Contacts vs Glasses

So hey, this is going to be a rambly kind of post, but I want to know your thoughts on this. Those of you with 20/20 vision, you can weigh in too, but I’m mostly talking to all my buddies out there with short/long sighted vision.

For the longest time I have worn glasses. Since I first visited the optician when I was 8 and prescribed them. I never used to wear them full time until high school when I realized just how blind I was without them. I could never see what was on the board.

Then, my sister got contacts with money she earned from her part time job. I decided that I too would like contacts. But my parents said I had to pay for them myself like Jo. So I waited (for ever) till I got a job, and got to try contacts. Now, at first, I hated them. Poking your eye on a daily basis, putting a tiny sphere in your eye, then squeezing and removing it at the end of the day. It felt weird, and it took me 20 minutes to get them in/out. People at school also kept asking me why I wasn’t wearing my glasses. But within a few days, I got used to them. I could do it quickly, and I loved not wearing glasses. I didn’t see the frame outline out of the corner of my eye, it was like I had correct vision!!

As time went on, I phased out my glasses and wore contacts full time all the way through uni. People didn’t even know I wore glasses, until one day I was randomly wearing it cause I forgot to order contacts. That surprised people. This was also the time I started getting into makeup (very little at first). I loved playing with my eyes. Eyeshadow, Mascara, eventually Eyeliner. Then when I had to wear glasses, it would get annoying (i didn’t know about curlers at the time).

Finally, a few years back, my eyes would constantly get bloodshot and red. I changed contact solution but it kept happening. So I saw the optician, and he said my eyes were fine. I ended up getting sick of my eyes being red and bloodshot, so I stopped wearing contacts and my eyes cleared up. I started wearing glasses full time again.

Now, I go back and forth. It is pretty much down to preference. There are many cool glasses frames out there, more than there used to be.



However, I still prefer contacts. But when I put them in, around 6-8 hours in, my eyes feel tired and I can see them going red. If I wear contacts two days in a row, my eyes get bloodshot again which annoys me. So I’ve become accustomed to wearing glasses full time, but I prefer contacts. On important days (hello wedding!), I knew I had to wear contacts, definitely not glasses.

With contacts, I don’t have to constantly push my glasses up my nose (I still do it though, which means I just poke my eye for no reason). With contacts, I don’t have to adjust my makeup accordingly to my glasses. With contacts, people have no idea that I’m short-sighted, I can fool them all. I just wish my eyes didn’t get annoyed with them for some reason. But hey, that’s just me.

 contact lens case

What do you guys prefer? Glasses or contacts? Any reason why?


Home Projects

So, since moving, we’ve had a few little DIY projects that we’ve done to make our new house more of a home. I’ve talked about a few in my most recent weekend review. But I wanted to dedicate a post to some of my favourite ones.

Vanity Dresser



Okay, so normally it’s a table, so you can actually get close to the mirror, but I’m making mine work. It’s a fairly large wooden dresser, so it stores lots of my clothes, and is now where I spend time each morning doing my makeup and hair. I didn’t need to buy much for it for organising purposes, I did just get a little jewellery tree so they would stop getting tangled so much.



Sorry some photos are dark, I took them last night when I decided to write this post! I’m happy with my little system for now. To the left is a basked filled with lots of tall bottles. They’re a collection of extra bottles, moisturizers and hair  things. In front of it is my jewellery tree (and hair ties!). On the lower level in front of the mirror is my main collection of make up. The others I don’t use as much have been stored away in the cupboard. Next to that are my sunglasses, then a little box where I have small things like hair pins, clips. I also have a little fan there..for aesthetic. Then of course, my hair dryer and straightener. Right next to the outlet!

Office Set Up



We were using this as a storage room for ‘hobby’ related things. Rory’s corner desk didn’t end up fitting in there, so for now he’s hanging out in the living room. I really wanted a desk though. One where I could sit and do stuff (like puzzles). So I wanted a space where I could cater to all my hobbies. So we went looking for a desk, and found a simple white one for $39 at the Warehouse. We did check out second hand stores, but didn’t find anything I liked.


Ta-da! I have to say, I like putting things like this together. Rory had to help as I was doing it backwards for a little there. But it was still fun!


I’m doing my best to keep my desk minimal, as like I said, it will be host to numerous things. I bought a little weekly planner that I plan to use for blog things mostly. My calendar lives in the kitchen as its for all the general life things, so I need it to be central.  I also have Pedro, Rey and BMO with me to keep me company. As well as a framed caricature of myself my sister drew for me when we were younger. Next to my desk is my pull out drawers which I need to sort as it’s gotten really messy again. On the other side is my keyboard! Which I’ve been meaning to get back into I swear. I also have my little ukulele there too. Not pictured is all the jigsaw puzzles and games we’ve stored. In this room is also where our small amount of exercise and fitness objects live. Like the exercise ball, yoga mat and weights. As well as the sewing machine, etc. You get the picture. We still have work to do here, but it’s coming along nicely.


So I don’t have a before photo for this one. But basically there was nothing in here. This room is so nice, especially in the morning! It gets so warm, and just soaks up the sun. So we wanted to have some sort of seating here, so we could hang out in the sun. We looked around and found a 3-piece set we liked. It was of two chairs and a table.


We bought some cushions to add, so they were comfier. We still want to add some bits and pieces, maybe a rug. A plant. A shelf. Maybe dial back the net curtains as they’re super thick and not that pretty. Who knows. But for now, we at least have somewhere to come sit and hang out in the sun room!


So yeah, that’s a few of our projects going on. Our house is slowly morphing into a home. We’re having fun doing all these little touches to make this home truly ours! Today we’re heading back to work, so we’ll only really have time on the weekend to keep doing this stuff now that we have a long commute. We also still don’t wi-fi, so lots of data is getting used up. We’ve switched companies now, since our old one kept leading us in circles.

But hey, what projects (if any) have you guys been working on lately? 🙂