jobs, until I ended up tutoring piano, then going back and deciding I did want to teach. But with early childhood, not primary. After the Peru trip, I came back and completed the Graduate programme, and now I’m doing that as my living. I originally intended to be working with the 3-5 year olds, cause the babies scared me as they’re so tiny and they cry a lot. Now, I love working with them, and I prefer the under 2’s to over 2’s.


I was working part time during my studies as a checkout chick. At the end of the year was when I got my first full time job. It was the first time I ever had to adjust to working 8.30 to 5, Monday to Friday. Coming out of only working part time and studying at uni, this was a major adjustment and I always felt exhausted. (Also the job was at a call centre which sucked). I did live at home though, so I didn’t really need to worry about bills or anything, so I saved up a crazy amount.


I’m so used to working full time now. School and uni holidays are a distant memory. As is summer holidays since I work in a daycare. All I get are public holidays and weekends. Also, I don’t live at home, so I had to learn how to do budgeting, and also cook for myself. Which I’m alright at. I’m saving up a little still though.


I don’t think I visited the doctor at all that year. However, I barely got sick. I remember Rory getting sick a few times, and I never caught it. I also don’t think I saw the dentist, optometrist or any of that. I also drank a lot of energy drinks and went to bed past midnight most nights. I had late classes a lot. I ended up having to change that at the end of the year when I started working full time. I still drank energy drinks or soft drinks on an almost daily basis though.


I don’t get sick thaaat much, but a fair bit more than I used to. That would be due to my exposure of bugs thanks to my work though. Which, I sometimes pass on to Rory and he also gets sick. I am now up-to-date with all the annual appointments now I’m glad to say. I now am physically unable to stay up till midnight, the latest I can manage is 11 before I become a zombie.

I think I’ll stop there, cause I’m rambling a lot now.

I have definitely had a lot of life experience these past five years. More than I would have ever expected. I got to travel a decent amount. I got married. I have a full time job in my preferred career. So what will happen in the next five years? Where will 2022 Angela be?

2022. That sounds so futuristic right?? I’ll be 30. 30!! A whole new decade!! I’m freaking myself out now. Anyway, what were you doing back in 2012? What do you guys think you’ll be doing in the year 2022??


10 Ways To Unwind

So hey guys, I’ve seen lots of this post around, and I like reading about how you guys unwind and relax after a long or stressful day. As you may know, we moved recently, and we still have things to sort. It’s taking forever. So I thought this list would come in handy.

Here’s 10 things I do when I want to unwind

  • Lie down

This is one of the best things ever. Seriously. I just lie down, or sit down as horizontally as I can. Even at my work, sometimes i just lie down (and then all the toddlers climb on top of me, so it ruins the effect) and I immediately feel myself relaxing.

  • Have a nap

This can be a consequence of lying down for a long time. But sometimes a nap is all you need to feel refreshed

  • Listen to music

I think we all have a playlist or certain songs we listen to when we want to relax.

  • Drink

Not alcohol (that tastes weird). I mean like a hot chocolate, or an iced frappucino, depending on the weather and what I’m craving

  • Play apps

I don’t have much apps. But my favourite is this cross stiching app. Sure, the real thing would be better, but I don’t have that, and this app has so many amazing designs.

  • Colouring

I have some really nice fineliners that I love using in my colouring book. My favourite book at the moment is the Pusheen one.

  • Have a really hot shower

I love scalding hot showers (in winter at least), it’s so nice and relaxing. I’m also going to add have a bath on the list, as our new place has a tub!

  • Go for a walk

Sometimes you don’t want to be inside, so just go for a walk outside (preferable in nice weather). Fresh air can do wonders.

  • Play with makeup, try new hairstyles

If I have lots of time and don’t have to go anywhere, I love playing around with makeup, or with my hair. It’s so much fun and so relaxing.

  • Hugs

Sometimes after a long day, it’s nice to just see my husband and have a big hug.

That’s all I got! Do you guys do any of these? What’s your favourite way to unwind?