Homeware Haul

So over the past two weeks, we’ve been buying bits and bobs for our new house. I’ve shared some already, but I wanted to do a big post where I share all the things we’ve bought. At least what I can remember.

Here we go, in no particular order.

Welcome Mats. The plain black one is at the back door. The Hello Goodbye one is at our front door.

Cleaning things. A duster and a mop. Exciting but necessary.

Jewellery tree. I wanted a spot to keep all my jewellery and hair ties on my vanity.

BB-8 Cookie Jar. Totally necessary.

Patio furniture. For the sunroom, so we can have breakfast and enjoy the warmth.

A desk. For keeping things on, and so I have somewhere to do some work.

Key holder rack. For storing keys. So we don’t always ask where our keys are when we have to go.




For the kitchen sink. The brush, sponge and dishwashing liquid.

Photo Collage Frame

I wanted more frames to hang up photos, specifically photos of us. So everyone knows who lives in the house. This hangs in our bedroom. I love it, there’s so may cute photos of us.

Coffee Table


We don’t have much in the realm of living room things. We have two armchairs, but we want a couch, coffee table and a rug. Now we have one.

Placemats and Coasters


Cause you need them eventually.

So that’s it so far! We’re slowly figuring out what else we need, but we’re definitely on our way to getting our house to the way we want it!

What have you bought recently?



Community Lookbook

So, has anyone watched Community?

Image result for community tv

If not, I suggest you do. I mentioned it in my A-Z Challenge (anyone remember that?), and it’s a sitcom based around a study group in community college.

The point of this post is that I was watching some episodes and thought that I dress similiarly to Annie. She wears a lot of cardigans. From that thought, I decided to try do a lookbook inspired by some of the characters from the show.

Let’s get into it.

Annie Edison

She’s the overachiever of the group. She studies the hardest (too hard) and is incredibly ambitious and kind of highly strung. She often wears bright cardigans, floral themes, lots of patterned dresses, mini skirts, and mostly ballet flats.

Image result for annie edison outfit Image result for annie edison outfit Image result for annie outfit floral shirt mini skirt

Since she’s into bright patterns and florals, I chose my floral sweater, and paired it with my favourite blue mini. For the shoes, I went with ballet flats.

annie outfit flatlay

Image result for annie outfit floral shirt mini skirt annie1


Britta Perry

She’s the ‘activist’ of the group. She gets riled up over anything and everything, and while her heart is in the right place, she can mess up a lot. She normally wears leather jackets, striped sweaters, singlets and always jeans with boots. As well as normally some kind of necklace.

Image result for britta perry outfit Image result for britta perry leather jacket Image result for britta perry outfit

I couldn’t find my striped sweater, so I went with my striped shirt, and paired it with a dark blue vest. I then matched it with my blue jeans (since I don’t actually have black jeans), and my dark grey booties.

britta outfit flatlay

Image result for britta perry outfit britta 1

britta 2

Abed Nadir

Somewhat socially unaware and awkward, Abed is analytical and ‘meta’. He talks a lot about the fact that their life is like on a television show. He often wears a graphic print tee, with a cardigan or hoodie on top, skinny jeans, and sneakers.

Image result for abed nadir outfit Image result for abed nadir outfit Image result for abed nadir outfit

I don’t have any shirts with cute designs on them apparently. I looked through my whole closet but since I decluttered recently, I must have donated them. So I borrowed one of Rory’s graphic shirts. Then I added my stripy cardigan, blue jeggings, and sneakers.

abed outfit flatlay

Image result for abed nadir outfit abed 1

abed 2

Troy Barnes

His identity used to revolve around football, until he embraced his nerdy, laidback side. In the first season, he often wore his letterman jacket. But normally, he just wears a regular sweater and jeans. Sometimes a hoodie.

Image result for troy barnes outfit Image result for troy barnes outfit Image result for troy barnes outfit

For my take, I got my blue sweater, and matched it with blue jeans and sneakers. It dawns on me that I have a lot of blue clothes and not much other colours.

troy outfit flatlay

Image result for troy barnes outfit troy 1

troy 2

That’s all I have. I don’t know how well I matched to the outfits, but it was fun looking through my wardrobe to see what I could do!

Let me know which one was your favourite, and if you’ve seen the show!

Community Lookbook.jpgAngela.