September Favourites

Another month gone by, time for another favourites post!

Normally I share my favourite movies, music, books and games, but I feel like shaking things up this month. It doesn’t mean that I’ve watched zero new movies or read zero new books this, not at all *cough*

Instead, here’s five favourite things from the month of September!

New House

Obviously, I’m so happy we’re finally in our new place and diving fully into making it truly ours.


I’ve been working harder this month when it comes to my blog photos (well some of them anyway). My post onΒ Selfies RecreationsΒ was one of my favourite posts I’ve ever done. It also has given me my favourite profile photo ever. Which I took!! Also, last week, I started trying to do flat lays. I’m starting very minimal, trying to work out what looks nice. But I’m really proud of how they’re coming out. I really feel like this month, my photo skills have been improving. I’ve felt enough confidence in fact, that I’ve even gone and bought my first ever DSLR! But more on that later πŸ˜€

Vanity Dresser

I’ve dreamt about having a little space of my own to get ready and have all my makeup, skin and hair care products in one place. Instead of spread out around the bedroom and bathroom. Every morning, I spend 10-20 minutes here, and I’m so happy with my little spot. I’d like to decorate it more, but I’m still thinking over ideas.

Bath Bombs



You guys have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to try a bath bomb. Ever since I first heard about them like five years ago. I just never lived in a place in a bathtub! So when we got here, I bought two to try. Intergalactic (the glittery, space one), and Dragon’s Egg (the aromatic, relaxing one). Β They both were so much fun, and I loved being in it. That being said, I’m sad to announce, that the plumbing under the bathtub wasn’t stellar, so we’ve made the decision to get rid of it soon, and replacing it with just a shower. But I’m glad I got to try a bath bomb at least once in my life.

BB-8 Cookie Jar

Do I need to elaborate on how amazing and useful he is? It’s the best thing we’ve bought for our house so far.

So there we go! Five of my favourite things from the past month. What’s one of your favourite from September?


22 thoughts on “September Favourites

    1. Thanks Sarah! I’ve had mine for around a day, and I barely put it down ? I love using it, but have yet to try the full manual mode. I’m still just on auto most of the time πŸ˜€


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