Pinspiration – Flat Lays

If you can’t tell yet, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately. Perhaps too much. There’s just so much creativity on there, it’s both inspiring and frustrating in a weird way. I’m talking about a good old flat lay. Like with my previous Pinspiration post, Selfies Recreations, I wanted to try my hand at trying to recreate some of these amazing photos. After a while, I tried to do some on my own, and they weren’t half bad. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a few of these already.

Here we go.


Hello September! Floral flatlay with scrabble letters


So, I could have also done Hello September, but it’s already near the end of the month, that I felt Hello Spring was more appropriate. Plus, I had lots of fake flowers and petals that I wanted to play with. The colours all felt very ‘spring’ so it seemed like a better fit. I also had to include my cactus, because they just needed to be there.


Amelia Says: The Classic Holiday Makeup Edit



I don’t have a marble backdrop anywhere. But our kitchen bench is white wood, so I felt it got the closest look out of what I had. I like how all the products are spaced and kind of lying around randomly. But they don’t look random, you know? They feel well placed, and there’s lots of aesthetic pieces like plants, fake lashes etc. I don’t have fake lashes, but I like the look of the plants, and the little white stones. I actually couldn’t remember why I had lots of wishstones lying around, but they came in handy!





Again, with the marble. It’s a similar flatlay to the previous one, but the layout is different. It’s more straight and lined up, rather than an organized mess. Personally, I like the ones more where they’re all at different angles, but this was fun to play with!

After this, I just kept playing around. I grabbed different props, went to different surfaces, and just experimented. Here’s some of my favourites! There is a lot of them.


A flat lay with just the eye makeup.


Just the face makeup, and the brushes.


Just the brushes. This time they’re on a marble placemat. It’s small though, I can’t fit too much on it for a flat lay.


Looking down. This one took the longest to organise. I had to get the tripod, a chair, kick everything out of the way in our messy living room…I would love to get it even higher, but I’d be scared for my camera.


Blogger aesthetic flat lay! Random plants and all.

Another one, but this time on our wooden dining table!

And again! But this time no laptop, but two notebooks! My coffee was gone in this photo.


Another notebook and glasses one, back at the kitchen.


My latest makeup splurges.


Thinking about budgets.

All in all, I’m really happy with all of these! I will be keeping them in my portfolio and bring them out if I want to add images, but I’m not sure what to add!

How do you guys feel about flat lays? Have you tried them much? Did you like any of the ones in this post?


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