Weekend Review #19


We always wake up so early now. Our curtains aren’t super thick and the main bedroom gets a lot of light. So when the sun streams in, we wake up. At 6.30am. On a Saturday. Course we didn’t get up till 8 as again, it’s the weekend. For breakfast, I wanted scrambled eggs on toast. I finally got to take advantage of the sunroom and our little patio furniture. Even though it wasn’t super sunny, the room was warm and I enjoyed my breakfast.


After breakfast, we hung around using data on our phones since the internet still isn’t up. But someone is coming on Monday, so hopefully we’ll have Wi-Fi again soon. For this weekend, I wanted to try take lots of photos. I haven’t been adding much new photos to my blog lately, so I experimented a bit and took lots of random photos. We’ll see what blog posts I come up with for the upcoming week! Next, we did our load of laundry and risked hanging it outside as it was only cloudy.


We went to get the groceries next.


Anyone else love these mirrors?

For lunch we decided to just have some pizza (which I forgot to picture). Then I worked on blog for the rest of the afternoon. It’s fun since I don’t have as much time during the weekdays now due to our commuting. We also filled up BB-8 with some chocolate chip cookies!


Quick selfie for no reason

I also decided to check out Rebound to try my hand at Kali’s September Thrift List. It was around a 20 minute walk and the air was brisk which was nice.

I found a few things I like. Nothing off the list though sadly.

Also on the way home, it started raining. But spring rain. So it was like little showers. I still enjoyed my walk. But I forgot about the laundry, so I had to drag it all inside and hang it up again. Then I went back to blogging and started listening to Hamilton. I did want to bake, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

This carried on till around 10pm.


We had a late start, getting up at around 9am. For breakfast I had my usual porridge and coffee. It wasn’t a great day weather wise. Spring often brings around a lot of rain for us.


After mucking around with my hair and makeup, we were finally ready to head out to buy some things from Kmart at around 11.30. While I was mucking around, Rory set up our chicken roast for dinner since his Dad and partner would be joining us.

Mirror Selfie


We bought things we needed, and things we didn’t need. Then we had lunch. I had pumpkin soup.


Then I started baking a little carrot cake. Cause I missed baking. I’m really happy with how it came out! I hate having to wait, but we’re saving it for dessert, so I resisted.


After that, we washed lots of dishes, and watched Chuck for the rest of the afternoon. A bit before dinner, we realized we didn’t have placemats. So we ran off and bought some along with some coasters.


Now we’re ready! We had roast chicken, mashed potatoes, lots of veges for dinner. Then carrot cake for dessert! The rest of the evening was lost to chatter, food and laughs. It was a good way to get ready for the start of a new week.

To-Do List

  • Errands – Grocery and Laundry
  • Order couch for living room, and big rug – nope, we kinda forgot.
  • More unpacking and general tidying
  • Baking
  • Take photos for blog
  • Write up posts for upcoming week
  • Try Thrift List

How was your weekend?



10 thoughts on “Weekend Review #19

  1. I love the two new tops you got at the thrift shop- you always find good stuff. Also that just because selfie of you is so good- that’s insta’ worthy 🙂 I’m not too fond of carrot cake, but yours I would 100% try, looks so good. What did you use for the frosting? I still think it’s so cool that now in your weekend recaps its of you guys from your house rather than apartment! Must be an awesome feeling!

    xo, JJ


    1. I spend ages at any thrift store now just looking at everything ? but I do tend to luck out a lot that way ?
      Thanks Jenny! I love taking random selfies, but I’m worried about spamming my Insta with my face, so i do it on the blog instead ?
      I also used to hate carrot cake growing up, but Rory loves it. So one year I baked it for his birthday and decided to try a piece..and I loved it! No idea why but now we have it lots. For the frosting I use cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and vanilla essence ?
      Its so nice having our own house. So much morr space than our flat ?


      1. You know, things usually are better when you bake them yourself and you are quite a little baker over there so I don’t doubt that it’s good! If only I could try yours and maybe I’d actually start liking it too haha


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