Late Night Thoughts

I’ve watched Youtube clips with this subject, it’s all about sharing those random thoughts that enter your head at weird times. Like when you’re lying in bed, trying to sleep, and your brain decides to just chatter at you no matter how hard you try to turn it off.

I thought I’d share with you some of the thoughts that go through my head.

  • Did I leave the door unlocked?
  • I’m cold. *pulls more blankets* Now I’m hot. *takes off blankets*. I’m cold…
  • I have to get up in ___ hours. I should sleep .
  • What should I wear tomorrow?
  • I hope the babies are all happy tomorrow. Especially since I’ll be so tired.
  • They’ll all know so much more about current technology in 20 years.
  • I wonder if we’ll get flying cars yet.
  • I wonder what our kids will look like.
  • Why is my arm itchy? Now it’s my leg.
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if hedgehogs were soft instead of spiky?
  • I should get more cactus.
  • Why aren’t I asleep?
  • I wish that streetlight would point the other way.
  • …I have to pee
  • And I’m thirsty
  • No I can fight the urges. Just go to sleep.
  • I can’t get comfortable.
  • My tongue is never comfortable in my mouth.
  • Now I can’t stop thinking about that.

And so on. These are just the ones I can recall from my half awake mind a few nights ago when I woke up at 3am and didn’t get back to sleep until maybe an hour later? Anytime I wake up during the night, it means I’m tired the whole day. I need a steady unbroken sleep to really feel fully awake, which rarely happens. But I get through the day alright. Coffee.

What late night thoughts do you guys have?


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