What’s Up Wednesday #5

Another Wednesday of a new month, let’s talk about what’s up!

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What We’re Eating This Week

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

What I’m Reminiscing About

Being closer to work. I love our new house, but I do miss the short walk to work.

What  I’m Loving

My new camera!! I’m so happy I got it, and I’m having so much fun trying to figure it all out!

What We’ve Been Up To

Thinking about money. In terms of work needed on the bathroom, and the possibility of going overseas on a trip sometime next year!


What I’m Dreading

Right now, everything is actually pretty good.

What I’m Working On

A few things for the blog. As well as some side projects that seem like fun. I’m trying to make a travel wall thing, where I’m collecting maps, and pictures from all the place I’ve travelled.


What I’m Excited About

Mini holiday! We’ve got a week off work coming up. In that time, we’re going up to Auckland for my sister’s wedding, then when we get back to Wellington, it’s Rory’s birthday! So much to celebrate!


Photo by Mathew Waters on Unsplash.

What I’m Watching/Reading

I’m watching Bojack Horseman and The Good Place on Netflix.

Image result for bojack horseman Image result for the good place

I’m reading and skimming through my photography books. I also am meaning to get back into my regular reading for the Goodreads challenge, but I get easily distracted.


What I’m Listening To

A mix of Halsey, Lorde and Selena Gomez

What I’m Wearing

We have been getting some warmer days. They’re still rare, but they make me hopeful! I’ve been wearing less layers thanks to that.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

This coming weekend, there’s not much planned. Just plan on experimenting more with my camera and trying to get better with my skills.


What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

November is surprisingly quiet. Nothing is really scheduled there for the moment. Should be getting much warmer though!

What Else is New

This is a later edit, but I’ve finally made a Bloglovin’ account. No clue what I’m doing there 😀
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What’s up with you guys?


18 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #5

  1. On Tuesday, which is today, well, got a Chai Tea in the morning at Broad River, the coffee shop on Campus. I went to class this afternoon, which was Voice and Diction, and told the class a story about Fairy Frogs, a story I hope to eventually publish someday. Later tonight, planning to attend The Gathering, the student-led worship service on Campus. Starting on Thursday and going till Sunday, I will be house manager of Gardner Webb’s first show this semester and then on Saturday, my club is going to be involved in the homecoming parade with a them of Bulldogs on Broadway and my club is doing Grease.

    November, what I am looking forward to is seeing Les Mis with my school when they take fifty of us to see it in Greenville, South Carolina. There is also Gardner Webb’s second show that month which I am house managing yet again. November obviously is Thanksgiving month.


  2. Ooh, I love the “What’s Up Wednesday”s! I’ve seen Jenny post them over at “Sit Back and Just Live” but I didn’t know other bloggers were doing it too. This looks like so much fun, I would love to do it too. Is it just supposed to be posted the first Wednesday of every month?


    1. I think officially it’s meant to be the last Wednesday of each month. But I do it on the first ? it’s originally done by Shay over at Mix’n’Match Mama. Anyone is free to join in! ?


    1. ? I would love to visit the UK and meet you! There’s quite a few bloggers I’d love to meet over there! But I just bought a house and our savings has taken a pretty big hit from that ? one day I’ll get there! ?


  3. Hello! *waves*
    It’s my first time on your blog and I’m glad I came across it! What’s Up Wednesdays is such a cool & unique way to share what’s been up!

    Yay for getting the camera! How are you liking it by the way? I currently use a Canon but wonder so often if I should’ve gotten a Nikon instead!

    cabin twenty-four


    1. Hi Eena!!
      I’m glad you like my blog 😀 I love doing little catch up posts, and these What’s Up Wednesdays are one of my favourites!
      I love my camera! It’s my first DSLR, and I love learning all about it. I was seriously considering the Canon EoS 1300D for the longest time, and then impulsively switched to the Nikon D3400. They’re both amazing cameras, and I think it’s all down to preference 😀


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