Homeware Haul

So over the past two weeks, we’ve been buying bits and bobs for our new house. I’ve shared some already, but I wanted to do a big post where I share all the things we’ve bought. At least what I can remember.

Here we go, in no particular order.

Welcome Mats. The plain black one is at the back door. The Hello Goodbye one is at our front door.

Cleaning things. A duster and a mop. Exciting but necessary.

Jewellery tree. I wanted a spot to keep all my jewellery and hair ties on my vanity.

BB-8 Cookie Jar. Totally necessary.

Patio furniture. For the sunroom, so we can have breakfast and enjoy the warmth.

A desk. For keeping things on, and so I have somewhere to do some work.

Key holder rack. For storing keys. So we don’t always ask where our keys are when we have to go.




For the kitchen sink. The brush, sponge and dishwashing liquid.

Photo Collage Frame

I wanted more frames to hang up photos, specifically photos of us. So everyone knows who lives in the house. This hangs in our bedroom. I love it, there’s so may cute photos of us.

Coffee Table


We don’t have much in the realm of living room things. We have two armchairs, but we want a couch, coffee table and a rug. Now we have one.

Placemats and Coasters


Cause you need them eventually.

So that’s it so far! We’re slowly figuring out what else we need, but we’re definitely on our way to getting our house to the way we want it!

What have you bought recently?


36 thoughts on “Homeware Haul

  1. We moved to a new home about a month ago (with my family not a husband ? too young for that rn) and I was like YAY NEW PLACE NEW ME and I thought I would be so organized but uhh fast forward a month later, my room is so messy ? But I’m blaming it on my siblings. With 2 ppl in the house, it wouldn’t be such a hassle but when/if you decide to get kids, then good luck ??


    1. Haha, growing up, my family moved around a lot too. Each time, I had all these big plans for my new room, and they’d never stay for longer than a week before it was just a mess again ?
      Even with just the two of us, we still leave stuff everywhere. I just photograph around it ?


  2. I like your placemats, coasters and sink organizer! I think I should get a sink organizer too.

    I moved into my house last October, and there’s still plenty of homeware I need to get. It will take us a long time to get what we need/want since we don’t have a big budget, but it definitely makes me appreciate everything we have gotten so far. I got quite a few photo frames with photos of me and my husband too!


    1. Thanks Eileen! Working through a budget is key with this. We tend to get excited, but everything at Kmart is cheap so we get lots of impulsive things ?
      We still need big things though like a couch, coffee table. But we’re holding off on those as we do have tl budget those in since they’re more pricey ?


      1. Yep, couches are super expensive! I took such a long time shopping for a couch that my husband and I almost had a meltdown. I wanted a good deal for a quality sofa, and I wanted to check out every single furniture store in the area. Hope you can find some good deals on the big items. 🙂


      1. Hahaha about the “slight” addiction to organizers, me too. Hubby says he never needs to buy anything to put anything in because he knows that I have a box, storage, organizer, container, basket, well you get the drift :):) I have something for everything to go in.


  3. I love the photo collage frame! I want a bunch of them in my future home too lol The hello goodbye mat is really cute too, good find! The key holder is sooo necessary yet always forgotten about, good thinking!!! It’s coming together so nicely 🙂

    xo, JJ


    1. We love it too! We have lots of photos we plan to put up ?
      It’s funny that we didn’t realise we needed welcome mats until we saw the trail of dirt we were leaving ?
      All part of the fun of moving into your own place ?


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