A Laid-Back OOTD

For my first ever OOTD, I was just playing around with my camera and tripod outside, trying to look casual and laidback. The whole process was just so much fun and so awkward, so of course I figured I’d share it.

The outfit is just a regular Angela standard. Top, cardigan, jeans and flats. It’s easy and super comfy, I wear this a lot.

This will be a super short post. Now let’s move on to the pictures.

It was bright outside and I was super squinty. I don’t know how to avoid that.


21 thoughts on “A Laid-Back OOTD

  1. I really like this outfit. I love neutral colours but I also like stripes as I think they are quite classic. The squinting is annoying and I have done it before. The only thing really is to face the opposite direction so the sun is behind.


  2. Girrrl not bad for your first OOTD post and using your tripod to capture some good poses!!! I swear I much prefer taking my own photos of myself rather than someone taking them for me. I need to get a tripod….and probably a cameras too lol But I love the cardigan, it just screams comfy to me. I also like the color combination between the red and white top it really pops out against the cardigan and the jeans! Fab!!! Also, no cure for squinty eyes while looking at direct sunlight lol BUTTT maybe sunglasses will help 😉

    xo, JJ


    1. Thanks so much Jenny! It felt so weird trying to look all normal while taking the photos, glad to know my poses came out good ?
      I much prefer taking my own photos too. I think it’s a control thing ? I’m never completely happy when someone takes it for me but I feel bad asking them to do it again ?
      A tripod is so helpful! I totally recommend it, saves you balancing your phone or camera in random places ? I do think you can get tripods for phone somewhere online ?


      1. Tripods for phones! I didn’t even think of that…good call. I’m going to go check out amazon right now actually 🙂


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