Have You Met Round Up #1

Well hey guys, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I do a weekly series where I introduce some of my favourite bloggers! I’ve been doing this consistently since June, so I thought it was time to do a little round up to make sure you guys have met everybody! I’ve done quite a few, so I’m going to split this up into two posts.

Arundhati – Dippy Dotty Girl

Image may contain: 1 personย 

She blogs about places she’s been, all the while telling stories, and sharing pictures of all the sights she sees, the paths she walks, the selfies she takes, the animals she comes across, and the food she eats.

Cheila – Pink For Days

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupย P_20170427_191907

Blogging about all things to do with her life, including but not limited to lists, to-dos, tips, stories, rambles, and lately questions of the day!

Maggie – Dreaming of Guatemala

ย Favorite Photos ~ Augustย 2017

Blogging about baking, writing, photography, faith, her family and life, learning Spanish, advice and she does this all with so much positivity and eloquence.

Jenny – Sit Back And Just Live


Blogging about all things lifestyle and girly, including makeup, weekend adventures, fashion and travelling.

Linda – Olive and Clo


Blogging about travel, fashion, life and blogging itself all the while sharing some incredible pictures! She’s currently on a long hiatus as she gets closer to her wedding though.

Hazel – Mrs S LDN

ย Hazel - Mrs S. LDN

Blogging about life in London, lifestyle, travel, beauty, blogging and her life as a newlywed!

Alli – Wormal Blog


Blogging about thoughts, ramblings, books, and whatever else. She is also currently on hiatus.

Anni – Glรผcksgeist

wp-1460026710742ย Processed with VSCO

Blogging about all things creative, baking, DIY, lifestyle, fashion, YouTube and everything else.

Ella – Ella May Garrett

ย Ella

Blogging about university, life, mental health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Also, she’s recently gone self-hosted too which is exciting!

Pamela – Starring Pamela

ย img_4942

Blogging about life, lifestyle, books, reviews, beauty, musicals and everything else!

Kali – Tales From the Thrift Shop


Blogging about all things thrifting, beauty, fashion, coffee and living a purposeful life. She’s also since gone self hosted!

Melissa – The Bookish Wanderer

Melissa Gibbsย IMG_1066.jpg

Blogging about books, wanderlust, video games, music, and life in general!

Jirah – Jirah Merizz


Blogging about life, school, adventures, thoughts and everything in between!

So that’s the first 14 bloggers I’ve talked about in this series. I can’t believe how many I’ve already talked about, and how much more I want to share! I hope you guys will or have already checked out everyone in this list! The other 14 bloggers I’ve already talked about will show up in tomorrow’s post!


26 thoughts on “Have You Met Round Up #1

  1. I LOVE This series!! It’s so cool meeting new bloggers I haven’t found yet!!
    Thank you again for including me ๐Ÿ™‚ Very honoured lady right here!!
    Keep it up, always look forward to them


  2. This is fab! I already read blogs from some of these awesome guys, but there are one or two I hadn’t come across so thanks for the roundabout, will check the others out tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. This series is such a generous and fun way to meet new bloggers and I also loved it because I too love How I Met Your Mother ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate you including me in the mix its a nice boost of self esteem to be recognized in such a large community โค โค You're the best!

    xo, JJ


    1. Thanks Jenny! I really wanted to find a way to talk about all the amazing bloggers in our community! HIMYM was a great inspiration for the title ?
      You’re very welcome to be a part if the series! You and your blog are definitely a favourite of mine to catch up on ?


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