My Evening Routine

My Evening Routine

So I posted my morning routine earlier in the day, and I figured I might as well share my evening routine too since I planned to do it eventually. My evening never really has a set routine, I tend to just sit around a lot and wind down. But let’s share it anyway!



After getting home, Rory and I will organise dinner. Sometimes it’s leftovers, or takeaways, or other times it’s a big meal with lots of preparation, other times it’s an easy meal that just requires opening packets. It all depends.


This is when I either write more posts, or catch up on posts in my reader. Normally, it’s both. This can often suck up my time, and then suddenly I realise I’ve been doing it for ages! A few nights, I keep going till it’s 9, and that’s pretty much my whole evening gone. I’ve been trying to limit this lately though.


I try to spend some time each evening taking stock of what I’ve bought that day, if anything. Then jotting it down in my excel document. It’s good to try keep on top of these.


This is something I’ve been really bad at. But I used to set aside around 30-45 minutes most nights to do some workouts. So this shouldn’t really be in the routine, but I’m trying my best to get back into it!!

Get ready for bed

Removing makeup, brushing teeth, and putting on pyjamas.


Before going to sleep, I like to try read for at least half an hour. Most of the time I’ve been good with it. This is how I mostly manage to read and finish books. Since moving though, I haven’t done much of reading.

That’s it for my evening routine! Like I said, most of the time I get caught up in blogging. I’m trying to do more things, but I’m also torn with just relaxing and doing nothing. What do you guys like to do in your evenings?



My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

It dawned on me recently that I have never actually done one of these kinds of posts. I share my days and weekends, but not a specific morning routine. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, it tends to stay the same. I just space it our more if I have time. It’s nothing exciting, but I wanted to share it anyway!

Okay, so here we go.

Check my phone

As I’m sure lots of us do, the first thing I do after waking up is check my phone. I like to look through notifications on What’s App, Instagram, WordPress and my email. How long I do this, depends on if I have work that day or not.

Have a shower

I am a morning shower person. It’s just how I like to start my day. I like really hot showers (unless it’s summer). They also tend to be short, only 10-15 minutes. Then I moisturize, dry my hair and start thinking about what to eat.

Breakfast and coffee

My choice of breakfast is normally very simple during the week. Cereal or toast. In the weekend I rotate between scrambled eggs on toast, porridge or pancakes. Coffee is always a must.

Browse internet

This is another part where I can spend heaps of time or little time depending on my work schedule. If I have lots of time, I will catch up on reading posts, look at the weather, watch Youtube, etc. If I have little time, I catch up on notifications on my blog again, look at the weather and read a few posts before continuing with my routine.

Brush teeth

Cause you should brush your teeth in the morning.

Get dressed


During everything else, I try to think of what I could wear that day (depending on weather as well). If it’s a work day, I normally opt for casual, comfy clothes. If it’s a weekend or day off, I try to be a little more dressy.

Hair and Makeup

Again, this depends on how much time I have. With my hair, it’s normally almost dry (as it’s shorter now), so I add my sprays and try give it volume. Sometimes I straighten it if it’s not behaving like I want it. Then I either leave it down, or tie it up in a ponytail or half up/half down. With my makeup, I leave it simple on the weekdays. Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, sometimes lipstick. Nice and fast. On the weekends, I like to do the same, but also try my hand at adding some bronzer, and getting more complex on my eyes. In general though, my makeup routine never takes too long.

Heading Out

At this point, if I have work, I put on my shoes, grab my bag (and jacket if needed), make sure I have everything (keys, water bottle, wallet) then head off to work. If it’s the weekend, then after getting dressed I’ll do errands with Rory, or just head back on blog.

That’s it for my general morning routine. What’s your general routine like? Do you guys prefer morning showers or evening showers?