Have You Met Bella?

Haaaaaaaaave you met Bella?

Bella blogs over at Bella Inizio. She is 24, and based in London. She also works full time on top of blogging three times a week! She blogs about beauty and makeup primarily, but also posts reflection and thoughts.

• Bella Inizio •

Smokey Eye Tutorial | CT Luxury Palette in ‘Uptown Girl’

A makeup-holic, beauty obsessive and self proclaimed goo hoarder. Everything girly, I’ve got you covered.

Her words about what you’ll find on her blog!

Like with a lot of my blogging friends, I can no longer remember who found who first. It all becomes a blur, especially the longer you’ve been blogging! I’m so glad I came across her blog though!

Here are some of my favourite posts of hers:

Going ‘Self-Hosted’ Experience

Bella is one of the self hosted bloggers in our community! She, like many others who have gone through it shares her tips and advice about the whole experience. It’s confusing and frustrating, but worth it in the end! If you do go self hosted, read all the blog posts from those who’ve gone through it. I did, and it helped alleviate stress for me (a little anyway).

Current Hair Care Routine

As someone who gets annoyed at her hair and it’s tendency to get oily and frizzy, I love reading about hair care products and tips that people use!

Holy Grail Products | Collab with Shannon Clare

Bella shares with us her holy grail picks, and explains why they get that coveted title! She is the reason why I now own a Bare Minerals concealer, and I’m keen to get my hands on the foundation one day too!

Sunset Eye Tutorial | Collab with The Happy Diary

Bella has shared many looks with us, but this is still my all-time favourite! Look at her eyes!! They’re stunning! I still don’t even know if I’m applying eyeshadow the correct way, this girl has serious skills!!

Everyday Makeup Routine

Bella also shares with us her everyday makeup look. Again, I like knowing what products people often use, as it means they like it, and also the order they apply makeup. Everyone does it a little different, and I just love reading all about it.

Staying Organised | Working Full Time & Running a Blog

This is all about the struggle of working full time and trying to keep up with your blog. I’m sure a lot of us know this feeling (blogging does occasionally feel like a second job), and Bella shares with us her tips and advice on how she stays on top of it all.

Be sure to check her out on Twitter and Instagram as well!

Bella, your blog is indeed one of the first places I go to for inspiration on all things girly! Your beauty posts and photos are always so stunning, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next on your blog!

So, have you guys checked out Bella yet??



What I Like About Spring

I’ve done very few seasonal posts. I think the only ones I have done are What I Like About Winter, and Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring. So in keeping with those, here’s some things that I like about Spring!

  • Longer Days

I don’t think everybody does this, but New Zealand does. I’m talking about Daylight Savings. In fact today is the official start date. We put our clocks forward an hour, which does mean we lose an hour of sleep, but the sun is technically out later, which means we get more light for longer!

  • Spring Rain

I think I mentioned liking rain in my winter post, but spring rain is nicer. It’s not that horrifying sideways ice rain with the gales. It’s a refreshing sun shower kind of rain. So you can go outside with an umbrella and not have it blow inside out.

  • Lighter layers

You can’t go shorts and dresses just yet, as the weather isn’t warm enough for  those yet. Instead, you can get out light cardigans, and long sleeve tops, and finally put away those giant thick jackets and boots.

  • Colour

Spring is the time where you’re meant to do gardening and such. I don’t do it personally cause I have no interest, but I do enjoy being in it. Flowers start blooming, trees no longer look dead, different fruits and veggies start cropping up. A lot more colour just starts creeping up everywhere.

  • Walks

I mean you can go for a walk in any weather or season really. But spring means more light, more colour, more warmth. It’s starting to be nicer to be out and about it nature.

As with last time, all my friends on the other side of the world I know you’re going through fall. So this kind of post always gets confusing. But whatever your weather is doing, just remember I’m going through the opposite down here. Those of you also experiencing Spring, what’s one of your favourite things about it? Those of you in Fall, what’s one of your favourite things about it? And to everybody, how’s your day going? 😀