Our Proposal Story

Well, hey! Today marks the six month anniversary for our wedding!

I haven’t stopped talking about and sharing parts of our wedding since starting this blog really. It dawned on me though, that I haven’t really talked about the proposal. I think I’ve talked about it a little, but not recently, and not to the extent I have with our wedding. I was trying to  write it down, and then I realized that it was easier for me to just say it.

So I’ve filmed a little storytime vlog where I tell you about how the proposal went down. By the way, it took me like 5 tries to get this right, cause my camera does this thing sometimes where after 2 minutes, it goes super blurry and you can’t see anything. Course I don’t notice, cause it doesn’t have one of those flippy things so you can see yourself on screen. I may look into getting a nice, decent camera. My phone is good, but for videos and things were I use my tripod, I need a camera.

Anyway, here’s the story of our proposal. Sorry about my silly camera which kept putting me out of focus.


Weekend Review #20


A fairly busy day to start off the weekend. I got up early as I had lots of blog related things I wanted to do. Lots of photos and things to write. I also wanted to try film some vlog related things, as I’m still doing my two video a month thing cause it’s fun!

My morning was lost to taking photos, writing posts and filming. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming posts and projects I got going on for this week.

Eventually, a break was called for so we could go do laundry and get ready to go out.

We also had to stop by Bunnings (a hardware store), because we need a lawnmower, as well as to eye up new showers, vanity counters, sinks and toilets, cause it’s looking like our bathroom will need some major work on it. So yay. We left Bunnings with our new little lawnmower, and a vague idea of budgets.


We then stopped by Kmart, cause I wanted to buy little fake plants for the place. I’ve already said I’m not into gardening, so looking after real houseplants seems like too much work. Except for my cactii, I still love them and am doing my best to take care of them, but they’re pretty much fine on their own. So I got some of that.


Finally, we got groceries. Last week, I bought the Chai coffee instant packets. I tried them for the first time this morning, and remembered that I hate chai with every fibre of my being. The smell and the taste had me making faces, so I gave up after a few sips. After complaining to Rory, he tried some, then just drank the whole thing in the end. So at least it’s not going to waste 😀


In the afternoon, I met up with Mum at Rebound. My favourite thrift store which I keep going to. We talked and looked at stuff. Mum found a few dresses, one she plans to wear to Jo’s wedding next month. I found a plain black sweater which I was happy with, cause I need to start collecting more solid colour tops and less patterns!

While I was doing this, Rory was doing things in the garden. He was making the little paved areas more definite, so we could walk around our yard better.


After that, Rory and I decided to go out for dinner to Mediterranean Warehouse. A favourite haunt of mine. We got Isle of Capri pizza, then each got a little sweet treat. I had tiramisu, he had a lemon slice. It was all good food, and we left with happy tummies.

Then it was back to more blog work till bed time.


Today was confusing. It’s the beginning of daylight savings for us, which means that the clocks go forward an hour. So we woke up at 7, but it was actually 8, you know? Anyway, in celebration of the official beginning of spring we had waffles for breakfast!


Then I was off again doing blog related things. This time, I was trying to do flat lays. Those are tricky damn it. I also wanted to do another OOTD post, cause they’re so much fun.

Eventually it was lunch time. I managed to do some budgeting related things, and a little journal writing. Then it was back to editing videos, writing and editing posts. This weekend was just filled with blogging activities, and it’s so much fun.

We also started watching the fourth season of Bojack Horseman. We went out for a bit as we wanted burgers for dinner, but we wanted to make them at home. So we had a quick errand trip out.

Finally, I wanted to do a bit more. So I spent an hour on music things. By that I meant, I spent half an hour on my keyboard learning some songs, and half an hour on my ukulele. It may not sound like much, but I’m hoping to nail down this 30 minutes everyday thing with both instruments. Get my music skills back up to par.

Eventually it was dinner time, and we had burgers.


Finally, we hung out for a bit, then I set up a bath to play with my last bath bomb. The Dragon Egg!

I think I like this one best! It smelt so good, and while it didn’t look as spectacular as Intergalactic, it was so relaxing. All the lavender and citrus fragrances made me very relaxed and sleepy. It’s the best thing to do before bed. Makes me feel ready to get to the start of another work week.

To-Do List

  • Go to Bunnings
  • Go to Kmart
  • Meet up with Mum at Rebound
  • Take photos for blog
  • Film videos for blog
  • Read articles for work and PD – woops..i’ll get around to it
  • Do some reading – Sadly no
  • Practise some ukulele and piano

How was your weekend?