General Makeup Routine

Hey friends! Last week, Natalie shared a post with us about her everyday 15 minute makeup routine. I totally recommend you guys checking it out, it’s such a cute, fun post! But it inspired me to share my usual makeup routine.

It also made me try my first ever flatlay, and I think it came out alright.


My one takes me around 10-20 minutes. There’s a few steps I will miss if I’m running low on time, or if it’s just a regular work day. On the weekend, I like to try do myself a little more. But there’s not too much difference between my general weekday/weekend makeup routine. So I’ll share everything. I also took way too many pictures, maybe I should make this a video sometime. That might be fun.

Makeup Routine 02

I normally start with primer. Right now I’m using Rimmel. I rub it all over my face, except my eyes. To be honest, I have no idea if that’s how I’m supposed to use primer.

Makeup Routine 03

Next step is foundation. My current one is Garnier BB cream. I don’t use a powder foundation at the moment. I use my brush and put it all over my face again.

Then I use concealer. I like to paint lines along my forehead, along my nose, under my eyes, cheeks, and chin. It just looks funny. Then I use my blending sponge to smooth it all out.

Makeup Routine 07

Next is powder. I again use my brush and pat it all over where I placed my foundation and concealer.

If I have time, I will sometimes add a little bit of bronzer. I’m a newbie when it comes to this, so I have even less idea what to do with this. I use a little along my cheekbones, temples, chin and the sides of my nose. Then I blend it out again. Am I contouring or bronzing? Both?? I have no clue. Either way, if I have time I will mess around with this a little.

Next, is eyeshadow. I use the palette, and normally just do two or three colours (again depending on time). I use a light or neutral base colour to put all over my eye. Then I choose one just for my lid. Usually it’s a shimmery brown. Then I use one for the corner and crease of my eye, if I feel like it.

I sometimes like to do my eyebrows. It’s one of the makeup parts I know nothing about it. I just have a Maybelline Brow Pencil. So I just do some colouring in.

Makeup Routine 21

Eyeliner up next! I just love playing with eyeliner. I can never get it right though. But I do my best! I don’t do any fancy winged liners, cause it would take too much time and I would mess it up. So I just go from around the middle of my eye to the end, and do the teeniest flick. To make my eyes stand out a little more.

Mascara. Again, this depends on time. I wear glasses most days, so I have to use an eyelash curler. Sometimes I can’t be bothered. If I do have time, then I will curl my lashes and put on a few layers of mascara.

Lipstick. I normally go for nude colours. I like the two shades I have.

Spray. I finish everything by spraying my face to set it all. I like to wave my fan around to help speed up the spray setting in. It’s just fun.

Makeup Routine 28

That’s it! In general I’m not fond of wearing too much makeup. This is perfect for me at the moment. It’s more than I used to wear, and I’m still learning (I still don’t know what highlighting is…I barely get contouring and bronzing, they seem the same to me), but I like how it looks. It’s not quite a ‘no-makeup’ look, but it does feel quite light and natural to me which is good.

What’s your general makeup routine like? How much time do you like to spend on it?