So I posted my morning routine earlier in the day, and I figured I might as well share my evening routine too since I planned to do it eventually. My evening never really has a set routine, I tend to just sit around a lot and wind down. But let’s share it anyway!



After getting home, Rory and I will organise dinner. Sometimes it’s leftovers, or takeaways, or other times it’s a big meal with lots of preparation, other times it’s an easy meal that just requires opening packets. It all depends.


This is when I either write more posts, or catch up on posts in my reader. Normally, it’s both. This can often suck up my time, and then suddenly I realise I’ve been doing it for ages! A few nights, I keep going till it’s 9, and that’s pretty much my whole evening gone. I’ve been trying to limit this lately though.


I try to spend some time each evening taking stock of what I’ve bought that day, if anything. Then jotting it down in my excel document. It’s good to try keep on top of these.


This is something I’ve been really bad at. But I used to set aside around 30-45 minutes most nights to do some workouts. So this shouldn’t really be in the routine, but I’m trying my best to get back into it!!

Get ready for bed

Removing makeup, brushing teeth, and putting on pyjamas.


Before going to sleep, I like to try read for at least half an hour. Most of the time I’ve been good with it. This is how I mostly manage to read and finish books. Since moving though, I haven’t done much of reading.

That’s it for my evening routine! Like I said, most of the time I get caught up in blogging. I’m trying to do more things, but I’m also torn with just relaxing and doing nothing. What do you guys like to do in your evenings?


11 thoughts on “My Evening Routine

  1. In the evening, I tend to do some blogging, maybe some journalling if I feel up to it. Exercise, I try to get in about a half hour or so, and then sometimes I watch movies, series etc. Reading too! When I’ve got a chance. I’m such a big bookworm ?


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