Would You Rather?

Hey guys, in my random internet travels, I came across this random thing on Pinterest. It was 13 “Would You Rather” Questions that are Impossible to Answer. For fun, I thought I would answer them on the blog. Rory was next to me, so he played along with me and we both answered the questions and gave our reasons. So come read our answers, and I’ll pop in some photos of us along the way just for fun.

13 "Would You Rather..." Questions That Are Almost Impossible To Answer

Feel free to play along!

Here are the questions:

Would you rather…

  • Pick the year you die or Pick the way you die

Angela – Year. Cause then I could set it waaaay into the future. I could live for a really long time and stuff.

Rory – Way. That way I could choose a painless way, and I’ll know how. I won’t know when, but at least I know it won’t be painful.

  • Have a sport stadium named after you or Have a University named after you

A – Uni.

R – (at the same time) Uni.

A – Who cares about sports?

R – Exactly.

  • Have free Apple products forever or Have free Wi-fi wherever you go

A – This one is obvious for me.

R – Free wi-fi

A – Obviously. Never pay for data again.

  • Fulfill your biggest wish or Resolve your biggest regret

A – I don’t have any regrets.

R – I don’t have any regrets after meeting you.

A – Awww. So wish then?

R – Yeah.

A – No idea what that would be though.

R – Neither.


  • Have your own private island or Have your own private jet

A – Jet, obviously. Then we could travel anywhere.

R – Really? I’d go with private island

A – Really?? Why?

R – You could rent it out. With an island you could make money, a jet would cost you money.

  • Be able to read minds or Be able to travel at light speed

A – Light speed. I like being able to travel everywhere.

R – Read Minds.

A – Any reason why?

R – Not really.

A – Okay then.

  • Have $1 million in Amazon gift cards or Have $100,000 in real money

A – Amazon gift cards.

R – Absolutely.

A – You can buy everything from Amazon. Electronics, clothes, books, movies…

R – You could get 10 times the amount of stuff as well.

2016-09-04 11.40.18

  • Be best friends with your favourite celebrity or Date your celebrity crush for only two years

R – Best friend. I’m already married.

A – Me too! I would say best friend. Although, you don’t have a favourite celebrity do you?

R – Hahaha, no.

A – I would love to be best friends with Amy Poehler…or Emma Watson.

  • Have free gas for 25 years or Have your dream car

R – Free gas.

A – I knew you’d say that

R – Plus I don’t have a dream car anyway

A – Me neither. I have things I’d like, but no solid dream car really.

  • Be a ninja or be a pirate

A – I get sea sick. I’ll go ninja

R – Ninja. It’s a better lifestyle.

A – Yeah, you wouldn’t have to live on a boat or get scurvy or something

R – If you’re a ninja you’re an assassin. But as a pirate, you’re probably poor.

A – Yeah..plus ninjas are cool. You could just flip around everywhere.

  • Continue on with your life or Restart your life

A – Continue. I don’t want to go through school all over again.

R – Yeah, I would rather continue

A – We’ve made all this progress. We’re heading in a good direction. Why start again?


  • Live the life of fame and wealth or Live in Harry Potter’s world

R – Living in Harry Potter’s world doesn’t guarantee you’ll have magic though.

A – Oh yeah…muggles. Squibs.

R – I don’t want fame though. Wealth would be helpful.

A – I’d risk it though. I would rather live in Harry Potter’s world. There’s a chance I would have magic.

R – I’ll go life of fame and wealth. I’ll just keep yelling at all the reporters and pushing them away.

A – Like lots of celebrities already do.

  • Have the ability to read minds or Have the ability to see the future

R – See the future how?

A – No idea. Like maybe how humanity dies? What a bummer that would be.

R – Like, if I touch an object I see it’s future or something. Or my future self is able to tell me things. Why is that question so vague? (He continued like this for a while)

A – I don’t…know.

R – I’ll go read minds. That one is more clearer.

A – Yeah, I’m with you.


That’s all for this post! Feel free to answer any of them in the comments below!


37 thoughts on “Would You Rather?

  1. Haha I love this! The whole jet vs island thing was interesting. I would have automatically gone jet but Rory does make a good point about being able to make money from an island… I think I might just have to play along too 🙂


    1. Thanks Sarah! Yeah, that was interesting. I automatically thought jet too, cause you get to fly around. Rory always like to think long term financial plans though, and I’m more impulsive! Definitely give it a go, it was so much fun 😀


  2. I love this and I enjoy reading all of your answers. I’ll love to do this at some point on my blog with your permission of course.,


  3. Hi Angela, that was fun to to play and I would want to continue my life in Heaven. Anybody that chose different than me I respect their opinion. However I respectfully disagree even though all would be great.Fun post.


  4. This is too funny, some of these were hard… like Harry Potter world… Id want that if I was guaranteed magic lol I love how you wrote out the conversation you and Rory had for these, you two are fun! I’m going to see if Andrew is up to answering these now 🙂


    1. I originally was just answering them on my own, but Rory was next to me so we started talking about our answers. So I changed up how I wrote the post and i think it came out a lot more fun ? It was definitely a funny conversation, hope you and Andrew have fun with it too!


  5. I pulled this up with my husband and went through the questions with him to see what he’d pick! The only one we really disagreed on was the gas for 25 years or his dream car. Apparently his dream car is more expensive than free gas for 25 years =O
    Thanks Angela, this was a fun post to read!


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